The emperor’s beard #224: The reason he never laughs in public

Poor, long-suffering Alfred.

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The emperor’s beard

  • euansmith

    I thought it was just that Konrad Curze was a terminally grumpy bugger.

  • zemlod

    Please reconsider some of your ads! My phone keeps being hijacked by some site telling me i've wo this or that, vibrating crazily and not letting me return to bols. Only thing i can do is shutdown and restart the internet app.

    Seriously. Either you fix this or I'm blocking ads altogether.

    • LeroyJenkinss

      Ads for the emperor! You are a heretic!

      • LeroyJenkinss

        I’m fine with then having ads. It’s how they make money so they can keep feeding our addiction. Some are annoying but it’s the price we pay to keep the site free instead of having a monthly charge.

    • batthemadbat

      Had the same problem with BOLS. Now I’m using Opera mini, works just fine.

    • Wolf-Assassin

      ive had the same problem

    • Commissar Molotov

      Be careful where you place your thumb when you scroll or close offending ads – I find it’s the ads at the edge of the page that are the problem. Don’t touch ’em!

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