Boardgames: Kaiju Crush Flattens the Competition

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Take your Kaiju on a Rampage in this game of city-crushing, kaiju-fighting mayhem coming soon from Fireside Games.

I love kaiju movies. Son of Godzilla was my introduction, but from there I grew up loving giant monster on monster action that left cities and landscapes devastated. It was a smashing good time, literally, and now Fireside Games is aiming to recreate that experience by casting you and your friends as Kaiju battling it out for supremacy in a cityscape that shifts and trembles and collapses under the weight of your combat. Take a look below for a quick summary of how the game might play–and check out Fireside Games’ site for more information about the upcoming game, due out in November.

via Fireside Games

Kaiju Crush is coming to a store near you this November! Tim Armstrong came to us last summer with an intriguing limited grid movement system with public objectives, and our own Justin De Witt thought it would be a blast to see giant monsters using those movements to stomp around a city. And of course, if you have giant monsters stomping around a city, you’ve got to have them fighting.

The premise of Kaiju Crush is that giant monsters have descended on the same city to fight for supremacy. On your turn, you’ll choose to use either your own Movement Card or a Shared Movement Card that’s accessible to everyone. Those are the only movement choices you’ll have on your turn.

There are 2 ways to fight: 1) when you crush a building adjacent to another Monster and 2) when you land on a Territory Marker with another Monster. To fight, you’ll draw 5 Territory Markers and look at the underside. There, you will find 5 symbols that represent the way that you are fighting: firebreath, claw, tail, kick, and spikes. These symbols are part of an intransitive combat system, like so.

Each Monster has their own unique combat ability (as well as Special Abilities that change each game). The winner of the best of 5 rounds gets to choose a Combat Victory Token at random, whose value ranges from 1 to 3. If the challenger who landed on a Territory Marker with a Monster wins the battle, that challenger gets to replace the loser’s Territory Marker with their own. Very useful for meeting those objectives and/or preventing an opponent from meeting theirs!

Honestly this game looks like a blast. There’s some extra complexity to the game–that shared movement card is swapped around between players, and I love any game that gives me the ability to crush a building into a monster just for the fun of it.

No word on whether or not the city you’re fighting over/in/through is somewhere in the Pacific Rim.

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