Outside the Box – May 19th


Hello everybody, here we go with news from Knight Models, Steamforged Games, CMON, Fantasy Flight Games and many more!

North Star Military Figures presents some of the miniatures for Frost Grave Ghost Archipelago:

And the pre-order campaign for Ulterior Motives started, too!
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Knight Models presents He Who Must Not Be Named:
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The Blacksmiths are the next team Steamforged Games is going to add to Guiild Ball:
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Spartan Games announced a new edition of Firestorm Armada:

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Here are the Wayward Eight for Wild West Exodus:
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This week Infamy Miniatures published a new picture of Professor Hoome:

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GCT Studios presents Orphan and Envy for the Cult of Yurei:
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Cool Mini or Not showed us some of the survivors for Zombicide Green Horde:

And new pictures of the A Song of Ice and Fire tabletop game:
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Anvil Industry announced a new modular range of PMCs:
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Operation Sea Lion brings plenty of new early war releases from Warlord Games:
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Fantasy Flight Games offers new expansions for Imperial Assault:

And we got plenty of new previews for Runewars:
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A new ghost town for Malifaux is coming from PlastCraft Games:
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Shieldwolf Miniatures is preparing a new Kickstarter campaign:
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And Bad Squiddo Games‘s Gunny Peegs – ’nuff said:
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Kickstarter is busy again:

Zenit Miniatures – Kensei Samurai Tabletop
Paymaster Games – Going Native: From out of the Mist
Flying Pig Games – Armageddon Wars
El Kraken Released – Tercio Fantasy Football Team
3D-Print-Terrain – Cold War Germany Terrain
Euro War Games – Global Conflict Relaunch
Impact! Miniatures – Chibi Giants and Swarms
Old School Miniatures – Alpine Gnomes
WHISPER – Mecha Miniatures
Tabletop Miniatures Solutions – Vampire Covenant Army
Villain Games – CyCo Western Cyberpunk Boardgame
Legions of War – Tabletop Rules
Ludus Magnus Studio – Sine Tmepore Boardgame
Tiny Furniture – Post-Nuclear Tiny Furniture on Indiegogo

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~ This Tiny Furniture stuff is great!

  • euansmith

    Plastic Sister 🙂

  • KingThrogg

    Come on Wild West Exodus, we needed a Saffron.
    Also did Anvil Industry just do a miniature for the ‘Fxxk her right in the pXXsy’ guy?