REVIEW: Gekido Bot Battles from CMON

Pick a bot and battle in the arena in this fast paced game with great art and fantastic minis.

In the future, underground bot battles are the world’s most popular sport. Gekido is the pinnacle arena, attracting champions from all over the world. It takes skill, timing, and flawless execution if you want to walk out of Gekido with your pride, and your robot, intact.

Gekido: Bot Battles – $64.99

The Basics:

  • 2-4 players
  • Ages 14+ (10+ for kids that play tabletop games regularly)
  • 30 minutes play time

In the Box:

  • Bot Control Panels
  • Arena Tiles
  • 28 Structure Dice
  • 6 Programming Dice
  • 18 Target Lock Tokens
  • 46 Tech Cards
  • 6 Pre-Painted Bots
  • 1 Rulebook


The game is played as a series of bouts between up to 4 bots. Players commend of a bot – every bot has it’s own special capabilities and skills, which players can modify using tech cards and arena tiles. Build up difficult attacks for max damage, but be careful because failed attacks can backfire. The aim: to wipe out the competition.

Each turn starts with players making an Attack Command for their bot by rolling five Command Dice and declaring their attack based on the roll. Players can make their attack more difficult through 2 more dice rolls. Executing an attack successfully can earn players Tech Cards that allow the ability to change dice results for max damage, and defend bots against attacks. The arena also plays a big part in crafting a battle strategy – tiles have effects that can be used instead of tech cards.

Check Out the Rules

The game pieces are really high quality we’ve come to expect from CMON titles – vibrant colors and great details that add to the fun of the game. There’s a lot of potential strategies players can use to best their opponents, which makes it very re-playable. It’s an easy one to pick up, as well. It took a round for us to get the base mechanics down and get into battle mode.

I’d say it’s a decent game for older elementary aged kids that are familiar playing board games, and can pick up on rule sets. Might take a few extra rounds to pick up, but it would prove to be fun for the right kiddo.

Only compliant I have is getting Overclock (the big yellow guy) back into the box upside down (see video). Great position for showing off the minis to potential buyers, not so much for regular use.

Dig bots, anime style, and fast paced strategy games? Gikedo is for you.

  • Kinsman

    and CMoN will then give us mediocre support for the game over the next 2 years til the game fades away or dies. The CMoN way :/

    • Ryan Busby

      Which game(s) are they doing that to?