Post Nuclear Tiny Furniture is the BOMB!

Get ready to spruce up your tiny Vault with this awesome 28mm post apocalyptic furniture range.

The folks at Tiny Furniture have been making high quality scatter terrain for fantasy settings for a few years now. They’re a great addition to any game – they can add cover and be used as objectives on the tabletop, and are great for dioramas and showpieces.

The company recently announced it’s expanding into new genres…

[In] May we are planning to launch new line of accessories for 28mm tabletop games in a post-apocalyptic and retro-futuristic style called “Barren lands”.

3D models of miniatures have already been developed: computer panels, fridge, desktop computers, bed, garbage cans and others. All these models will be printed on a high-quality industrial printer, and then cast in resin.

These look perfect for the upcoming Fall Out miniatures game.

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  • eMtoN

    Those are pretty cool

  • cudgel
    • euansmith

      There’s a post-atomic blast from the past. Lovely old Michael Hordern.

  • Just in time for the fallout miniatures game…..

    • ZeeLobby

      Can’t wait. Seems so far off though, haha. We also have no clue what kind of game it is.

      • Walter Vining

        if you are following their facebook page you do 😉

        • ZeeLobby

          Tell me Facebooker! (I avoid facebook like the plague, have been happy ever since :D)

          • Walter Vining

            i cant. its exclusive to there. your going to have to come back to hell to find out.
            or you could register for their emails. 😉

  • piglette

    Seems to be growing well.

  • Nastia Kazanceva

    Wow!!! Thank you for your support, guys!!! That is so cool!!! ^_^