FW: New Releases Grav-Tank Annihilator & More!

Need some Legio Custodes Anti-Tank fire power? Check what just rolled in from Forge World!

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Legio Custodes Caladius Grav-tank Annihilator £85

Based upon the technology of the Coronus Grav-carrier, the smaller Caladius grav-tank is designed to utilise the firepower afforded by the heaviest elements of the Legio Custodes’ arsenal on a highly mobile, protected platform. Given the fusion of advanced systems and weapons, the Caladius is perhaps the most powerful battleline armoured unit of its size in the Imperium’s forces, utilising technologies and materials derived not only from the Dark Age of Technology, but from developments made as a result of the Great Crusade’s two centuries of warfare.

A particularly powerful variant was the ‘Caladius-Annihilator’ which featured an enhanced capacitor-fed Arachnus blaze cannon potent that is enough to pose a threat even to super-heavy armour. This complete, 39-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble that variant.

Featuring the same silhouette as the other Caladius Grav-tank variants, but with an especially aggressive-looking turret profile featuring the above-mentioned Arachnus blaze cannon, the Annihilator is appropriately named. Covered in extra detailing such as the cooling flasks that dissipate the immense energies unleashed whenever this tank attacks, photonic accelerators, visible engine and two lastrum bolt cannon on the front of the hull.

Rules for using a Caldius Grav-tank Annihilator as part of a Legio Custodes army can be found in The Horus Heresy Book Seven – Inferno.

The kit is supplied with a 170x105mm oval base.

Legio Custodes Caladius Grav-tank Annihilator & Caladius Grav-tank £170

Iron Hills Chariot £100

The vanguard of Dain’s army, these Chariots run ahead of the Dwarves of the Iron Hills taking out any enemy scouts who dare to oppose them. Pulled by six goats at a time and with razor-sharp scythes attached to its wheels, anyone that is unfortunate enough to get in the way of a charging Chariot will end up considerably shorter!

A highly detailed resin model, the Iron Hills Chariot makes a great Warriors unit for the Iron Hills Dwarf Army. The six large, horned goats that pull it are attached via collars of iron and wood, with a strong wooden brace in the middle. At the front of the intimidatingly spiked chariot stands a dwarf gripping the firing mechanism of a rapid-fire bolt thrower, with a dwarf wielding a sword by his side. On a raised platform stands the driver, who can be optionally replaced with an Iron Hills Captain (who is included in the kit.)

The kit comprises 83 components, and is supplied with a 170x105mm oval base.

Rules for the Iron Hills Chariot can be found in The Hobbit™: There And Back Again.

Iron Hills Chariot Warband £300

Iron Hills Vanguard £185

You had me at “six large, horned goats”  – SOLD!

  • orionburn

    Strange. They had the rules for it available to view earlier today. I didn’t realize how nasty that bolt cannon could be. FW has been hitting them out of the park lately. Great looking model.

  • Damistar

    The Caladius’ main gun looks suspiciously like the Necron gun off the Annihilation Barge. And it’s called the Annihiltor…interesting coincidence.

    • carlisimo

      GW’s long used the “Annihilator” name on vehicles with twin-linked lascannons, and this is sort of the Custodes’ equivalent of that.

  • zeno666

    Ugh, the Leg(i)o grav-tank looks very 1990.

  • georgelabour

    I do like those dwarf chariots but….they’re not exactly screaming tolkien to me.

    But then he really didn’t go into explicit detail on the specifics of some militaries, and they do look nifty so…

  • Marco Marantz

    Red and bronze/gold….Khorne wants his colours back.