New ‘League of Ancient Defenders’ KS

LOAD is back with a bunch of upgrades and new minis!

Archon Studio’s Kickstarter for League of Ancient Defenders (LOAD) is going strong – it’s at over 650% funded with a little over 2 weeks to go. This incarnation (RE-LOAD) includes the base game, expansions, and a host of new highly detailed minis and components. There are a lot of extras available to backers, and there are still stretch goals to be unlocked.

via Archon Studio:

League of Ancient Defenders is a 2-6 player board game with stunning miniatures and intense gameplay modeled after popular battle arena online games. Players must leverage the unique abilities of their heroes as they push three lanes simultaneously toward the opposing team’s base. By destroying key enemy objectives, towers and spawn points, they will force their opponent to abandon the battle in full retreat.

The core set comes with 61 minis and all you need to get started – click the image to enlarge.

Backers of the original campaign can pledge $59 to receive all of the free stretch goals, which Archon Studio guarantees will be produced regardless of whether adequate funding is met for them to be unlocked. Backers will also be given the opportunity to vote on which Epic miniatures are produced for each hero, selecting their favorite concept art throughout the campaign.


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  • PrehistoricUF0

    Hi all.

    Does anyone know the scale of these models? Some of these are kind of sweet and I could really bulk up my Chaos Undivided WHFB army with all the conversion potential here.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Frank

      They are a bit small for WHFB proxies. According to a picture, the heroes are about a head or two taller than a 28mm human Dreadball model. That said, Dreadball isn’t heroic scale, so they look a bit thin compared to most GW stuff. The minions are even smaller.