40K: Dark Imperium Recap

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All of the Eighth Edition reveals gathered in one place for your perusal.

With Eighth Edition a scant six days away from hitting store shelves, and boxes of the Dark Imperium hitting the various shipping outlets, the new edition is about to arrive in force. So while you’re figuring out exactly which black t-shirt with a geeky reference to wear when you go out to pick it up, let’s take a moment to consider the aggregate details that have been revealed about Eighth Edition so far. It’s a handy collection of both preview items and quick references for whenever you need to argue with someone on the internet about why Eighth Edition is the Best Thing since Sliced Bread/The End of Wargaming/Just Another Cashgrab by GW/Not As Good as 3rd Edition/Still Better than Age of Sigmar.

Everything is gathered at Warhammer Community, but here’s a few choice articles for your perusal.

via Warhammer Community

The Galaxy Map

The Galaxy’s been split in half. Everyone caught on the Terra side of the Cicatrix Maledictum is fine–well, fine for the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium anyway–but everything on the other side is cut off. Not quite isolated–but also essentially out of reach. Hence the Dark Imperium. What will the worlds on that Dark Frontier have to contend with? Well, Ghazghkull for one, nascent Necon dynasties, and more Tyranids and Chaos than you can shake a stick at. Which is good, because shaking a stick at them only provokes them.

Three Ways to Play

Pick one: Obviously Matched Play is the only important one because that’s how you’ll win tournaments. It’s where the game is competitive and balanced–and it’s the only way to tell if you’ve “really” won or not. It’s also got the “real” points.

Of course, when you stop and think about it, clearly Narrative Play is the only important one because that’s how you’ll play out the unfolding story of the 41st millennium and you won’t be restrained by the “balanced” points system that is clearly ignorant of how things actually work in the game.

Open Play, really is the most important one because it’s the game at its purest, just little plastic dudes on the table killing each other as is only right and just.

…now I don’t want to incite a riot, but I heard that someone out there disagrees with your chosen sentiment. TO THE INTERNET!

The Core Rules

Eighth Edition…Eight Pages of core rules (plus several more of advanced and units), clearly this is some number sorcery–but what does it all mean? At the heart of the Core Rules is a turn of the game–broken down into the following Phases:

Movement Phase

Psychic Phase

Shooting Phase

Charge Phase

Fight Phase




War Zones

After all, you’ve got to have somewhere to fight. These articles help set the stage for the state of the Galaxy in the 41st Millennium. They advance the plot, if you want to get a look at how things have changed in Eighth Edition, Lorewise at least, each of these articles is a good start. They reveal the most about the setting.

War Zone: Armageddon

War Zone: Cadia

War Zone: Damocles

War Zone: Ultramar

Primaris Marines

And of course, there’s everyone’s favorite new breed of Marines who have been created by dark science and who knows what else. It’s probably not going to come to a head where each of the Primaris Marines is secretly a tool of Guilliman or Cawl, both of which are potentially manipulated/influenced by Emperor-only-knows. And there almost certainly won’t be some kind of Imperial Coup in the near future.

But just to be on the safe side, here’s everything we know about the new, bigger, marinier marines.


The Indomitus Crusade & the Dark Imperium

Primaris Space Marines

The Ultima Founding

A New Breed of Hero

Primaris Space Marines FAQ

Primaris Space Marines: Gaming

Get the full Newhammer Recap here.

While we wait, what’s the best thing you’ve seen about Newhammer? What’s the worst?


  • LeroyJenkinss

    I choose not as good as third, narrative, the shooting phase, Armageddon and the primaris space marine faq.
    Try to prove me wrong internet… You won’t.

  • Vachones

    For a good three weeks, we all eagerly awaited each day’s new reveal. Then the rules were leaked and we stopped paying attention. I think GW could have timed this better by pushing pre-orders and the release date up two weeks. Ah well, in 6 days I will have my real copies and the new edition will be here. Then the wait for codices begins….

    • NNextremNN

      They should have pushed the initial announcement and leaks two weeks back. The last few were already post were meh. The hype is pretty much gone for me and not only because of the leaks.

  • mathhammer

    Primus marines (intercessor Squad) appear to currently have 2 different point values
    Index says 20 ,
    boxed set says 24…

    Going to be a FAQ on launch day (maybe they will drop the grey knight by 4 points per model.)

    • SilentPony

      Pfft. It took them 2 years to get an FAQ for 7th, and that was only a few months ago. I wouldn’t hold my breath

      • Red_Five_Standing_By

        Stop thinking of GW has old GW. New GW is much more responsive.

        They have FAQed AoS multiple time.

