Doctor Who: New Cybermen Collection


Cybus Industries’ creations are invading the tabletop!

Doctor Who: Exterminate! pits two of the Doctor’s most persistent antagonists –  the Daleks and the Cybermen – against one another in an epic conflict. In the midst of it the Doctor has to protect the Time Vortex using the Tardis, his trusty sonic screwdriver, and the talents of his many companions.

Take control of either the Daleks or the Cybermen. Pit your wits against your adversaries as you attempt to gather resources vital to your plans before they fall into the hands of your opponents. Build your force from a variety of options and recruit other factions to your cause – whatever it takes to ensure you have the advantage over your foes!

You can use these new minis in your games, or just build them as a hobby project. They’re a great addition to any Whovian’s collection.


Nightmares in Silver: Cybermen Collectors Set – £30.00

The Cybermen, eternally popular (and very persistent!) villains, are second only to the Daleks in people’s minds when they think of classic Doctor Who monsters. Our latest release, to mark 50 years since their first on screen appearance, is a 10 figure pack featuring the key designs from over the decades.

602210101-Cybermen-Collectors-Set-03 602210101-Cybermen-Collectors-Set-04

The set also has abooklet that goes into the detailed history of each version. Warlord has supplied a little preview of that…

1967 Moonbase/Tomb Cyberman
For their fairly quick return the following year in The Moonbase (1967), their look was overhauled to a more familiar design we are used to seeing today. Gone were the bulky chest units and head lamps, but the silver suits and boots remained, as did the large, circular, black eye sockets. Whilst still recognisable as the original Cybermen, they were now much more mobile and looked more robot than humanoid with no human parts visible.

1975 Vogan War Cyberman
Bar a cameo appearance in Carnival of Monsters (1973), the Cybermen do not feature in the 3rd Doctor era at all. When we next encounter them in the 1975 story Revenge of the Cybermen, starring Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, they have been once again re-designed, but this is mainly restricted to altered handlebars on the helmet.

1988 Silver Nemesis Cyberman
The basic Earthshock design would be retained until their final classic series appearance in Silver Nemesis (1988) where a chrome like paint finish was added to the helmet and chest unit and spray painted cricket gloves used on their hands! This three-part adventure was marketed as the 25th Anniversary Special, appropriately using the ‘silver’ Cybermen for the silver anniversary.

2013 Upgraded Cyber War Cyberman
Nightmare In silver, the 2013 story written by Neil Gaiman, was unique as it featured two different designs within the narrative. We see empty battle damaged decaying 2011 versions housed at Hedgewick’s World of Wonders theme park, which are harmless deactivated museum pieces. Tiny Cybermite creatures cause the Cybermen to reactivate and upgrade themselves to a new, deadlier version that have remained onscreen to this day.

Nightmares in Silver: Cybermen Collectors Set is Available Now

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