Tabletop Crowdfunding Round-Up: May 23rd

Aztec armies, Orcish raiders, and rival necromancers- Come check out this week’s batch of Kickstarter highlights!


Pictured above: Going Native, Clash of Rage, and Sine Tempore.

Sine Tempore by Ludus Magnus Studio

Sine Tempore is a co-operative miniatures board game by Ludus Magnus Studio. This new game refines many of the core mechanics found in developer’s previous game, Nova Aetas, but brings the action to a sci-fi setting. Each player controls an upgradable hero as part of a colonial expedition to the planet Primevus V. Unfortunately, this otherwise pristine planet is occupied by a savage race of aliens that use it to prepare young warriors for a life of space piracy. Model activation is handled through a dynamic system called Momentum that can alter activation order based on the current conditions of the battle. Enemy objectives are equally fluid, and don’t always devolve into the monsters simply trying to eliminate all the heroes to win. The base game of Sine Tempore is $99, while the $139 pledge also includes a Kickstarter exclusive expansion.

Ravage by Beardy Brothers

Ravage is a dungeon crawling board game where the players control a band of orcs. Players choose from one of the four suitably orc-y character classes and embark on a quest for loot and teef. The dungeon is built as you go by drawing tile cards, and there are 8 potential quests that the orcs can attempt to complete. Additionally, you can have a fifth player control the dungeon’s monsters and traps as the Overlord. Game modes include Solo, Adventure, and the PVP-focused Treachery mode where the orcs fight amongst themselves to steal the best loot. You can get your copy for £30/$39.

Rise of the Necromancers by Sore Loser Games

Rise of the Necromancers is another humorous board game that lets players be the bad guys. Up to five players control an aspiring necromancer struggling to become the supreme leader of all that is dead and decaying. Players travel across the game board, looking for dark tomes and ancient artifacts to enhance their power. Over time, players will raise an undead army, take on apprentices, and conquer cities and dungeons to expand their empire of rot. Become the headmaster of one of the four necromancer academies, or try to bend all to your will as the first necromancer lord. Pledges start at $59.

WHISPER by Brandon Keith Fero

Brandon Fero is a long-time gamer that is currently working with Impact! Miniatures to bring his first line of mecha miniatures to market. The plan is to eventually create a game based on the fiction he has written for his WHISPER sci-fi setting, but for now he is just offering some cool mecha miniatures inspired by popular franchises like Gundam and Heavy Gear. The line includes four mechs so far, with a few variants made using optional parts. Each resin miniature is around 47mm tall and designed to be used with 10mm miniatures, but there’s nothing stopping you from using them in larger scale games. The minis are $15 each, with discounted bundles available for buying multiple miniatures.

Manhattan Project 2 by Minion Games

The hit board game of nuclear annihilation is back with the standalone sequel Minutes to Midnight. The world has been locked in the Cold War for nearly two decades, and all of the major powers are scrambling to build the strongest nuclear arsenal. Control your nation’s nuclear weapons program and develop the “Nuclear Triad” of land, sea, and air delivery systems. Create anti-missile systems to protect your nation, and project your power across the world by establishing bases on foreign soil and deploying nuclear submarines. Physical copies start at $59.

Going Native by Paymaster Games

Paymaster Games has returned to Kickstarter with another campaign to expand their range of fantasy miniatures inspired by Native American and Polynesian tribes. The line features a wide range of warriors, war chiefs, and heroes that would work equally well in historical and fantasy games, but the highlights are definitely the gods and mythological beasts. The campaign doesn’t feature any specific bundles, but instead just lets you buy whatever models you want.

War of the Nine Realms by Wotan Games

War of the Nine Realms is a tile-based skirmish board game where up to four players lead their armies to victory during Ragnarök. Each of the realms consists of an army made up of various Norse heroes, all with their own unique sets of skills and abilities. War of the Nine Realms features two play styles that change the way you control your faction, but are balanced to be played together. Heroic Style is simpler and focuses more on raw power, making it perfect for new players. Epic Style, however, gives your heroes more complex special rules and greater tactical flexibility. A single copy of War of the Nine Realms costs £40/$52.

Clash of Rage by La boîte de jeu

Finally we come to Clash of Rage, a skirmish board game packed full of plastic miniatures. The elves have ruled the land for time immemorial, but now their power is waning. The various minor clans of the realm have been preparing for this moment, and are ready to bring an end to the elven empire. Raise an army and pillage the remaining elven cities for the resources you need to establish the world’s next great dynasty. Forge powerful artifacts to give your armies an edge in combat, and hire heroes to lead your clan to victory. Clash of Rage supports four players by default, but you can add a fifth by purchasing the Kickstarter exclusive Kkran clan. Grab your copy for €85/$93.

Check out some of these other interesting campaigns while you’re browsing Kickstarter:

  • The card-driven, MOBA-inspired competitive board game ELO Darkness.
  • A range of metal and resin chibi monster miniatures by Impact! Miniatures.
  • The re-launch of AEGIS, a skirmish board game about transformable, combining robots.
  • A casual dice game adaptation of the video game Zombie Tsunami.
  • A Tercios fantasy football team by El Kraken Released.

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