40K 8th, White Dwarf, Summer Campaign, D&D plus More

Get ready for the new 40K edition – with peeks at what GW is bringing on the heels of 8th, and more from the industry.

40K: Ynnari: Death & Hope

Games Workshop takes a look at the Ynnari. There is Hope in the power of Death…


D&D: Dice, Camera, Action with Chris Perkins

Come adventure with this week’s live-play through of Storm King’s Thunder – Episode 52

GW: June White Dwarf Teaser

This month’s White Dwarf is kind of a big deal. I heard it’s going to feature a new edition or something…


Privateer: New Scyrah and Nyss Units for the Retribution

The Retribution is getting a couple of new units dedicated to Scyrah and Nyssor. Epic team-up action awaits!


40K: Narrative Impact

Now that the Imperium has gone Dark, what else can happen? Let’s find out.


Heroclix: Peace Machine & The Captain

Two alternate versions of Avengers members join the set this week – and a new play through with Indomitable!


40K: Eighth Edition First Impressions

After getting in a game or two of Eighth Edition, I have become an expert.


L5R: Dance of the Lion and Crane

In Rokugan, the Crane and the Lion are two powerful clans, ready to fight.


40K: More Fate of Konor Info

It’s a new Global Summer Campaign and Games Workshop is back with a primer on what you can expect.

~OK, pull out all your old minis and start dusting them off. The new era is upon us!

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