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The Devil is in the details. And also in the latest horror film RPG book from 4Saken Cinema.

4Saken Cinema is an indie RPG that aims at exploring the world of horror Cinema. Based on the 4C system for superhero roleplaying, 4Saken Cinema from Rogue Genius Games (by way of Paizo) gives you the tools you need to expand into a surprising amount of horror and horror-adjacent genres of campaign for you and your friends. It’s truly cinematic roleplaying, aiming to recreate the feel of movies rather than the grittier horror type RPGs out there–which I think is a fantastic way to bring newer players into the fold. It’s a wonderful party game and even better as a campaign.

Good…bad…I’m the guy with the game.

Well now, you can get even more crunchy horror goodness by taking a good hard look at devil/demonic possession horror. You know, Devil Films. Check it out below, or check out the 4Saken Cinema Rulebook here.

via Paizo/Rogue Genius Games

4Saken Cinema: Devil Films$4.99

The 4Saken rulebook contains enough material to get a group up and running, but there is so much more horror to cover. Ways to expand that foundation with new rules and options which many gamers enjoy. More importantly is an opportunity to examine in detail all the ways horror changes from story to story, sub-genre to sub-genre. A movie about Satanic possession differs greatly from a television series focusing on a lone female defender of humanity. Nailing down these details can help a Director elevate a franchise, bringing extra fun and scares the players. So with 4Saken Cinema, we’re going to focus on each of the areas found under the banner of horror.

Why start with Devil Films?
Before we had horror stories in our books, comics, movies, television and (most important for us here) gaming, we had the storytellers around the fires. They recited their tales to teach others important lessons, or warn them of dangers, and of course to entertain. Even in these oldest tales there lurked a dark whispering presence from the Underworld spreading deceit and treachery. So why not start with one of the oldest enemies of humanity?

~Who’s brave enough to give it a try?

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