White Dwarf Offers 8th Edition Date

White Dwarf points the way towards Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition.

We’ve been hearing a variety of dates for the launch of 8th Edition

So far the launch has been reported by various sources on all of these dates:

  • Jun 3rd
  • June 10th
  • June 17th

May’s White Dwarf is floating around and some images have started to make the rounds.  Here’s the back cover:

It goes up for sale on Friday June 16th, and looks to be full of “Grim Darkness / Far Future / Only War”

If anything White Dwarf usually lags a week or so behind the actual product release schedule, so If I were a betting man I’d say to save up your pennies for the 3rd or 10th of June.  In any case it looks like June is month, with GW wanting to kick off their new fiscal Year with a BANG.

~We’re about one month out. I can hardly wait!

  • D_Ork

    Confused. WD routinely prints incorrect release dates? Also, does the fiscal year start in June in the UK?

    • Sean Nasto

      Yeah, That confused me as well.

    • Robert Russell

      Fiscal year in the UK starts on April 6th

    • eMtoN

      The start date of a fiscal year is set by the company ( both U.K. and USA) and don’t have to match the fiscal years used by those respective governments.

    • Tim Lester

      It said “lags”. That doesnt mean wrong. It means the issues usually come out a bit after a new release.

  • nefu

    Metal Sisters came out in 3rd ed.

    Happy 8th ed everyone!

    • Nyyppä

      Last time CSM was viable was in 3rd edition.

      A lot of things were good back then and never after that…

      • Crevab

        alright, what do you mean by viable here?

        • Nyyppä

          Being able to win against even the top factions.

          • Souba

            traitor legions made them good again.

          • Nyyppä

            That’s bull and you know it. 😀

          • Crevab

            Then CSM has been top tier several times since 3rd

          • Nyyppä

            We have a different idea of what “several” means. To me zero is not several.

          • Crevab

            No reason to continue here, I see

          • Nyyppä

            I agree. I care about actual statistics, not about some guy’s basement meta.

      • LordRao

        That 3.5 book is consistently over-hyped…

        • Nyyppä

          It’s not awesome. It’s better than the ones before and since though.

      • nefu

        Viability aside, pretty sure CSM aren’t 13 year old monopose metal sculpts for your whole army.

        Condolences for the parts that are though.

        • Nyyppä

          I meant the rules.

          • nefu

            I know, and I’m pointing out I meant models. 3rd ed was a great time for both our teams, really.

          • Nyyppä

            It was. Never been since though.

      • Vaftrudnir

        Maybe but traitor legions gave us some nice tricks at least.
        I managed to come second place in a local tournament with my world eaters some time ago.
        (raeg can help even the worst generals)

        • Nyyppä

          I played WB. They made the legion just like a worse daemons summoning list. No tricks there. Other than UM getting Hatred. That’s what TL is from my point of view, a hindrance to regular CSM.

    • SWISSchris

      *2nd edition.

    • TheSinndogg

      I think most of their kits actually date back to 2nd.

    • memitchell

      Waited just over 20 years for a Genestealer Cult Codex. It will have been viable for just over .5 years! Be careful what you wish for.

    • eldannardo

      Metal sisters were 2nd ed. SoB were the last big codex in 2nd ed

  • Santiago Hors Fraile
    • Is it also slightly behind releases typically or ahead more often?

  • AdeptusAstartes

    Please not June 3rd, I’ve got an exam on June 5th!!!!!!

    • Chet Atkinson

      From experience, writing ‘For the Emperorrrr!!!’ on a paper doesn’t guarantee success

      • AdeptusAstartes

        ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ didn’t work out so well for me either!

    • NNextremNN

      Learn before? … Okay yeah stupid idea well good luck with your exam you’ll need it 😉

      • AdeptusAstartes

        Thanking you muchly! 😁

  • Horus84cmd

    That date of the June WD has got to be a misprint. Since the relaunch WD advertised the released of each issue would be on the first Friday of every month, which for June would be the 2nd.

    • Ian Knight

      Unless they’re deliberately delaying WD so that it doesn’t spoil anything 8th-ed related before it gets announced

      • Horus84cmd

        With the amount GW are pimping the new 40K through their social media channels I don’t think so. Additionally when WD was re-launched is was markedly highlighted that the ALL new release reveals would be done on WH-com (which has happened with all the new stuff since then) and the WD will be more holistic albeit still with plenty focus on new stuff.

  • chris.marlow4

    The fiscal year has nothing to do with it – GW times releases like this to be set up for the school holidays. Second half of June has always been favourite.