40K BREAKING: NEW 40K Starter Set Pics

HOLY MOLY – There are all new 40K Starter Sets about to hit the scene. Take a look:

Oh boy! GW gave us one brief week of rest in the Age of Sigmar,before plunging us back into the Summer of new awesomeness for 8th Edition.


Gw is putting up 3 new ways to get into the game set at a lower price point than the big Dark Millennium box.  Here’s what’s coming week after next:

Starter Sets




First Strike: Gives players a handful of minis, the rules, and handful of Primaris minis and Death Guard.  I think I see some of the Primaris Reiver (close up image up top) new minis in this box.


Know No Fear – The “medium” starter set. More rules, and more minis. This set appears to have the current plastics from the Dark Millenium box.


Getting Started Guide


Getting Started Guide: This gives you background to the 40K universe and a lot of painting and hobby info.

The two starter sets are clearly the 40K counterparts to the just released Age of Sigmar quick start set. In any case it looks like the smaller First Strike box is designed for mass appeal as it appears to contain all new minis – perfect to add to your current forces. The larger Know No Fear is a cheaper alternative for gamers who didn’t want to spend the full amount on the big Dark Millenium box.

~What do you think?  More soon!

  • danutzfreeman

    While it is great that we have more options i was thinking about sets with different factions,still this isn’t bad.

    • Heinz Fiction

      With ‘different factions’ you mean Space Marines vs Orks, Space Marines vs Eldar, Space Marines vs Necrons and so on? 😉

      • danutzfreeman

        I might take even that, i just wanna see more armies in the spotlight, we’ve got over 15, just pick one.

        • NNextremNN

          Maybe in August July is even more Space Marine vs Death Guard.

  • Zingbaby

    “A nadful of minis” …I’m sold, how much?

    • euansmith

      It sounds painful to me. Keeps them spiky minis away from my nads.

      • Matthew Pomeroy

        well I wanna point out “deathguard” so yeah our nads are in jeapordy (not quite as much if they had been emperors children, but there are rules on this site 😛 )

        • Tshiva keln

          My friend can take the deathguard. Pretty sure he’s had everything up to and including nurgles rot anyway.

      • Tshiva keln

        First time people are glad to see nice rounded marine models rather than say dark Eldar.

    • Hahboo

      I identify as Tervigonkin

      • KingAceNumber1

        As a Bolterkin, I feel triggered.

    • Carlill

      Wulfen’s got nards.

      • euansmith

        “Ve heff all ze naardz!”

  • ZeeLobby

    Hmm, wonder if this aligns with the rumors of Dark Millennium increasing in price.

    • Shawn

      Do tell.

      • ZeeLobby

        Eh, it showed up on forums, basically stores went to reorder and the MSRP went from 160 to 200. Could all just be all lies though.

        • Shawn


        • Tshiva keln

          Didn’t they do something similar once with betrayal at calth? Up the price shortly after release? Can’t quite remember if that was a rumour or actually happened.

          • el_tigre

            I think people had the price wrong before the release, but I’ve been pretty baked for the last year or so, don’t take my word for it.

          • euansmith

            Don’t Bogart that Codex, man.

          • Brettila

            I use that expression all the time and people have no idea where it comes from.

          • euansmith

            That’s like me an random quotes from “Aliens”. How can people be so uncultured 😀

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. Don’t think that ever happened, and it was also rumored. Hence the lies part in my comment. Just thought I’d mention it. If this is the true planned starter, I could see Dark Imperium disappearing at some point.

          • Severius_Tolluck

            I Feel DI is a limited release, as it does have that stellar hard cover book. Like Death Masques or the Blood angel and Space wolf starters.

          • ZeeLobby

            That’d be my guess as well.

          • Xodis

            The FB page claimed the DI box would stay for “quite a long time” so I dont think its going away anytime soon.

    • Iconoc1ast

      I hope not!! I havent bought it yet!!!!

  • rtheom

    I see unit cards in the First Strike box! More please!

    • spla5hmummy

      This is indeed good. Just wish they weren’t so massive!

      • rtheom

        Indeed, but I’ll take anything that keeps me from having to flip through these terribly arranged “codexes” we got to start us off. :p

        • Mr.psyker

          The digital codex is what you want.

