ToyLand: Hasbro Announces Asgard 5 Fig Pack

The new Marvel Legends Battle for Asgard allows you to recreate legendary battles between the Nine Realms!

Jane Foster and her fellows from Asgard are getting a grand showing at SDCC with this massive set. Get a look at that package art!

Marvel Legends Battle for Asgard$99.99

via Hasbro:

This mighty set comes in premium packaging with original artwork by Tyler Jacobson, and includes 6-inch scale MALEKITH, MARVEL’S BOR, ULIK, MARVEL’S ODINSON, and THOR figures. Each figure features multiple points of articulation, premium design, and character-inspired sword and hammer accessories.

The pack will be for sale at SDCC 2017 Booth #3329, and a limited number will be available on for those of us who stay home.

  • uatu13

    Yay, now I can make my Lady Thor figure lecture Ulik about being a misogynist! What fun!.