Runewars: Daqan Lords Get Ranged Support

Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new Heavy Crossbow Unit for the Daqan Lords in Runewars!

The Heavy Crossbowmen are coming in Q3 of 2017 to bring some much needed ranged support to the battlefield. When Runewars launched earlier this year, folks had noticed that there were a few gaps in the line up for the two starting factions. We already heard about quite a few unit expansions and a new faction on the way. Now Fantasy Flight Games has pulled the covers back about a new unit taking the field: The Heavy Crossbowmen of the Daqan Lords.

via Fantasy Flight Games

The Heavy Crossbowmen Unit Expansion comes with eight Heavy Crossbowmen Plastic Figures and two plastic infantry movement trays, allowing players to add a two-tray unit to their Daqan Lords forces in battles for Terrinoth.

These crossbowmen will certainly bring a ranged threat to the tabletop. With the ability to ensure a surge on the attack they will have a fairly reliable way to pull off their two surge unit ability.

Adding a Mortal Strike to their attacks at range 1-3 just might punch through those tough units that need to go away. And while they might not be the best in close combat, they won’t let you down with at least 1 guaranteed hit from their command wheel.

These ranged attackers are just want the Daqan Lords ordered. They are quick and mobile and are a going to fill that ranged void in the army list. Having a unit or two of these Crossbowmen will hopefully allow players to soften up a target before one of those devastating charges happen. If nothing else, I’m sure those Spearmen will enjoy the covering fire!

Heavy Crossbowmen Unit Expansion $24.95

Paragons of disciplined training and wielders of some of the most sophisticated military weaponry available, the heavy crossbowmen of the Daqan Baronies represent one of the greatest defensive forces in Terrinoth. Armed with specially designed bulwark shields and heavy crossbows, these warriors can withstand even the fiercest hail of enemy fire while unleashing their own torrent of death.

The Heavy Crossbowmen Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game comes with eight Heavy Crossbowmen plastic figures and two plastic infantry movement trays, allowing players to add a two-tray unit to their Daqan Lords forces in battles for Terrinoth. Additional tokens and five upgrade cards allow you to expand your Runewars Miniatures Game collection while customizing your armies!


You can never have too many crossbowmen – I like fighting in the shade!

  • Hahboo

    Anybody want to report on their experience with Rune Wars so far? It seems like an interesting way to scratch the line battles itch

    • Severius_Tolluck

      Curious myself. Not sure I like the card purchase system so looks like no proxying figures, or at least it would be I mean it does seem to share components with x-wing / armada a little bit.

      • Old zogwort

        Well you could proxy just as you can perfectly proxy X-wing stuff. Just print out the cards / dials and use your old WFB miniatures and moment trays. I haven’t tried it jet but it sure looks like a fun way to use my old armies.

      • ZeeLobby

        Yeah, most people I’ve seen playing don’t care if you print stuff out, etc.

        That said, they’ve stated that you won’t have to buy any other factions boxes to get cards. All relevant card upgrades will be in your faction boxes.

    • Gridloc

      Its fun, it feels very much like xwing/armanda where the templates help keep movement clean. The dial system makes planning your actions critical, do you go for charge at longer range but higher initiative number (so later in round) or do you think they will charge you at lower number and you choose your lower abilities with defense. it uses color dice like armada, and damage is easily figured out and keeps game going quick.

      Played at FLGS last night and we did a 150 pt game (starter is 100 pts, and standard games will probably be 200) took us about hour. Rules like xwing/armada take a few minutes to learn, but the depth of the game is much deeper. Limited units as only starter is out and next wave on 18th will add some variety but much like xwing/armada may be a few waves in before really picksup steam.

      All in all, it has that rank and file style game with Wow’isk like models that fast and fun. FFG does great job with tournaments and events and expect no different with this game. on top of keeping game balanced.

    • BaboonKing

      The game is fun and plays fast, while still providing meaningful tactical choices and depth. The sculpts are fine (not GW level, but nice enough). What it needs is a bigger unit roster and more factions, but they are working on it.

    • Agent OfBolas

      It’s from FFG so … quite cheap to entry but ultra expensive to get competetive. Just like with any other game.

      • ZeeLobby

        I’d hardly call it ultra-expensive. They at least didn’t model it be identical to X-Wing’s system.

    • ZeeLobby

      Played just the starter and I thought it was a blast. I really missed the R&F combat of Warhammer fantasy (and the low fantasy aesthetics) and this does a great job scratching that itch. Games are fast, mechanics are simple, and upgrades add a lot of diversity. The models look great when painted well (see Sorastro on YouTube), and are easier to paint than a lot of the high detail stuff, but still looks good.

      I’d say the biggest issue right now is lack of diversity, both in and outside factions. I have a feeling the game will be in a much stronger place a year from now, when all 4 core factions have dropped. I’m honestly shocked they didn’t wait, but it might do alright til then. The card combinations add a lot.