Geekery: Gorgeous Episode VIII Photos from Vanity Fair

Annie Leibovitz aims her lens at the cast of the next film – the results are breath taking.

Next month’s Vanity Fair features a great article by David Kamp – he talks to the cast, crew, and director Rian Johnson about the movie and Carrie Fisher’s legacy. It’s a worthwhile long read for a Sunday morning. It also has amazing photos from Annie Leibovitz. Be prepared as you scroll through – the photos of Carrie Fisher are beautiful, but may be little painful to see for some. They made me tear up a bit the first time I saw them.

Costume designer Michael Kaplan (seated), surrounded by some of his creations.

“Carrie lived her life the way she wanted to, never apologizing for anything, which is something I’m still learning.” – Daisy Ridley

“… to be there, and to watch Mark revisit Luke, particularly in these scenes we were shooting towards the end of the film, was bizarre and jaw-dropping. It’s like when you see an old band re-unite and go on the road, and they don’t quite hit those high notes anymore—though in this situation it’s completely the opposite. It’s the fulfillment of where your imagination would take you when you imagine where Luke would go, or what he’s become.” – Oscar Issac

“I can’t say that phrase, what you just said: Carrie’s name and then the d-word. Because I think of her in the present tense. Maybe it’s a form of denial, but she’s so vibrant in my mind, and so vital a part of the family, that I can’t imagine it without her. It’s just so untimely, and I’m so angry.” – Mark Hamill

See more and read the full article here.

  • D. B.

    That last pic is particularly feels-heavy.

    • Ragimund


  • Mud_Duck

    It’s just me right? The first picture looks like an intergalactic meeting of Cruela DeVilles.

    “Get Me Those Tribbles!”

    And what did the designer use for Carrie Fishers coat? Looks to me like he cut up the bed cover off a pickup truck…

  • euansmith

    i hope we anther Kylo Ren hissy fit. That was my favouite bit in the last movie.

    • zeno666

      I hope he puts his helmet back on

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      just keep watching “undercover boss: starkiller base” 😀

      • petrow84

        “Yeah, you know, this series put me into a whole new perspective. I was about to force-choke Trooper TR-007, or worse. But when I sat down with him, and learnt about his deathstick-addiction burdened past, his 10 ewok children he raises alone, and that his wookie wife left him, and his banta died, all the same day, I thought, hey, he really just needs some encouRAGE, another chance to prove himself.”