Infinity: Strikezone: Wotan Sale Coming May 29th

Gear up for battle with a special promo coming your way direct from Corvus Belli –  It’s the perfect time to dive into Infinity!

Corvus Belli has just announced a massive special discount that will apply to select bundles starting May 29t. The promo pricing will run until June 2nd so if you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to strike, now is your chance to get some fantastic miniatures for Infinity.

via Coruvs Belli




That is 8 bundle deals that would be ideal for picking up for first timers or if you wanted to start a new faction. You can check out more info directly at the Corvus Belli store HERE.  Curious about the game, the setting or the factions? Be sure to pop over to Corvus Belli’s rules page where you can read up on all of those. You can even download the latest rules FREE HERE.


Infinity: sci-fi futuristic skirmishes await your tabletop!

  • marxlives

    Pretty good deals here, my wallet is going to hurt this weekend.

  • Thatroubleshootah

    These are tournament ready armies for fifty bucks a throw

  • Damn. That CJC set is tempting. That’s a good deal. Maybe good enough to put up with shipping and customs.

    US people who’ve ordered straight from CB before: what do shipping charges usually look like?

    • Hefty, my advice would be to try to get some friends and do a group order. If you have a Warcor in your area, you can see if they have any shipping discounts. I’ve heard that CB gives Warcors points for running events that they can use to get discounted or free shipping.

  • euansmith

    Those are some handsome minis.

  • Heinz Fiction

    Not a fan of having new minis mixed with old but at this price you can probably sell any unwanted stuff for a profit…