Tabletop Gallery: “One Ring to Rule Them All”

Who remembers this one? 

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  • Jonas Skinner

    I actually have many of the LOTR and Shadow World modules in the basement. the D100 systems was so much fun!

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      we were hardcore MERP until 1 Ring came out, now we just love it and play it for earlier era’s!

    • euansmith

      The critical hit and fumble tables were a lot of fun… unless they were being applied to your character 😉

  • dave long island

    “One Ring to Rule Them All”… Pfffttttt… Don’t put pressure on that one ring or anything… lol

  • Hawt Dawg

    One of my favorite RPGs of all time.

  • euansmith

    They had loads of lovely Angus McBride artwork on the covers.

    However MERP itself always annoyed me with its magic. In the original books there is very little magic. What magic there is is either in the hands of powerful creatures (the “wizards” are the type of creatures as the Balrogs) or is linked to places of power (like when Glorfindel summons the waters at the Ford of Bruinen in Rivendel).

    In the RPG every Tom, Dick and Hobbit had access to spell lists.

    • bobrunnicles

      IIRC the magic was typically underpowered compared to a lot of other rpg systems of the day though. I don’t remember it being a big deal back when I played even though initially I thought the same thing.

      • Jonas Skinner

        I agree, once we move from MERP to Rolemaster, magic became a whole new ballgame.

  • elwin charpentier

    Good old times !
    The rules werent bad, but sometimes a bit frustrating (only one attack by round) and not very respectful of the background (mage everywhere :p). In France we had a very good amateur RPG years ago wich included very good twist of the Tolkien age in the rules (“Tiers age” for french readers).
    Middle Earth is a fascinating world, but so hard to play.

  • AircoolUK

    MERP – the introduction to the fantastic Rolemaster.

    Then, if you were lucky enough to actually have a copy, the even more awesome Space Master; one hell of a game that…

    • bobrunnicles

      I still have something like 17-18 books from Spacemaster in the closet, including the three boxed sets. I don’t think it’s everything they did for the game but I think it’s pretty close. Awesome Chris Foss art on some of the module covers iirc.

      • Jonas Skinner

        I’ve got the Spacemaster capital ship rules in the basement somewhere

  • I played in a MERP campaign. It was really fun, and I’ll always keep my copies on the shelf.

    If anyone wants to play a cleaned-up version of the MERP system try HARP (also by ICE).

    • Jonas Skinner

      I have a few HARP books. It seemed to be Rolemaster light. That’s not a bad thing because RM became to unwieldy towards the end