Outside the Box – May 12th


Hello, this week we have news for Infinity, Guild Ball, Bolt Action, Bushido, Imperial Assault and much morre – enjoy!

Studio Giraldez published new pictures of the Caledonian starter for Infinity:
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Wargame Exclusive released a new Urban Hunter car:
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Grace and Benediction will be available from Steamforged Games as a pre-release this weekend:
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Spartan Games announced the Phoenix Class Colony Ship for HALO Fleet Battles:

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Wild Bill Hickock will join the ranks of Infamy Miniatures soon:

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GCT Studios presents Yori the whale hunter for the Jung Pirates:
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Need a bear-mounted cannon or bulldog cavalry? Scibor Miniatures got you covered!
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New Zulu Wars characters are coming from Perry Miniatures:
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Cool Mini or Not presents Zombie Orcs and Goblins:
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The plastic British Airborne is now available from Warlord Games:
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And Sarissa Precision has the fitting Horsa glider:
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4Ground presents upcoming releases for Fabled Realms:
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Fantasy Flight Games announced a new expansion and new characters for Imperial Assault:

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New female cultists have been announced by Crooked Dice:
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Antenocitis Workshop presents new pictures of the Roc dropship:
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And MOM Miniatures presents a new Chaos Berserker:
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And some new Kickstarter campaigns:

Studio Miniatures – Turf War Z
Brigade Games – Disposable Heroes II
Skull and Crown – Renaissance Undead
Labmasu – Rude Rats
Rocketship Games – 3D Printed Sci-Fi Miniatures Objectives
Archon Studio – Re-LOAD
Red Box Games – Warbands of the Cold North IV
Rebel Minis – Hedgerows and Heroes

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~ So much cool stuff!
  • euansmith

    That Wild Bill Hickock minis is very cool. I could see him slotting in to an Inquisitor’s retinue as a gunslinger.

    The Green Horde minis are all looking fantastic. I just have to prepare myself for the disappointment I feel when I actually have them in hand and they are smaller than I imagine them.

    Fabled Realms seems to be getting a stronger personality since 4Ground started work on their own game. I like the sort of Eastern European look of the towers on the palisade.

    If only Crooked Dice made their minis in plastic or resin. Their designs are so novel in a world of Grim Dark settings.