40K 8th FAQed, New RPGs, and Age of Sigmar is back!

GW New Stuff, Starfinder, Privateer’s RPG and Star Wars all get some love this weekend – plus a Chaos Titan’s terrifying rules!

Mortarion Sighted in White Dwarf

One White Dwarf reader spied a Deamon Primarch with his sharp eye…

40K Weekly Campaign: Battle for Tarvan

Our first Weekly Narrative Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition Campaign has ended – catch-up on the Battle of Tarvan!


Join the Adventure in the Starfinder Live Premier

Get a sneak peek at the latest RPG from Piazo before it comes out in August!

GW: New Releases June 17 “Pricing & Links”

Ride the Lightning and face the warriors of Khorne in the new boxed set from Games Workshop!

PP: Strangelight Workshop constructs an RPG

Amid all the changes at Privateer Press–an RPG got announced!

40K: Eighth Edition FAQ has Arrived

Eighth Edition has landed. Time to start arguing about how it’s the best/worst edition ever. Here’s some free rules to start you off.

Star Wars Destiny: New Set “Empire at War” Announced

The next expansion set for Star Wars Destiny has been announced – Empire at War is coming your way!

40K: Imperial Armour Datasheets Revealed – Chaos Titan and Relic Sicaran

Check out the Chaos Warhound Scout Titan and the Relic Sicaran Battle Tank’s new rules.

HeroClix: The Runaways Hit the Table

The Runaways become The Young Avengers in the ‘What if?’ set – and a new play through with Indomitable!

40K: Get Digital with Forge World

It’s a digital world we live in–and right now you can download two Forge World Indexes with two more coming shortly.


~You’re all caught up – onto the new week!