Knight Models: New Harry Potter Minis Game

Get a first look at Lord Voldemort!

Knight Models creates some beautiful minis, and this is no exception.

Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, one of the most powerful dark wizards of latest history, is on a hunt for Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived! Will you join his band of dark arts masters, the Death Eaters, or will you stand against him to free the Wizarding World of his iron hand ruling?

The game puts players in charge of faction of wizards and witches that fight using potions, spells, and special items in battles across the Wizarding World.

The company has promised more previews in the coming weeks – so keep an eye out!


Are your defense against the dark arts skills up to snuff?


  • Nvision

    What you don’t see is how pitted or miscast the model will be when you take it out of the blister pack :p I had issues with six of the eight Marvel miniatures I picked up from Knight…

    • AEZ

      lol just wanted to say it looked nice and detailed 😀

    • The Comte

      For the prices I’ve seen on the sticker, Knight Models should be Infinity level quality and dynamic. Instead you get miscast figures that look like they’re impersonating statues.

      • Nvision

        The fingers on my Sabretooth were basically long strings of flash. I had to trim them down and sculpt them from scratch. Magneto’s cape looked like moths had been at it. I really liked the game, it felt thematic and was a little less cumbersome than Heroclix, but the quality control was whack.

  • ZeeLobby

    Just like the GoT game, I just feel like it’s too little too late. People have found, read, loved and forgotten these stories by now. Maybe younger generations will pick it up though.

  • Gunther Clone C

    Tau psyker confirmed! 😛

  • The Comte

    I’m not sure who the target audience is. Unpainted metal figures aren’t really a draw for casual/younger gamers.

    • Averam

      Probably the legions of people who grew up with the Harry Potter books and are now adults with disposable income.

  • frankelee

    Good crossover game other than really expensive miniatures and probably complicated rules.

  • Sniddy

    The way they dumped marvel and the quality of models makes this a solid never from me