GW: Rumor Engine “Who’s Lion?”

Games Workshop has a new rumor engine to get you ROARING into gear – anyone want to take a guess at this one?

Alright Internet Detectives it’s time for another big clue from Games Workshop. Be careful around this rumor, our sources are saying that he’s definitely Lion.

via Warhammer Community

Hmmm, what have we here?


Well now, this one is certainly going to be part of a mane game, but which one? Let’s see if we can’t figure it out.

I’m sure everyone’s first reaction is New White Lion unit! That’s my gut reaction too:

White Lion Chariot

White Lions


This does look a lot like a shoulder pad of some type so it would certainly fit. But I would also like to point out that The Aelfs aren’t the only Order models to tap into that Lion motif. The Stormcast Eternals also use it, although not as obviously:

Now, I’m not saying it’s going to be a new Stormcast Model, but this got me thinking that it could be something similar. There is another Lion running around Games Workshop, although this one is a little sleepy. Maybe his brother will wake him:

Lion El’Jonson

Don’t forget those rumors about who was going to be in the next Horus Heresy Box…If it’s Dark Angels vs Death Guard maybe the Dark Angel’s Primarch could be on the way too.

So, baring a super-secret tabletop version of The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe: Tabletop Battle Edition, I’m going to stick to guessing the White Lions or The Lion of Caliban.

Actually, that could be a pretty cool wargame now that I think about it…


So Internet – what’s your guess? Stop Lion around and take some Pride in your guess!

  • ZeeLobby

    Looks like it was painted like a statue. I can’t imagine the Lion’s lion designs not being gold.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Yeah certainly photoshopped into black and white, but it is fully painted…. Which if it was armor well… no. So it is a skinned Lion, so being a pelt does push it to more of the realm of characters. Since the mouth is shaped the way it is over a coif of mane, I think it is certainly a shoulder

      • Corvak

        What will PETA say? 😀

        • Emprah

          They’ll say: REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    • Muninwing

      i can’t tell if it’s grayscale… it looks like there’s some warmth to the gray, meaning there’s some undertone.

      it’s darker than i’d expect the HElf stuff though.

      it’d be interesting if it was a preview of the Lion… might make me wait to convert RBG into a different Primarch.

  • Kritarion

    Calling it now: GW will Scrap the Ultrasmurfs as their posterboys in favour of the Celestial Lions.

    • SilentPony

      The Celestial Lions are all but dead. There’s like 10 of them left

      • orionburn

        Say hello to Intercessor Marines!

      • Randy Randalman

        There were only like 5 Grey Knights super grenades left too.

  • SilentPony

    Oh if only GW had the balls to bring back the Lion as the de facto ruler of the Dark Imperium.

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Maybe he might, and maybe he will resist the light of Guilliman… or can in your basement for what it is worth.

    • orionburn

      My biggest hope for story advancement is for the Lion to return, be pissed at what Robbie is doing, and so begin the seeds to a civil war in the Imperium.

      • Xodis

        Yeah, If not the Lion than Leman Russ.

        • orionburn

          Story wise it would actually be better to see Russ come back first, team up with Robbie, and then the Lion wakes up to the mess that the Imperium is. That would make for some fun times.

          • Xodis

            Im not opposed to this either, but I didn’t think Russ cared for Robbie either?

          • orionburn

            An even bigger plot twist! Russ realizes the error of his ways following Robbie and teams up with the Lion. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!!!!

          • Xodis

            You forgot Human Sacrifice…but being 40K thats kind of a given lol.

          • shawnlowrey

            I fully believe that by the end of the Heresy, they were friends. Read tht last Primarchs Russ book, they buried their hatchet a long time ago.

      • Graham Bartram

        The Imperium has been in a state of civil war for 10,000 years.

        • orionburn

          I’m talking HH level of rebellion. Not for current chapters to turn to chaos, but breaking away to form their own new Imperium so to speak.

          • Fergie0044

            Yea, not a chaos civil war but a ‘current Imperium’ vs ‘what the imperium should have been’ ideology civil war. Lots of fun potential there.

