Origin of a Cosplay Persona

Discover your inner muse on the way to Cosplay Glory!

Cosplay 101

Cosplay is a world full of a wide array of talents, inspirations, and creative outlets. Whether its participants are seasoned artists and actors, or members of fandoms who have chosen to take on the persona of their dearest characters, Cosplaying is an opportunity to step out of the normal shoes that we wear, and into those of a character which can be completely different and empowering. Designing garb, costumes, props, skits, dances, and other elements of expression to portray those sources of inspiration is a main pillar of the Cosplay Community. Cosplay artists are able to become anything which inspires them, be it a character, an emotion, or an entirely unique creation from the depths of their imaginations. For those discovering this new creative outlet for the first time, one of the most exciting and liberating moments of cosplay design comes from discovering a Cosplay Persona, or Alter Ego… The Muse inside each person which is waiting to be discovered and set loose on the world.

Cosplay Personas and How to Find them

Once someone begins to search through Cosplay content, they quickly discover that most cosplay models and actors have unique names that they go by. Much like becoming a Superhero, determining a Cosplay Persona helps define the direction for future cosplay projects. Whether this character you create is someone strong, magical, fierce, sexy, or uniquely creative, every person approaches cosplay with a different type of energy and inspiration. Some amazing cosplay personalities I know are Zonbi, Atelier Heidi, LoZelda, and Loralie Cosplay. These ladies vary across the board in skillsets and aesthetics, but all have an incredible passion for character creation. My own nom de plume, “Mayhem’s Muse”, was discovered during my time as a Rollerderby Skater many years ago. At the time I very much wanted to step away from my habit of being demure and passive, and decided to challenge myself to stepping up and making myself heard. I wanted to cultivate an alter ego that was strong, sassy, and above all inspired myself and those around me to new heights of creativity. A muse is a person who speaks directly to the heart of an artist, who challenges them to push themselves and to discover new heights of artistic passion and expression. I poured all of those things together to create Mayhem’s Muse, and to this day she inspires me to greatness.

Using your Muse

Once you have discovered what inspires you to create cosplays, you can use those motivations to discover your inner cosplay Muse. Keep that idea in the forefront of your mind as you begin researching and exploring project ideas. What characters would that muse be drawn to? Figure out what ideals and dreams that persona has, what types of expression would be most valuable for it. Whether it’s creating a simple “closet cosplay” from wardrobe bits you already own, or designing entire costumes from scratch with fabric and paint and hard work, or whether it’s creating physical expressions like skits and dances, there is a perfect blend of creative elements for each cosplayer and each individual Cosplay. Let your muse be your guide, and above all have fun exploring your passions and bringing them to life!!!

~Release your inner Muse-Discover your unique Cosplay Powers!


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  • euansmith

    Cool stuff. Thanks for sharing. In my younger days, I used to be a hairy Celtic warrior in battle reanactment; though I was more in to the drinking and singing than the fighting aspects of the hobby.

  • Mia

    An absolutely lovely read. Simply written with dashes of flair, this is the perfect article for any cosplayer or creative needing to find strength and guidance within themselves to keep up with their passions.

  • William Seward

    You are epic!