      • euansmith

        The ones for AoS look fairly comical to me. The cards are huge, but the text is tiny, and half the space is just left empty. I can see that they want to allow for those cards that have a whole massive pile of special rules, but it seems daft to hamstring all the other cards in favour of a few special snowflakes.

  • euansmith

    “Boxes for terrain? It isn’t a far cry from small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts. Isn’t it? Mmmmm. Marvellous.”

    • rtheom

      Ah, the good ol’ days when you fought over the Cookbook Factory, the Coca Cola fuel towers and the Salt and Pepper power turbines.

    • Coltcabunny

      Calm down there Ron Manager…

    • crabmond

      You forgot the coke can carnifex XD and i appreciate the reference

  • Rafał Pytlak

    Know no Fear starter looks cool. That terrain map <3

    • Horus84cmd

      Looks like card though, which is a pity.

      • euansmith

        Is it card/paper or is it vinyl?

        • Horus84cmd

          I believe thin card – almost glossy-poster-like. I may well be wrong and it vinyl, but you can see the folds in it; which make me lean towards card.

        • spla5hmummy

          It’s card. They were using them in demonstrations at warhammer fest.

          • euansmith

            That’s odd, as the AoS starter set is apparently getting one in vinyl. Maybe they realised that was a mistake (financially or physically) and changed it for the 40k releases.

      • dave long island

        Yah the map being paper or card kills it for me, like with the blood and thunder paper map for AoS. No way gaming on a paper poster sized map is a draw for me. I’m not opposed to the dual use boxed terrain though, depending on how cool it looks.

        • Horus84cmd

          While not my preference either, I would have stoked by that kind of thing when I first started out. As set for new hobbyist I feel it is really neat from that point of view.

          • euansmith

            I think GW would do well to release these sets with a pile of card terrain to get people in to the mindset of having a lot of stuff on their table. That might encourage more people to splash out on those GW terrain kits.

          • SWISSchris

            2nd ed / Necromunda was the golden age of cardboard terrain! Hope the sets above don’t give people the impression they will have a fun game with 1 piece of terrain…

          • euansmith

            Looking at that upside down cardboard box, though, I’m feeling a hankering for a terrain set that would just be a lot of printed cardboard boxes that fit one inside another for storage and can be scattered around and piled up for play. A real battlefield in a box.

          • euansmith

            I just came across some modeler who took two copies of the 2nd Ed ruins and some foamcore and paint and made these. Genius!


          • SWISSchris

            Very nice! Not quite a 1:1 remake but I liked this idea for a kind of 2nd ed deluxe edition terrain set: http://taleofpainters.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/showcase-cities-of-death-ruins-for-2nd.html

          • Horus84cmd

            Yeah. I was blown away by the card ruins that where in the 2nd edition set. Had those for years – I think right up until 3rd, when you got the plastic ruins in the starter set. One of my best memories was the old card Imperial Firebase – coolest thing ever!


          • euansmith

            A great re-use of GW’s best ever terrain bit; the legendary Necromunda plastic bulkheads.

        • Severius_Tolluck

          Well it isn’t for us, it is for the new gamers to get them started. It is also cheap to produce, and basically free to the user. It is a stop gap until they build, or buy something that suits them.

          • dave long island

            Right on

      • Rafał Pytlak

        I hoped that the map would be cloth like those sold in stores…

        • Horus84cmd

          I’m not sure what a 1’x2′ cloth map would be. Whilst a good size for starting and the box contents, it is not overly practical for anything beyond that. If you want that size space, you may as well buy the 4’x4′ on and fold it in half.

  • Horus84cmd

    Interesting, and logical, approach to broadening the entry point cost for the hobby. Additionally provides more choice to sell to the trade market who maybe put off investing in an almost £100 set.

  • Sbehling

    Will deffo b picking up first strike. All minis look different from starter, so will fit in nicely. Need more nurgle marines for SWA campaign running atm

    • phobosftw

      Yes First Strike looks pretty good , it contains the newly announced plague marines and poxwalkers + the spacier marine reaver models.

      Still waiting for a proper plague marine boxed squad tho, snapfit is not for me..

