D&D: Cooking With Magic

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Get a little extra oomph out of your spells–here are the best spells to get you cooking with magic!

If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of the same old rations day in and day out. Sure, they’re easy and they only cost 5gp for a Tenday. But let’s be honest, you’re not really doing yourself any favor. After all, you’re off traveling the world, having exotic adventures in far-off places. Shouldn’t your tastebuds get the same experience? Don’t miss out on a culinary adventure just because the party won’t stop for more than a few days. On the road? Here’s a handy guide to using those powerful spells to cook up some magical meals!


Let’s start with a classic. This should be in every party’s bag of tricks (and if it’s not, you should try and pick up a scroll or a wand as soon as you can manage). It’s a quick and easy way to cook your meals–though you’ll want to have some spices on hand to really help sear in the flavor. It’s a high heat that cooks over a short time, so you’ll want to really get a burst of flavor. We recommend putting together a bag of seasoning as a reagent–for best results cast Grease on your target the turn before, get a friend to toss the spices and then voila! 8d6 points of flavor seared in (more if you cast at higher levels)!

Flaming Sphere

Of course quick and dirty isn’t always the way to go. Any chef knows that the secret to delicious flavor (and a perfect chili) is to keep it low and slow. And with only a 2nd-level spell slot needed to keep this one going, Flaming Sphere may be the perfect way to add just enough heat to bring the flavor out in whatever your meal is. Dealing 2d6 points of savory goodness per round, no matter if you’re making chili for one or a stewed dish for your whole encampment, Flaming Sphere has got you covered. All it takes is a little patience, concentration, and enough cumin to taste.

Flame Strike

Any good chef knows that you have to mix it up every now and then. And with a pillar of flames that roars down from the heavens providing both high heat and lingering radiant warmth, the humble Flame Strike is a fantastic way to produce a dish that tastes simply divine. We recommend pre-treating your food with either a marinade or tenderizing it with a heavy mace beforehand for the best results. Or if you really want to get exotic, why not mix in a little fire-resistance spell beforehand and let the 4d6 points of radiant scrumptiousness do most of the cooking for a meal that’s heavenly–but that won’t burn the roof of your mouth.

Fire Storm

A fantastic choice for chefs who like working with mixed media, as it were. Fire Storm is a wonderful cooking tool because it lets you be more selective than most spells about what you do and don’t cook. That’s right. With Firestorm you can set out your meats and veggies and can keep the veggies out of it entirely. Want a nice refreshing salad served alongside your freshly cooked meal? No need to make them separate–instead deal 7d10 points of taste right to the meat and leave all that plant matter completely untouched. And with up to ten 10-ft cubes, you can have a meal fit for a king prepped in no time fast!

Blade Barrier

Speaking of preparation. You’re a busy adventurer. You don’t have time to prepare meals all the time–that’s probably why you keep eating rations. But with Blade Barrier there’s a whirling field of magical blades that are capable of slicing through anything. Prepare 6d10 points of food every round, and this spell will last up to 10 minutes, so there’s no meal too big that won’t end up too small by the time you’re through with it. Whether you need something diced or pureed, this is the spell for you.

Melf’s Acid Arrow

And sometimes you don’t want to ruin the food you’re cooking with heat. Sometimes you need the flavor to be pure and bright. So why not show off how fancy you can get and whip up a little cuisine ceviche style? Let the food get cooked by acid. The perfect spell to use when you’re up against some sahuagin, or kuo-toa. We recommend getting some lemon juice and tracking down a hive of Mind Flayers and their Chuul servants. The texture might take a little bit of getting used to, and it’s an acquired taste to be certain–but you’ll be eating in the continental way soon enough.

So happy eating, and don’t forget to make sure that your food doesn’t have regeneration!

Got a favorite cooking tip? Did we miss a spell? Share your best recipe encounters below!

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    I don’t understand… unless it is a one joke wonder, repeated ad nauseum.

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      And how would you “describe interesting ways to use classic 5E spells” ?
      Using them to cook food IS interesting.

      But if you’re looking for combo effects and tactical advice: It’s magic in D&D. You either have to get creative with the DM’s permission or you have to follow the rules to the letter.

      This isn’t like 1st or 2nd ed where you had to calculate the fireball expansion radius if you fired it in a 5′ hallway.

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