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Hear the word about the latest licensed GW products including video and role-playing games.

That’s right friends, Warhammer Fest is around the corner–and we’ll be sure to see plenty of totally sweet minis as the Fest is upon us. But for now we’re here to talk about something inspired by those minis. Something that helps to bring the world they inhabit to life in new ways. Yup, it’s time to talk about Licensed Products.

Real talk though, I would eat 40K the Breakfast Cereal…

There’s a whole “licensing pavillion” awaiting folks attending Warhammer Fest this year. There you’ll find everything from board games, to video games, even role playing games to whet your appetite. Fans will get an exclusive hands-on demo of some of the newer products, including Dawn of War III, and a few as-yet-unreleased games.

GW’s VR department will have a showing of their latest build of Vermintide VR (although I’m not sure how…immersed…I want to feel in a game like Vermin-tide.

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You’ll find a whole world of other products featuring Games Workshop’s brands including Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Blood Bowl. A fantastic array of these Licensed Products will be found in the main Jaguar Hall this year.

Try out over a dozen new and unreleased video games on PC, console and mobile platforms, including the new Dawn of War III  PC game

Step right into the Old World with Vermintide VR, and see if you measure up to join Saltspire and his team.

Meet the artists behind Titan Comics’ Warhammer 40,000 and Blood Bowl Comics.

See the prototype for a two foot tall Deathwing statue.

Discover the future of Games Workshop related table-top roleplay games.

Find out more about Dawn of War III & Total War: Warhammer in the “Bringing the Lore to Life” in-depth seminars.

What really catches my eye is that second to last little blurb up there. Discover the future of Games Workshop related table-top roleplaying games. We know that FFG no longer has any of the Warhammer licenses, and that Cubicle 7 is purportedly working on a new Warhammer Fantasy rpg based off of 2nd edition. If Fantasy/Age of Sigmar are getting their own roleplaying game, we can only hope that 40K might be seeing its own new tabletop iteration soon as well.

We’ve talked before about how 40K makes for excellent roleplaying–and it would be neat to see a system that isn’t based on FFG’s Dark Heresy engine. I feel like there’s a streamlined, actiony game engine out there that’s perfect for 40K. Maybe Powered by the Apocalypse? At any rate, whether you’re attending Warhammer Fest or not, be sure to tune in here for coverage of all the announcement, spoilers, teasers, and pleasers.

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Okay, but what would be the worst way to handle a 40K RPG?

  • Jack Jomar


  • Nuno Castilho

    It’s a shame they pulled the licenses, as FFG’s 40K system is absolutely awesome…

    • vlad78

      Interesting systems but too cumbersome imho. Far too many rules with too few freedom given to the players.

  • euansmith

    “Maybe Powered by the Apocalypse?”

    Move: Resist Chaos
    Trigger: whenever a character attempts to do anything.

    6 or less, your failure and despair leads you to fall to Nurgle

    7 – 9, your mediocre success leads to a sense of a missed opportunity causing you to seek solace in the worship of Slaanesh.

    10-11, your pride in a solid victory stokes the fires of ambition and lures you under the sway of Tzeentch.

    12+, Khorne! Blood! Skulls! Bluuuuuuuuuud!!!

  • vlad78

    AOS rpg? lol

    I don’t see how they can pull this out without plagiarizing ADD planetscape or even spelljammer with worse fluff and stories.

  • Rob brown

    I loved Dark Heresy and how they developed the setting was excellent. However I found the rules system placed far too much weight on equipment and not on character abilities. While simultaneously having mediocre rules for controlling character ‘wealth’ access to equipment etc.

  • Huntard

    *Black Industries’ Dark Heresy System