GW: New Releases May 27th “First Looks”

Games Workshop has some webstore exclusives this weekend – come take a look!

via Games Workshop

Goblin King & Retinue

Thorin Oakenshield & Company


I kind of want the Dwaves for my D&D campaign. It’s hard to find good dwarf models these days…

  • AEZ

    Bombur seems to small. Some poses are odd. Dont like Bilbo. Some characters are just odd dwarves but that wasn’t a gw decision.

    • Tyr

      Theyre just the models from the starter set. Nothing new from the looks of it.

      • AEZ

        I don’t play it.. just looking at what I see here. I think some of them look stupid in the movie and it’s not getting better.

  • dave long island

    This still a game??… Why?

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      give it a go, mechanically AoS should have gone closer to this model (for units, or lack thereof, movement, combat, etc) I have been playing this one since the first fellowship box, and have had a lot of fun with it.

      • dave long island

        That’s cool man!

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          it has a very good initial price, and the armys are pretty good against each other, but what really set it good for us is using the models for Merp, One Ring, and deciphers lord of the rings RPGs as well.

  • Mike Tbone Green

    no joke, has anyone ever seen someone play this? Ive seen maybe 1 or 2 ppl play Rings, and that was it.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      yeah we have a large group playing, other than xwing and guild ball we have the largest group at our store.

    • bob82ca

      It’s a fantastic game, no joke. I had absolutely no interest in playing it but there’s a huge cult following where I live in Canada. They hold tournament events all year. Anyways, a friend got me to finally play and it’s great. I like to describe it as if “Gangs of New York” was a tabletop game. It’s like a brutal gang fight where everyone is trying to surround stragglers and beat them to death! Probably the best skirmish game that I have ever played.