      • Xodis

        Well we actually got a FaQ for 8th edition last month…..so you can breath now.

    • Ish

      In the Dark Angels section of the indices, the Blacksword Missile Launcher is listed as a “meh” Heavy 1 as well as a “OMG!” Heavy 10 weapon.

      The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • memitchell

    Struggling to come up with a proper name for old, small, soon-to-be obsolete Space Marines. Leaning towards “Puny Marines.” But, I’m not sure they will stay around long enough for the name to be relevant. Why would anyone buy a box of Puny Marines anymore?

    • euansmith

      Mini Marines? Sub Marines?

      • Matthew Pomeroy

        going with Sub Marines (being a sailor)

      • petrow84

        Sub-Marines, you say…
        And there goes the new march song for the Imperial Fists’ 3rd Company :


        • euansmith


      • lorieth

        Primaris Squats?

    • They will soon be gone. The novel states that even Guilliman knows the days of Minimarines are counted.

    • georgelabour

      The Night Lords books covering the adventures of First Claw propbably had the most characterful term. And you can even brag about how it’s canon.

      Thin bloods.

    • Nathaniel Wright

      Nacal Marines.

      For all the salt thrown out for them.

    • luke-vdv

      I would because I like the look of them better.

    • OldHat

      Because they fill an entirely different role? Because you might want a squad of 10 dudes with a variety of weapons? Because you want to run guys in non-hover transports? Because you value the narrative?

      Stop peddling the idea that the normal Marines are going away. Nothing indicates this at all, including GW saying as much and the fluff reflecting this as well. Jeez.

      • memitchell

        NooB: Wow, those BIG Marines are cool!
        OldHat: Yes, the new Primarus Marines fill an entirely different roll.
        NooB: Yeah, they make the little Marines look silly.
        OldHat: Oh, no, normal Marines aren’t going away. Nothing indicates this at all, including GW saying as much…
        NooB: What, I wasn’t listening. Hey, can I build an army of just the BIG Marines? I don’t have to buy the little ones too, do I?
        OldHat: Well, the um, if you value the narrative…and the fluff reflecting this as well… Oh, Jeez…yeah, no one wants the little Marines anymore, anyway.

        • OldHat

          NooB: Whoa… that unit has four Lascannons! How can I run that?
          OldHat: Those are Devastators!

          NooB: Whoa! That unit has awesome ammo options. How can I run that?!
          OIdHat: Those are Sternguard Veterans!

          NooB: Whoa! That squad has a ton of special weapons and jump packs! How can I run that?
          OldHat: Those are Vanguard Vets!

          You were saying?

          • memitchell

            Give it six months. A year at the most. 🙂

            I realize I’m not the first to predict new, BIGGER Marines will eclipse the old, smaller Marines (of which, I have an army, and many more for boardgames). But, seriously, how could they not? We’ll see. I hope I’m wrong, I hope you’re right.

            Oh, and my narrative was more entertaining. 😉

          • OldHat

            How could they not? Hm…. $20k injection molds are not something you scrap just because. I see them carrying them both on in the future, as a way to expand their precious Marine lineup, not diminish it.

  • Somehow I already heard of this on BOLS already. Like 15 times.

  • Ultra Magnus

    My prediction? The old smaller marines will simply be rebranded as a new faction… Squats! 🙂

  • Nicolas M

    > And of course, there’s everyone’s favorite new breed of Marines

    Not sure if trolling or serious….

    • Derpius Prime


  • ChubToad

    I can’t wait for my books to arrive. The leaks are terribad scans/photos of the book, and frankly it’s really annoying going back and forth between pages on a PDF. Nothing beats the real thing.

  • Andy Wise

    “So while you’re figuring out exactly which black t-shirt with a geeky reference to wear when you go out to pick it up” what a wonderfully aware analysis of the reader base

    • lorieth

      We’re only wearing black till they invent something darker.

  • Keith Wilson

    i cannot wait for it to drop so these repetitive articles will stop

  • Stonewall

    Went by a local GW store for the first time in ages. They had the primo Captain and normal marines painted and out. The normal MaxiMarines looked ok but the Captain was horrible! The head didn’t looked centered on the body and there was a huge distance between the front of the helmet and the front armour guard. Won’t even mention the huge bullet catcher around his head as that is about normal with termy style. Then there is his chest… it looks like he tried to out eat papa nurgle at an all you can eat buffet. It is so out of proportion and frankly if my R&D team spent 10k years on that I would inquisition their @$$es. He now ranks below the black reach captain as the worst GW base set captain.

    • DarkElf

      I agree. A few 100 sit ups each day will help with his gut problem… then again, he may have challenged a Space Wolf to a drinking contest… that lasted a century…