Privateer: Designing Lord Ghyrrshyld, the Forgiven

Privateer takes you through the process of bring Ghyrrshyld to the tabletop.

Goreshade has been restored by the goddess and has joined his house again. His new incarnation requires a new design – removing him from the undead Cryx and putting him back into the land of the living. Last week art director Mike Vaillancourt walked us through the process of bringing Lord Ghyrrshyld, the Forgiven to life. This week Doug Hamilton explains turning the new art into a 3D model…

When I heard Goreshade was returning to Ios and joining the Retribution of Scyrah, I was beyond excited. I immediately started pestering Art Director Mike Vaillancourt and Studio Director Ron Kruzie for the art. Naturally, I wanted this sculpt assigned to me—I’d worked regularly on Retribution models as well as a handful of Cryx over the last few years. This was going to be a big deal and I wanted to be part of it!

My first look at the concept by artist Johan Grenier was exciting. I could see this legendary warrior overlooking the field of battle. His pose was commanding and poised yet withered (though not quite as withered as his Cryx version).

My job was to bring Ghyrrshyld to life (sorry, Scyrah, but we each have our place in this story), and I really wanted him to have the feel of being there to dominate the battlefield. His pose was going to be about presence, not action, and this needed to be conveyed in the sculpt. I also wanted him to match the feel of the art in that, despite his return, he had a worn look.

The rest of the sculpt would have a classic feel: his cloak flapping and, of course, Nyssor in hand.

I hope the Retribution of Scyrah players are as excited about Ghyrrshyld and his return as I am, and I hope the Cryx players are not too disappointed about losing him. (Did I mention I am working on new Cryx stuff?) Working on such an iconic figure of the Iron Kingdoms was really a privilege. It’s a poorly kept secret that I favor Retribution as my WARMACHINE Faction, so you can imagine how that passion has made it even tougher to not talk about this project, especially as I’m active with the Retribution players on social media.

But finally I can say it: enjoy Lord Ghyrrshyld, the Forgiven.


The final model will be available in stores on the Privateer web store in June:

  • Stephen Koch

    Honestly it’s models like this though that keep me from playing the game

    • Txabi Etxebarrieta

      Retribution in general, or this model in particular?

    • Daniel Enos

      This. I randomly see a sculpt that looks really good but most of the PP mini’s just look bad.

      • marxlives

        Getting a regular eye exam is very important. And not living under bridges.

        • Daniel Enos

          Rabid fanboy is rabid.

          Models – Mediocre with a few very beautiful models mixed in.

          Mechanics – Tight in some places and convoluted or just plain garbage in others.

          Community – Toxic, rabid fanboys. Just look at the PP official forums.

          Community Involvement – See above.

          Price point – No better than other similar games.

          Lore – No better than at least one other game.

          CID – laughable, You’re play testing their game for them, most companies pay people to do this. also, when the grymkin dev ignores requests because “mah baby”

          Living FAQ – Wouldn’t need to be living if Mk3 was released when it was ready and oh those tight mechanics. Ask a Cryx player why it took over a year to address banes.

          Unique Cosmology – Ugly / bland sculpts.

          RPG Support – Big whoop.

          Magazine – haha. When was the last time you looked at a white dwarf.

          Yeah, you’re cramming all that PP goo down your throat.

          • ZeeLobby

            Lol. I can see where you’re coming from for most, but the CID is pretty solid. Most companies have feedback loops from the community at this point. From GW down to Kickstarter startups. I mean heck, the community wrote the Generals Handbook, and we’ll write the 40K’s equivalent as well. The CID also has a much more structured and clinical feedback process than spamming a fast ok page.

            No quarter is also a solid mag. It has a lot of DIY terrain guides and stories that old White Dwarf used to have. I think it’s hilarious that now that they rolled the four thin sales mags into one big sales mags all is right with the world again.

          • Daniel Enos

            CID might be a good thing. Only one cycle is done that i’m aware of and that faction hasn’t been released. So who knows what last minute changes may or may not happen because that dev wants to protect his baby.

            And I had no issue with No Quarter. But the New Dwarf is no longer just a running advertisement.

          • ZeeLobby

            True. But any community feedback is a plus. As a fan of GW I’m sure you’re much happier that they’re doing anything with us now than they ever have in the past. I mean they don’t have to, and neither does PP. Bashing companies for taking consumer feedback is something a consumer should never do, lol.

            And it’s still pretty close. They have added rules and scenarios (something PP has done since it’s inception of NQ). They’re still missing the fiction and hobby they used to have. Everything in each issue is 100% focused on that months releases. NQ always has articles concerning factions that haven’t even had a recent release. It’s not a sales mag in it’s entirety, but it’s pretty close. it’s on par with the monthly WDs that came out before they went to the thin weeklys, and those were pretty meh.

          • Snord

            You left out the fact that the aesthetics of the models are still stuck in the 90s. This one got worse with each step in the design process.

          • Daniel Enos

            Actually, that right there might be my issue with them. They aren’t garbage.

            They’re just very dated. I’m looking at my satyxis raiders and they’re just……


    • marxlives

      I know the with some many awesome looking models, it sucks to be spoiled by choice. Sucks to fall in love with a game with tight mechanics, solid sculpts, heavy community involvement by the company, reasonable price point, ever evolving lore, CID, a living FAQ, a unique cosmology, a bunch of rpg support, an magazine that is not just a living advertisement and is jam packed with lore and tutorials, and a unique aesthetic.

  • marxlives

    Vyros and Ghyrrshyld on the same photo page, suprised they have not killed each other over the whole…history thing.