Overview: Khador Command

Khador players rejoice for the Motherland – The Forces of Warmachine: Khador Command book is here!

The Forces of Warmachine: Khador Command hit shelves like a blizzard of knowledge about the faction – come check out what’s inside the covers:

The big new things in this book are the two new ‘casters, the Man-o-War solo and the two theme lists. I touch on those briefly in the video but as we know from the previous Command books, the book is also packed with tons of the background and history of all the Khador units currently in the game. If you want the current rules, comprehensive lore, painting guides, and all the new goodies in the army then you are going to want to pick-up this book.

Personally, I really like reading about the history of these factions as I always pick-up some new tidbit I didn’t know before. For example, Assault Kommander Strakhov and his Assault Kommandos have some new (to me at least) info. I had no idea that he had a hand-picked crew of Kommandos that he uses for different missions. In game, they might not have a ton of individual personality, but now I have that bit of lore tucked away in my mind when I use them. It’s the little things that help make the units more than just models, dice, and stats.

There are lots of folks that might not care too much about the lore – that’s okay, because this book does have you covered. Again, rules, stats, points and anything else you wanted to know about all the units are in this book. Or maybe you just want to flip through and see some really cool Khador art – then this is the book to see it! And don’t discount the painting guides. They will have all the colors listed so if you’re looking to paint your forces just like the studio or if you want to try something a little different it’s in there.

If you’re looking to brush up on your Khador history, learn more about your favorite ‘caster, or if you just want to study up on your “enemy” then you should flip through the Khador Command book.


Khador Command $34.99

In the cold north of western Immoren lies the mighty Khadoran Empire, whose massive military epitomizes the national ideals of strength and resilience. This formidable force is led by powerful warcasters as unrelenting in battle as the bitter Khadoran winter and back by the most brutal and heavily armored warjacks ever to stride the battlefields of Immoren. With thundering ranks of bold imperial soldiers, howling madmen armed with ancient relics, and potent arcanists wielding forgotten and forbidden magic, the army of Khador marches with on singular goal: to carve out the greatest and most dominant empire the Iron Kingdoms has ever witnessed.


Who’s your favorite Khador ‘Caster? I’ve got a few but don’t tell pButcher that!

  • ZeeLobby

    Bought it, reading it, leetness. Just need to get the Cryx one now.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      I still think Khador are the true villains to the setting, they are evil, conquering, arrogant swine. Cryx just wants to hug….forever.

      • Nosebleed

        Have you seen Cygnar? Especially against the Trollbloods?

        Khador just wants to liberate what’s rightfully theirs. 😛

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          yeah cygnar has some shadiness, but khador cant read a map, they think the whole continent says “khador” 😀

          • Hawt Dawg

            It does…

            I am totally unbiased as the Khador player I am.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            Love it!

      • ZeeLobby

        Well, I did model all my slayers with wide open arms…

        • Matthew Pomeroy

          mine and muh seethers…..errr cuddlers as well 😀

    • petrow84

      They left out the Gun Carriage and the Assault Kommandos. Shame. Shame. Shame.

      • Coltcabunny

        And all winter guard, greylord, assault kommando, doom reaver and MoW stuff. These are all covered in future theme books.

  • marxlives

    I tried to start other factions but I love the Big Reds. Been playing thing for 11 years and I just can’t quit them. Public education, workers unions, and a coalition state between Khador proper and Umbrea/Lael show that Khador is way more advanced socially than Cygnar.

    They use a lot more coal than Cygnar, due to it being more plentiful but last time I checked Vinter forced the Menites into a fantasy Palestine “protectorate state”, Stryker sent a bunch of Menites to fantasy Guantanamo for “questioning” and “protection”, is home to one of the biggest and powerful corporations in Immoren, is the aggressor in this new edition and is using a barely legitimate heir and her marriage to Vinter II to start a war, and they used chemical weapons against Khador.

    The only thing that kept Cygnar ahead is that they modernized their country sooner than Khador did, Mercurian League’s monopoly of Zu (which just broke), and exclusive contract with Lael’s resources and RnD, loose coordination with the Cult of Convergence, and they are home to fantasy Tesla.

    Everyday that I breathe, I spit on Cygnar.