X-Wing: TIE Aggressor Preview

Fantasy Flight Games shows off the new TIE Aggressor. Come see all the new tricks this one is bringing to X-Wing!

Another member of the TIE family is coming to X-Wing and this one is bringing some extra muscle to the fight. The TIE Aggressor is here to take the fight to the enemies of the Empire!

via Fantasy Flight Games

The Pilots

The Two generic pilots come in at PS 2 and 5 respectively. For 2 more points you get an additional 3 PS which puts the Onyx Squadron Escort solidly in the middle of the pack in terms of PS. What it really does is get you out of that pesky “Predator Range” but what really stings is the lack of an EPT on this one. Still, it’s going to shoot after most swarms so it’s got that going for it.

The Sienar Specialist is a great way to get a dirt cheap Aggressor. We still haven’t gotten a good look at the dial yet, but for 17 points you could run a few of these with the ever popular TLT – even adding one to your list would make it a handy flank attacker.

Double Edge seems pretty legit as an option. That said, a turret or Unguided Rockets seem almost mandatory to take advantage of that Pilot ability. Or both, really. Just thinking about the options you could run is a little overwhelming. If you needed some control to your list, why not go with an Ion Turret/Ion Pulse missiles? If you miss with one, hopefully they spend their evade on the attack and you just shoot with the other.

Or if you need straight damage Synced Turret or an Autoblaster Turret could help…combine with your choice of missiles and there ya go! And there is always the TLT, too. If you miss with that, well at least you can follow up with a primary or shoot at something else.

Kestal’s ability is just plain mean! FFG had a pretty mean build already listed with a TLT and Predator. That’s a REALLY good way to deal with those pesky arc dodging Autothruster ships. Consistent damage with a re-roll and you remove your opponent’s blanks AND focus!? Ouch. What ever you choose to load up Kestal with, I’m sure she’s going to do some work in your list!

The Upgrades

We’ve seen these two before, so I won’t harp on them too much. Unguided Rockets is an interesting option for this ship in particular – and the attack dice can’t be modified so, as the attack, it’s generally going to be in your favor.

Synced Turret is not a bad option. Unfortunately, it does require you to spend edit: have a target lock and to get the full effect, you need them to be within range 2 and the target has to be in your front arc. That said, if you manage to pull that off, it’s a 3 dice attack with pretty good odds of punching in some damage. Then again, that’s an awful lot to work towards just for some re-rolls – unless you combined it with Predator (or Kestal).


Here’s the card I wanted to talk about. Intensity can allow you to get a free focus or evade token after you perform a boost or barrel roll. That flips the card. On the other side of the card you can then spend a focus later on to flip the card again. This reminds me of the other types of “token banking” mechanics in the game. I could see this being useful for certain builds, specifically for Arc Dodgers who are light on Action Economy…but that’s a relatively small pool if we’re honest, right?

Learn More About the TIE Aggressor HERE

The TIE Aggressor is set to arrive later this Quarter and may already be available for Pre-order in some stores. Check with your FLGS if you want to scoop this ship up when it comes in for a landing!

TIE Aggressor Expansion Pack $ 14.95

The TIE aggressor was designed for long missions, supply chain raids, and tactical flexibility, and in X-Wing™, it can lend a great deal of tactical flexibility to your Imperial fleet. Much of this versatility comes through the ship’s ability to equip a turret weapon and a pair of missiles. Altogether, the TIE Aggressor Expansion Pack pairs its pre-painted miniature starfighter with four ship cards and five upgrades, plus everything else you need to fly the ship to battle.


Be Aggressive. B.E. AGGRESSIVE!

  • Robert Taylor

    Just a quick note. Just like the Unguided Rockets, you do not need to spend the Target Lock to use the Synced Turret. You just need to have one. So it makes it a little better.

    • adamharry

      Good catch. Updated the article.

  • Chet Atkinson

    Why do the unguided rockets have two rocket symbols on them?

    • Robert Taylor

      You need to have two missile slots to take them. So as they basically just add to/replace your primary weapon attack, they felt having them on just any ship with a missile slot would be too much.

    • BClement

      Keep in mind you don’t discard them after you attack with them either.