  • benn grimm

    Lol at the skeletor marines…)

    • SWISSchris

      Why have they removed a slice from their leg armour? “No, the top and bottom bits are absolutely essential, but this specific piece here over my mid shin… it has to go.”
      Although I guess they look pretty good? Bit confused why
      each variety of marine unit needs a completely different armor make up these days though. It’s getting to eldar aspect warriors levels of diversity in the SM ranks.

      • benn grimm

        I think they decided that there weren’t nearly enough skulls in 40k, and hey chaplains look cool right? And what’s even cooler than chaplains? Chaplains with big knives and bleach blonde hair! 😉

  • The First Strike set should make a good intro game for the kids.

  • Fomorian

    Thanks for posting these awesome news :)! But the new big boxed set is called “Dark Imperium” and not “Dark Millenium” 😉 ..

    Iam also surprised that GW didn’t announce a codex so far!?
    I hope that the rules for the new models (Librarian, Reivers) are within their boxes? …

    • Horus84cmd

      The rules will be. WH-Com have mentioned going forward all kits will have their rules with them. Additionally, as they get through existing stock of current items they too will also get rules added.

      FYI all this info and pieces all go up on the WH-Com site. Far quicker than they get here.

  • Thomas

    Those skull dudes are impressively bad looking. Like they saw the “3 edgy 5 me” design of Reaper in Overwatch and thought “hell yeah!”

    They probably spend all their time in their quarters, listening to Staind and Linkin Park.

    Death Guard look fabulous though. And whoever had the idea of putting a special weapon in the “easy to build” box deserves a raise.

  • Andrew

    I wonder if those books have the rules for the missions and such.

  • phobosftw

    Not only are we getting spacier space marines. now we`re getting startier starter sets as well, splendid!
    Just what 40k fans were waiting for following the release of The Dark Imperium.

  • Graham Roden

    If I’d known they were doing this I’d have bought know no fear instead!

  • Brandon Sharitt

    Nice, I was hoping for a pretty small starter along the lines of Storm of Sigmar and it looks like First Stroke fits the bill pretty good, hopefully the price will be in the same range. 8th ed makes an AoS player like me want to dip my toes into 40k, but the Dark Imperium starter is a bit much for just small taste.

  • CthulhuDawg

    Unless my eyes betray me the mat that comes with First Strike looks to be 2×4 and the mat that comes with Know No Fear 4×4. With both of the boxes turning into terrain if you buy both boxes in succession when you start you will end up with a 6×4 play area and some los blocking terrain. That’s actually cool as hell.

    • You mean 2×2 and 2×4.

      • 301stFeinminsterArmoured

        Definitely 24″ x 48″ and 18″x18″.

    • SWISSchris

      Terrain expectations have reached new lows if 2 upturned cardboard boxes are cool as hell ; )

      • CthulhuDawg

        When I was 12 my first game of 40k was on shag carpeting using plastic cups as terrain. These are definitely cooler than that.

        • SWISSchris

          I’d take a table filled with an arrangements of plastic cups over 2 large rectangular boxes any day. I remember playing huge games of Epic 40k on the floor too, until I built an 8’x4′ board to go over the dining table. 40k games also saw such classics as books for hills, placemats for landing pads and so many ruins made from the polystyrene inserts to 40k box sets.

          • CthulhuDawg

            I’ve definitely shoved books under a grass mat before to make hills lol. We are veterans so yeah these are only meant to appeal to us as a savings pitch. However think about being an 8 year old and stepping up from Risk to this. Then two cardboard box terrain features look pretty sweet.

          • SWISSchris

            Yeah true enough, they are very appealing kits for kids starting out.

  • Timotheus

    These chaplain scouts look simply redicilous!

    The whole Primaris guys have nothing to do with the Grimdark I loved so much when I started exploring this universe…

  • Nosebleed

    Wait, how is this different from the dark imperium set?

    • Mike G

      less models and a cardboard box you can turn upside down for “terrain”

  • Boondox

    8th Ed. has been out less than a month and we already have 3 Primaris Captains? How about a Chapter Master? But I am glad Guilliman and Cawl spent the last 10,000 years upgrading the scout cod piece and vest. They remind me of Shivers from SLA Industries.

  • Bigalmoney666

    The ‘terrain’ is so uninspired it’s almost funny.