Runewars: Ankaur Maro & The Death Knights

Fantasy Flight Games previews 2 more unit expansions for the Waiqar – The Hero Ankaur Maro & the Death Knights!

Tapping into the Dark Arts of Necromancy Ankaur Maro is a powerful wizard who relies on the ancient magics of Terrinoth to assail his foes.

Ankaur Maro’s ranged attack is potent, but it also requires unstable energy runes on the field to reach it’s full potential.

But don’t count him out if he happens to get a ton of stable energy tokens – he can add full trays of infantry units to the field at the price of taking wounds equal to the number of trays he adds. It’s quite a powerful ability, but it comes with a price…

Fortunately, he also has ways of restoring his own health. Combine with his defense of 2 and he’s more durable than first glances would have you think.

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Both Maro’s melee and ranged attacks can be modified by two hit symbols, a surge, or a mortal strike, allowing players to adjust Ankaur Maro’s attacks to what is most helpful in the current situation. Low defense targets can be devastated with additional hits, the high defense of stronger targets can be pierced with the mortal strike, and the surge can be used to help Ankaur Maro recover or fuel an upgrade. Whatever you choose, Ankaur Maro is sure to prove himself as a worthy servant of Waiqar.

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Backing up this new caster is a new unit of cavalry for the undead forces of the Waiqar: The Death Knights!

These undead riders know nothing of fear or the other weaknesses of the flesh. They do not need to eat, drink, or sleep. Fatigue is a long lost memory to these Death Knights. Once they have your scent, they will hunt you down and claim you as a meal for their vampiric steeds! Sounds like fun.


These Death Knights are down-right nasty. First off, when defending they subtract 1 mortal strike right off the bat. You better be able to penetrate their defense of 3 if you hope to take these Doomriders out. On the flip side of the attack, when on the offensive they have the Impact keyword – this provides them with an extra bump in combat by giving their target additional Panic Tokens equal to the number of Stable Magic tokens on the field.

Once in combat, they also have pretty devastating swing with 2 reds and a blue dice. That’s some pretty hard hitting undead! And just to add some icying to that deadly cake they have the Steadfast [Fear] Keyword, too – this allows them to treat fear cards as having 1 additional morale icon making them harder to break.


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The Death Knights’ command tool features four different march actions at various speeds and initiatives. The Death Knights can take the initiative early in the round with a speed-one march or close great distances with a speed-three march later in the round. Every one of these actions can be modified with an additional speed-two march, meaning the Death Knights can quickly close the distance between themselves and their foes.”

Learn more about the Death Knights HERE

Both of these new additions will be available in the Third Quarter of 2017 – Prepare for the undead assault while you can…

Ankaur Maro Hero Expansion $24.95

Few names inspire fear in the citizens of Terrinoth like Ankaur Maro. As a young wizard studying at the Universities of Greyhaven, he quickly became known for his great skill and even greater ambition. This drive and disregard for boundares in pursuit of power became his undoing,  Ankaur Maro was expelled from Greyhaven and disgraced. Not one to be deterred, Maro soon found himself in the inner circle of dark sorcerers, where he learned the secrets of flesh and blood and bone and death. Maro has found a new home in the service of Waiqar the Undying, his powerful dark magic a beacon of strength for the undying legion.

The Ankaur Maro Hero Expansion comes with two Ankaur Maro figures for the Waiqar in the form of cavalry and infantry versions, as well as six upgrade cards, four for use with any army and two exclusively for Ankaur Maro.

Seek ultimate power, raise the dead and overwhelm your opponent with mystic arts with the Ankaur Maro Hero Expansion.

Death Knights Unit Expansion $24.95

Relentless and devoid of mercy, the Death Knights of Waiqar the Undying serve their master with vicious efficiency. Riding on the fore of an endless army of the undead, the Death Knights are the first sight the enemies of Waiqar witness in battle, as well as the last thing they see before suffering a brutal death.

The Death Knights Unit Expansion features four Death Knight figures and two Plastic Cavalry Movement Trays as well as five upgrade cards to customize your Runewars Miniatures Game armies. The expansion also includes panic, stun, and unit ID Tokens as well as a new condition card and token, for use with a new upgrade included with the Death Knights.


So the Death Knights are like The Terminator, but on undead vampire-steeds? Perfect…

  • Thornoo1

    He synergises well with Ardus who can “borrow” surge abilities to now heal himself.

  • Earl Tower

    I guess I’ll have to give this a go. Now that I am being priced out of the Warhammer 40K hobby, I need a new game.

    • Huntard

      It’s good, really good and needs all the traction it can get.

  • Duncan Harradine

    I’ve not been as exited about a miniatures game as this one in a long time .
    Such a fun characterful game
    Can’t recomend enough

  • surfpenguin

    Not too keen on the rules per se, but those models? So tempting!