Sly Marbo Returns – With Rules!

Everyone’s favorite guardsman and two Imperial Assassins arrive in Shadow War Armagaddon – you need to see these rules!

OH yes, you’ve been stalking through the underhives of Armageddon wighting with your Kill Teams. But GW intel says to watch out becase there are REAL predators sighted on planet…

Sly Marbo

Sly Marbo, the ‘One Man Army’, is a Catachan guardsman who doesn’t belong to a regiment. Feared by the enemies of the Imperium for sniping skills that would rival a Vindicare Assassin and survival skills greater than most Space Marines. He has been known to take on entire enemy forces, striking fear into any who threaten Catachan and the Imperium.

He’s got some nasty poison on his knife.

Vindicare Assassin

The Vindicare Assassins specialise in vengeance and revenge killings. They make use of a specially designed, long-range Sniper Rifle called the Exitus Rifle. The Vindicare Assassin brings inglorious death to the Emperor‘s enemies with a Sniper‘s bullet. Vindicare Assassins have been known to wait in a position for as long as two weeks before taking a shot. Many rebellions and cults have been ended with one, perfect shot from a Vindicare’s rifle.

He can’t move and fire – but when he does…


Eversor Assassin

Eversor Assassins are the most gruesome products of the Officio Assassinorum. They are drug crazed killing monsters, enhanced by bio-engineering and experimental surgical procedures. Their state of mind is amplified to turn a mere dislike for the enemy into raging hatred, or the wish to serve the Imperium into suicidal determination. Their main objective on the battlefield is to rip out the heart of an enemy operation in the most unsubtle way. By slaughtering all enemies in the vicinity they ensure the command structure is entirely destroyed.

Someone drinks a gallon of coffee before every mission. All overwatch all the time…


GW has new rules for solo missions involding one extremely badass making his way through the dark depts of Shadow War Armageddon. You get rules forth both Imperial Assassins and the man the legend – John Rambo.. um I mean Sly Marbo. Grab these three sets of rules and full rules and missions here:

Solo Heroes Rules (GW, PDF)

Solo Play Mission Rules (GW, PDF)

~What other super heroes should visit Armageddon? I want to see The Red Terror myself…


  • Angry Panda

    “Feared by the enemies of the Imperium for sniping skills that would rival a Vindicare Assassin…”

    comparing their BS on their profiles, I think it’s clear which is much better….

    • Gooberbaby

      Fellow guardsmen exaggerate his prowess. Sort of like a Chuck Norris thing…

      • AdeptusAstartes

        You don’t exaggerate Chuck Norris’ prowess, Chuck Norris’ prowess exaggerates you!

  • Marco Marantz

    cmon ive seen the movies…Marbo should be S,T 4 with an endless sequels special rule whereby you cant actually kill him.

  • Stealthbadger

    Does anyone know the kit bash components for Marbo. Looks like catachan in the main but cant find the sword arm or head?

    • Rainthezangoose

      I legs I think are from a tank commander, I used them to make regimental advisors, the head from a cadian sgt I think, the rest is catatch, exect for that knife. Thats from the orginal Marbo model. Great big ugly thing that was.

    • Gavin Kisebach

      That sword arm is two parts from different Catachan arms ( plus the tassle isn’t original to that sword) and I believe that pistol arm is a rebuild as well; the original doesn’t allow for it to hang down like that. The head is a Space Marine Devastator bare head bit. I can get you a parts list if you like.

      • Gavin Kisebach

        THe body, of course, is from the Catachan command sprue, but I think you knew that.

      • Stealthbadger

        Thanks both, a parts list would be great if not too much too trouble.

        • Rainthezangoose

          just google marbo model, It is from the orignal OOP, the sword i mean.

  • Johaad

    Glad to see the support. This is the in current game in the 40k setting that has my full attention. Now I hope they will make lists that let me use chaos daemons, or even other tyranids like lictors and normal genestealers as crews. Its a great way to get people into the hobby. I have several friends with 0 interest in 40k, even in 8th, that have all picked up multiple GW kits and have been having a blast rolling dice. Please GW dont let this be a one-off release and forgotten.

  • Rainthezangoose

    On the topic of marbo, GW need to rerealase the catachan troops and heavy weapons sprues to match the quality of the command squad sculpts like 5 years ago. SERIOUSLY they are probably the uglest models they sell ATM and the fact that the command squad models look so great is salt grinded in the wounds. Id probably collect a force if they did, and I already own 3000pts of imperial guard that are modeled like heretics.

    • dave long island

      Preach it, brother!

  • Martin Cann

    ‘Live… for Chaos…or die… for the Emperor…’

  • Chris Hateley

    So we’re just getting no new models for this game whatsoever, right? Awesome…

  • Senexis

    What’s wrong with your website? It’s consistently slow to respond, and routinely spools up to over 1GB of memory use. Is it all the crap you’ve got running in sidebars and margins and over content, or is there something else going on?