Geekery: New Comic Book TV Series Announced

Deadpool, Dredd, and more X-Men are all coming to the small screen.

Let’s start with the most concrete of the three: Bryan Singer’s The Gifted, which premieres on FOX this fall. It focuses on a family that gets involved with an underground group while attempting to protect their mutant kids.

Confirmed cast includes mutants Eclipse (Sean Teale), Blink (Jamie Chung), Polaris (Emma Dumont), Thunderbird (Blair Redford); and the Strucker family played by Stephen Moyer, Amy AckerNatalie Alyn Lind, and Percy Hynes White.


Next up: Deadpool is getting an animated series helmed by Donald and Stephen Glover.

FXX has ordered 10 episodes for a premier sometime in 2018. Marvel TV chief Jeph Lobe – who also oversees FX’s Legion – had this to say about the new project:

“Deadpool, Donald and FX — the perfect fit for the Merc with the Mouth! We’re thrilled that our relationship with FX that started with Legion continues with what is sure to be a groundbreaking show in adult animation.”


Finally: IM Global is working with Rebellion games on Dredd TV series.

The team: IM Global Television CEO Stuart Ford (who worked on the 2012 movie), executive producer Mark Stern (helmed Battle Star Galactica), Jason and Chris Kingsley of Rebellion.

“We’re very excited to be beginning the journey to get more of Judge Dredd’s Mega-City One on the television screen. Thanks to the legions of fans who have kept up pressure on social media, and a lot of background work and enthusiasm, we aim to make a big budget production that will satisfy both our vast comics audience and the even greater general screen-watching public.”

Not a lot of details are available at this point – they don’t have a distributor, yet. This will definitely be one to watch. Karl Urban has been trying for years to get a sequel to the movie off the ground, so there’s a slim chance he may sign on. *crosses fingers*

Which one are you looking forward to the most?

  • euansmith

    As IM Global are working with Rebellion Games, I wonder if the Judge Dredd series will be animated. Something like the Starwars Rebels’ series could be cool translated over to Mega City One.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      I dunno, but I wouldn’t mind the Shikar animated short style! If you haven’t seen it it is on you tube, a 30 min short about the origins of Judge Death!

  • MMO Builder


  • Txabi Etxebarrieta

    I’m 100% behind attempts to bring Dredd to television.

    Now if they could just bring back Constantine…

    • Joseph Coons

      Uh, CW picked it up…Next fall.

      • Txabi Etxebarrieta

        Aren’t those just animated shorts? Or did I miss an announcement?