Geekery: Hellboy is Getting a Reboot

It’s confirmed – we’re getting a new Hellboy movie with a new director and cast.

Ron Perlman, Guillermo del Toro, and Mike Mignola met to discuss Hellboy a few months back. The result of that was a no from Del Toro. Now Mignola has confirmed a movie, but with a rather different team…

For those unfamiliar, this is David Harbour…

Not a lot is known at the moment, but according to the Hollywood Reporter:

[Neil] Marshall is now developing a new script with Aron Coleite, who worked on NBC’s Heroes and is also working on the new Star Trek: Discovery series. He will also act as a producer with his partner Marc Helwig.


  • Raven Jax

    But…why? What are they going to add that’s different and unique? What are they going to do differently than the previous movies? Is there a demand for this? Why do they think we need it?

    Every trend ever eventually loses money and fizzles out. The “reboot/relaunch/sequels” phase Hollywood is currently in is one such trend I’ll be happy to see end.

    • Nwttp

      No one needs any movie. I’m sure plenty of people want more hellboy. Though I barley remember the first ones.

    • J Mad

      I love the hellboy movies, I’m ok with more. But why does it have to be different? or Unique? Isnt watching a movie about something you like the point of it? Hellboy is already different. I enjoy the movies.

      You should has asked “why a reboot and not another movie” B.c the director and the creator cant come to any type of agreement so it was dropped.

    • Kinsman

      I’d personally just like to see the next chapter in the Hellboy story, not another reboot. I really enjoyed the first Hellboy.

      On another note, Harbour is great!

    • More Hellboy, more Hellboy forever

  • Erick Earle

    David Harbour is NOT Hellboy. He’s not. Ron Pearlman is. And they’re making it R? You know what would be nice? If you focus on telling the story FIRST and then if it’s R, it’s R. Don’t just decide to make it that way in an attempt to be edgy. Tell the story, not the hype.

    • Cergorach

      Ron Perlman is currently 67, a great actor, but do you really see him do another couple of Hellboy films over the next decade or so? I don’t… I would prefer a whole slew of Hellboy movies with Ron Perlman, but that’s not realistic.

      Why a new (series) of movie(s) now? Movies based on comics do stupidly good at the moment, it’s not really risky, because they know that there’s a fanbase for this already and another crowd of people that will go to this movie because it’s a comic action movie.

      As for R-rated, I always felt that the subject matter of the Hellboy franchise was a little more adult then the kid friendly version they showed at the movies. I loved them both, but I can see it going darker perfectly fine. And if the script is already done, then they know whether it’s R-rated or not…

      Did anybody doubt that if there ever was a proper Deadpool movie that it was going to be R-rated…

      • Erick Earle

        I can somewhat agree with you when it comes to the straight out, if it’s a hyper edgy comic it should be laid out as an R mentality. However, I’ve read through the early Hellboy series (none of the later stuff where he dies and all, so I don’t know if it changed) and I don’t see anything in there that comes close to the edginess of the Deadpool comics, so to flat out say that it should be R based off of the comics is incorrect to me. I mean, compare the two animated films to some of the short collections in the earlier series. Some of them are direct copies and stay on point with each story without having to come close to R (unless you randomly want to make the vampire blood-tub portions naked? Speaking of which, I assume that that is the story they are going to tell considering the potential title). Besides, people read Deadpool and watch Deadpool to see edgy humor/action; whereas, to me, Hellboy has always been about the story. As for Pearlman, His age has nothing to do with it. I met him last year at Space City Comiccon and he was amazing and full of energy even after the event directors screwed the actors over hardcore.

        • mikethefish

          Logan was an R rating as well, and was FAR different than Deadpool. You seem to be needlessly focussed on Deadpool here, when there are other examples out there. Sorry man, but Hellboy has always been gritty and grimdark, and an R rating is far from unwarranted.

    • euansmith

      I agree on the story before rating point.

      The Hellboy in the films was totally different to the Hellboy in my head. I assume he reflected Mignola’s vision of the character, but my version was rather less hardboiled and rather more fey and doomed. I guess that is an advantage of comics over films.

      • Matt Razincka

        My understanding is that was Del Toro. Who is also the primary reason the third movie didn’t happen if Mignola is to be believed. He just wouldn’t pin anything down. Same reason he ended up not involved in The Hobbit.

        • JamesD

          According to Del Toro it was the other way around.

          • Matt Razincka

            Probably plenty of blame to go around! 😛

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        The first Hellboy movie was great, not exact to the comics but good enough that I didn’t care. The second one…yeah I was rooting for the “bad guy” the whole movie. Most of the acting otherwise was rough and poorly done. The ending was horrible on all levels. I don’t care if they want to make it an R rated movie if they make a good movie and not blood/gore porn. Fey and doomed is a good image here.

    • mikethefish

      Nonsense. Is Ron Pearlman supposed to hobble around fighting monsters with his walker? The man is nearly seventy years old. Putting on all that makeup takes hours upon hours, and is a physically grueling experience. Let the poor guy play an actual human nowadays!

      David Harbour is a fantastic choice. He’s got both the size, and the jaw, so he’s a good match physically. His acting skills are exceptional as well, so I really have no clue what your objection is – except for perhaps an irrational fear of change

  • Commissar Molotov

    Hollywood needs to be “rebooted” in the seat of the pants.

  • euansmith

    I would like to see a BPRD movie.

  • Snord

    The first Hellboy is kind of unique – the story doesn’t make sense and many of the characters aren’t properly developed, yet it works. It’s mostly Pearlman, but it’s also the atmosphere, and the visuals. The second one is flatter, but still very entertaining. A reboot with more of an ‘edge’ (which presumably means much more graphic violence) doesn’t seem to add much. It would have to be as funny as Deadpool to work – but then it might as well be Deadpool.

  • No Body

    Everyone dislikes the movie befor any details are released… *adds movie to list of movies I must go and see*

  • Pedwidge

    A series would be much better for Hellboy. What could have made Stranger Things even better? Hellboy!
    A show about the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense would be a great combination of CSI meets Stranger Things (X-Files then?)
    A movie would just be more of the same: introduce characters (again), show a villain and why he/she/it wants to destroy the world, cool visual effects, heroes prevail, world is safe….for now(post credit scene). Talk about how great those visual effect were and how much it made on opening weekend. Success.

  • Prospero 4life

    Not Ron Perlman…get the f*** out of my face you heretic.

    • mikethefish

      Pearlman is too old to realistically play the role. It’s too physically demanding for a 67 year old. And Hellboy is too cool a character, and has too many untapped story concepts to just simply drop the character

  • Another reboot. SIGH. It starts to sound like Spiderman or The Fantastic Four. Honestly, you don’t need the movie to be Hellboy for it to be a Hellboy movie. BPRD was a fine story in the comics without Hellboy, but you could certainly run any number of characters from the Hellboy world as the main character and have Hellboy as a secondary one. Lobster Johnson would be a great one if you are wanting to have a WW2 movie theme, or any number of back story style movies for Abe Sapien or similar. Just telling the Hellboy creation story again is a little stale, sure you can put a new spin on it, but you can’t go too far off the original comics background. The other problem is if they want to do it as a series of movies and spend the first one trying to cram all the characters and their backstories into the first one. If it is a ‘cash in on the interest of comic book characters’ rather than ‘we have an awesome Hellboy story we want to do a movie for’ it isn’t going to be all that popular.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would love more Hellboy movies, I have plenty of Mignolas work, but I would like to see a new movie rather than a reboot.