ToyLand: Lego Apollo Saturn V Rocket

Blast off to the Moon – this kit is a must buy for any NASA fan.

The Saturn V is the largest rocket NASA ever produced – it carried the Apollo 11 to the moon in 1969. And now you can build it for yourself. Lego Ideas user Saabfun submitted the design a year ago, it got the votes needed, and after a little tweaking it’s ready for market.

It will be available in stores on June 1st.

NASA Apollo Saturn V$120.00

  • 1,969 pieces
  • Ages 14+
  • Approximately 1:110 scale – over 39″ tall
  • Separates into S-IC, S-II, and S-IVB rocket stages
  • Includes Apollo Lunar Lander, part of the Command Module, and 2 astronaut minifigs


It comes with stands, so you can display it like it NASA displays the full sized versions around the country.

Got an idea for a new kit? Submit it – if it gets the votes you’ll get 1% of the profit.

  • Sorien

    In before “It’s a faaaaaake”.

    • orionburn

      Total fake. You can’t see any stars in the background!!!

      I’m never going to get my head wrapped around the cost of Lego kits (yes, I know pricing tends to change after 30+ years…lol) but this is one I would actually cave to. That’s pretty freaking sweet.

  • Jennifer Burdoo

    1969 pieces is very appropriate.

    That said, I prefer toys to display pieces, and would rather have the full set of mission vehicles (Command module, service module and LM) to show any point in the mission I wish. With the full fledged rocket, this would require a miniature LM beneath the CSM at the top, and a silver CM to go under the white escape system – then you could play through all stages of launch and flight. Or with the more detailed LM, I’d prefer a fully detailed CSM to go with it, that could be docked or undocked. With what is shown, you could reproduce the last few hours of Apollo 13 (CM docked to LM), the lunar landing and liftoff, and the launch itself – nothing in between.

    That said, the detail, especially on the LM, is fantastic.

  • Snord

    My wife wants one of these for her desk…I don’t think she realises how big it is, Still, I’m not discouraging her. Hopefully I get to build it.

  • petrow84

    Considering, that Poe Dameron’s X-wing is $80 RRP, this set is pretty well priced at $120.