Tabletop Spotlight: Kharadron Overlord Skyriggers & More

The new Kharadon Overlord’s new heroes and Elite Skyriggers have arrived – come check out the last batch of sky pirates!

Our buddies at Dragon’s Lair Comics & Fantasy have brought over a brand new batch of Kharadron Overlords from Games Workshop. Today’s Tabletop Spotlight is on the Skyriggers box and two new heroes: the Aether-Khemists and Endrinmaster.

This is the final batch of Kharadron Overlords and Games Workshop has managed to carry the theme though all the weeks of releases. The Skyriggers box contains two different options for the box of 3 – you can create the Skywardens or Endrinriggers. Both of these units do slightly different things. The Skywardens are arguably the more offensive option. They bring some larger firepower options and can pack a punch with their sky-pikes. The Endrinriggers add in the option to heal a SKYVESSEL unit within 1″ or one they are embarked on for 1 wound during the of the Hero Phase.

Plus both units can “attach” themselves to friend SKYVESSLE units and not count towards the overburdened rule. That means you could have a ship disgorge a pretty powerful batch of these units all at once.

Skyriggers $40

Skywardens are elite members of the Arkanaut crews, a form of aerial cavalry that can scramble to aid the fleets. They use potent, heat-generating vulcaniser pistols to fell foes before lowering their skypikes and charging in to finish them off. Each Skywarden is equipped with skymines for harrying flying foes, and a timed explosive. These charges are the perfect weapon to aid the Skywardens’ hit-and-run attacks, for their delayed detonations cause chaos among the foe, allowing the duardin to jet away in a blast of aether-exhaust.


The Endrinmaster is the hero I’ve been most interested to see. You can read his rules HERE – but I really like his “Supercharged Harness” rule which allows him to up his damage from D3 to just a straight 3 for his hammer attacks. That the potential to drop 9 damage on a unit in a round. I would NOT want to get in a slugfest with him!

Endrinmaster $25

Endrinmasters are senior members of the Endrineers Guild responsible for the upkeep of the fleets, and they take great pride in the speed and firepower of the craft under their auspices. They can strip down and reassemble an aether-endrin while hanging upside down miles above land, and pick out a single misalignment amidst thousands of moving cogs using a mechanical intuition that other races might call magic.

The Aether-Khemist is last up, but certainly not least! His weapon does 3d6 shots with a 4+/4+ and has a -2 Rend! That’s nothing to sneeze at. He also offers some unique buffs/debuffs to models. You can read his full rules HERE – I like what he can do and I think creative players will be able to put him to good use.

Aether-Khemist $25

An Aether-Khemist is an invaluable addition to an airfleet. The armour of these specialists incorporates an array of high-tech tools, including quadbreather apparatus that allows them to sniff out aether-gold hidden within thick cloud banks. In addition to harvesting and assessing airborne resources, their atmospheric anatomisers can vacuum away a foe’s breathable air or spray a cloud of lethal chemicals. Pressurised gouts of poison gas can be fired forwards in a deafening blast known as the ‘Roar of Grungni’, or a shimmering golden cloud of chemfog can be released with the pull of a lever, a metallic fug that boosts the power of nearby aetheric weapons.

Overall, the Kharadron Overlords have a been an excellent addition to the game and this roll-out has been relatively smooth. All the units should be available in your FLGS so what are you waiting for – Go check them out!


Watch out for that Aether-Khemist, he’s been packing in the Aether-Beans and will knock you out with his might arsenal!

  • frank

    So sky riggers are 83$ us for the three not 40$

  • euansmith

    Do you remember, back in the day, when the Kharadon Overlords would have been a big deal for weeks, rather than being swamped in overlapping waves of new releases? I miss last year.

  • AircoolUK

    Great… now I’m stuck trying to remember which cartoon character the chap on the left sounds like.