          • Graham Bartram

            I think the Imperium has enough to deal with for now without civil war. Better for now a “Dark Imperium,” still loyal but under another Primarch, like the Lion maybe. Keep them in sparse contact but working together against Chaos. Through necessity the Dark Imperium’s methods will be “Darker” so that when the duel Imperiums finally knock Chaos back (for a while at least) we get left with two empires, now quite different and not entirely trusting each other .

          • Alvin Adorno

            What if each primarch that shows up gets his own empire. That would be amazing each empire would swear to help the other but internal problems are delt with in house

      • Ghaniman

        Imperium Secundus. He wasn’t so pissed the first time round, I doubt he’d be now… as long as he’s in charge. That said the reasonable rationale of Sanguinius died with him.

      • Fergie0044

        Ooooh yes please! And then its revealed that the numarines have got genetic inbuilt loyalty to G-man (even the non-ultra ones) resulting in numairnes vs minimarines civil war!!!

    • Talos2

      That’s a good shout actually. Would make sense

    • Corvak

      Mostly interested in…if he came back…what would he think of the current Dark Angels? Traitors? Loyalists? If the Fallen are the real loyalists, what if the Lion assembled them into a Dark Angels chapter, against the current Dark Angel inner circle?

  • Scribe

    Yay. More Stormcast Eternals. Exactly what we need.

    Don’t think this is a Primarch, though. The tease would be far more subtle.

    Or new aelves- I believe the new shadowkin are up first, and they don’t use white lions. Their critters are gribblier and cthulhu inspired.

    • Bakvrad

      Subtle… that was exactly the same they said, when cyphers gun was teased: can’t be him, it’s too obvious

  • Dusty

    I thought White Lion at first, but I’m hoping for Dark Angels.

  • Keith Wilson

    insert new faction of Aelfs ….. after this pirate dark Aelfs

  • Xodis

    Hope its the White Lions in a new form for AoS, the game needs some more Aelves.

  • Talos2

    It’s Night lord atramentar obviously

  • Xodis
  • euansmith

    Can you imagine cats with plaited beards? They would spend all day driving themselves nuts patting them.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      it would be total carnage, on a global scale. My two alone would massacre everything east of the Rocky Mountains!

  • Ty Hayden
  • onlyonepinman

    I love High Elves and I like Stormcast Eternals. But I would love to see The Lion El Johnson resurrected.

  • Darkcat

    Lion El’Jonson riding on a segway?

  • Tshiva keln

    Considering it’s fully painted but shown in black and white, that must be to hide the colour which would give away what it is. That points to it not being standard lion colours so most likely correct with the white lions guess.

  • Matthew Aubrey

    more fur pelts. whats up now PETA?

  • Huntard

    What happened to the Rock after Gathering Storm pt1? The Lion himself raised again, defending the separated worlds of the Dark Imperium against the ravages of Chaos would be pretty rad.

  • Fomorian

    Hm it could also be Sanguinius, if we take a look on this artwork and the shoulder with the lion head on it …

    Also the Blood Angels are suffering really hard and it seems that they are almost lost, cause Guilliman can’*t get to them because of the warp rift.

    • sloth42

      i must address, that he is wearing either a leopard or jaguar pelt, not a lion.

  • BrassWitch

    It’s very likely something for AoS. The sculpt looks too much like a “live” lion for it to be a piece of armor.

    • SB

      Nah it’s totally dead. It’s got no jaw!

      • BrassWitch

        Don’t mean it’s alive, just that it looks like it once was, like a pelt or a rug, instead of the more stylized look you’d find in armor or shoulder pad. 😛

    • eMtoN

      I agree also, it doesn’t look like a shoulder pad to me. More like a cloak with a lions head on the back.

    • Lewismauler

      Ut doesn’t have to be armour to be 40k there are plenty of pelt wearing models

  • Chris Hateley

    It’s a space marine.


    Looks like a SM shoulder pad on bottom right corner of picture possibly.

  • Max Knickerbocker

    The Lion of Caliban will wake to join his Brother Primarch in the Crusade against Chaos,