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The classic game of naval combat and exploration in the Old World is coming to a PC near you.

Games Workshop and Evil Twin Studios are partnering to bring you a video game version of the classic game of ship battles, sea monsters, naval exploration, and adventure on the high seas of the Old World: Man O’ War.

If you never played it, Man O’ War was a little bit like Battlefleet Gothic but in Warhammer Fantasy, except that BFG was released later, was set in 40K, had different rules, and Ork Fleets that were poorly constructed couldn’t just sink because of how terrible they are. So maybe that’s not the best analogy–but Man O’ War was still a game that was all about sinking your enemy’s fleets.

It had a relatively short-lived run, but had some wonderful models that represented the Age of Sail (with a little bit of Fantasy thrown in) rather nicely.

Well now it’s getting a second life on the PC. Evil Twin studios has been hard at work to bring you this game of swashbuckling adventure, and today they talked with the folks at Warhammer Community about what we might see in the game, including a look at the Ork fleets which they’re finding to be particularly successful in their engine. Take a look!

via Warhammer Community

The Orc fleet is a floating testament to the Orc mentality. Everything about the ships has been looted and pillaged from somewhere else and then crudely bolted and bashed into shape, before crudely bashing their enemies!

As players board Orc ships, they will have to hop over piles of plunder and broken parts that cover the decks and run along uneven gangways to get around the unfinished superstructures. Ships’ wheels have been fixed with bones, planks and huge iron nails while wicked spikes jut from ungainly hulls.

The Orc ports carry this style to whole new levels. This was part of the Warhammer World we got to create! The nomadic, barbaric, floating ports made the threat of the Orcs much greater. We wanted floating atolls that could move and launch deadly attacks while looking like they might sink at any moment!

The wreckage of many captured ships can been seen among the lookout towers and tribal huts, which helped put across the scale. Some ships bristle with weapons capable of firing from all angles. Some have really bizarre weapons, which could only work in this fantastical setting.

Man O’ War: Corsair is a video game of high adventure, naval combat and exploration based on the Games Workshop classic Man O’ War tabletop game. Send Skaven ships to the murky depths, cut Khorne’s champions to pieces and battle sea monsters as you explore the Warhammer oceans. Turn pirate and become the scourge of the Empire, or trade your way to riches along the Bretonnian coast.

Check out Man o’ War Corsair on Steam.

Check out Man o’ War Corsair on GoG.

And with the Ork fleets present, suddenly Captain Jack Sparrow has a whole bunch of competition for worst pirate ever.

  • Bran D


  • euansmith

    I wonder at what point during the games development cycle someone at Evil Twin said, “Right we can create our own background and call this game, “Plunderbeard’s Revenge!”, or else we can pay GW a licensing fee for an IP they brought out in 1993 and didn’t see fit to support past two expansions.”

    PS: There is a Metal Band called, “Hellbeard”; what a great name.

  • Wtyn

    Looks like mount and blade sometimes 🙁
    Plays like mount and blade 🙂

    Really enjoying this game, its certainly not a polished AAA title, but its got a great sense of fun seeing the huge variety of crazy enemy ships coming at you for the first time. Eaten by a Dark Elf dragon boat, poisoned by a Skaven boat, rammed by dwarf submarines, burned by khorne flamethrower boats, the list goes on. If they put a year of post release patching and improvements into it then it will go from flawed-but-fun to great.

  • Gunther Clone C

    No Skaven. T^T

  • plasticvicar

    This game and its use of the Manowar IP is the reason why Total War: Warhammer and its sequel cannot have naval combat.

    Frankly, having taken a look at the quality of the current gameplay of Manowar Corsair and being disillusioned with early access games in general, I’d rather this game got canned so that the best Warhammer Fantasy game available right now can get even better.

    Sounds cruel I know but thats just my take on it.

  • Ty Hayden

    STOP TAKING GOOD GAMES AND MAKING VIDEO GAMES OUT OF THEM!!! I just wanted new, plastic ships and a polishing of Man-O-War and BFG…

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Each one after being announced eventually lead to a revival so far, minus mordheim… just you wait. They may do a Dread Fleet 2, electric bugaloo

      • Ty Hayden

        I was hoping for more of a Space Hulk-style revival, where the game is basically the same, and they update the components. Dread Fleet was a nice product, but a crappy game.

        Also, optimism on the internet? HISSSSSS!

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Well I was joking about Dreadfleet because it was crappy so it wasn’t total optimism 😉 But I digress. It is something they may dabble with maybe, its easy to just do as a video game though.

  • cudgel

    The team (well some of them at least) want their next game to be Rogue Trader.