40K: Eighth Edition – First Looks

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Here’s a first look inside 8th Edition.

8th Edition is up for pre-order and we’ve got a first look at the books, the boxed set of Dark Imperium, and more in store for you. So let’s kick off the coverage with an overview of everything eighth edition. Enjoy!

First up we have the full spread of books. That’s Chaos in the middle there (where it’s tainted knowledge can spread to everything), flanked by the other four Indexes. Each of these books has a ton of units–enough to get a fairly complex army out of any faction. Unit profiles are streamlined and include their wargear, their statlines and key abilities, as you’ve no doubt seen.

That right there is everything you need to add a deadly toxin-filled stabman to your armies and play him. Now these books don’t have quite as much detail, since they’re doing a ton of work. Imperium 1 is just Space Marines. Which goes to show, the more things change, the more they stay the same. and Imperium 2 is everyone else. Chaos has all of Chaos in it. Xenos 1 has the Craftworlds, the Dark Aeioulves (Drukhari), Harlequins, and the Ynnari, as well as Necrons. Xenos 2 has the Tau, the Tyranids, the Orks and the Genestealer Cults–you won’t find just one army list in each of these books. They’re there to get the game launched.

But you will find a ton of units and tactics in each of them, these are streamlined, but not stripped down. You’ll get all the advanced rules and complicated tactics you’ll need to play as deep a game of 40K as you want.

Space Marines, of course, get a ton of love in the new edition. Here’s a shot that features some of the old standby chapters, and some new ones that have cropped up after the Ultima Founding. Of course, if you don’t like any of these, they’ve provided a challenge for you to design your own.

And of course there’s a handy guide to putting everything together, continuing the new assembly design instructions we’ve seen roll out from GW. You can really get a sense for how well put together the miniatures are, even if they aren’t quite as posable as they once were. That’s what Green Stuff’s for, I suppose.

Space Marines aren’t the only ones to get some love though. Nurgle and the Death Guard are a big part of the new edition (after all they’re in the boxed set), so here’s some gorgeous new art for everyone’s favorite friendly fiends.

And finally here’s a look inside the book. Check out the table of contents and some of the amazing new art that you’ll find within. For those of you worried that 8 pages of rules was going to be all we had–here’s a look at the advanced rules (including what to do with the power ratings).

There’s a lot to look forward to here. So stay tuned for more updates this week!

For the Emperor!


  • Jakub Kucharski

    When Mortarion and death guard codex will be released?

    • Karru

      In a few months most likely. After Guilmarines, so with luck it will be around September.

      • Jakub Kucharski

        so i can’t play untill September because i don’t have enough points to play, that’s sad 🙁

        • Karru

          What do you mean? The Indexes, as well as the Starter Set mini-dexes, contain points for Death Guard, both new and old. Only Mortarion won’t be there and possible the “new” kits that come alongside him that aren’t already included in the starter set.

          • AircoolUK

            Just buy an Imperial Knight and paint it green. Bang! That’s 450 points spent already.

          • Jakub Kucharski

            The problem is how can i play against my friends having 1800 points armies having only starter box models

          • Karru

            Get the starter set models and add some CSM models into the mix that Death Guard still need to use such as the Helbrute and the like. You can also use regular CSM squads with Mark of Nurgle if you want a slightly more bodies to the table or Cultists, those work too.

            The kits you’ll most likely be getting around September are Mortarion and multi-pose models from the starter set. You still need to buy the “remaining” models from the current CSM range.

          • Angus MacKenzie

            Ask your friends to play with fewer points to match what you have. If they refuse ask them, “You want me in this hobby or not?
            Now stop being a jerk and trim your list!” 😀

          • Cohiba Rafael

            Welcome to 40k. Patients, we all have to wait at some point. Part of the hobby.

          • Kinsman

            Ask them to play lower points? I’m doing Primaris and adding Guilliman, running Fulminators. My friends will adjust 😉

          • Cergorach

            Buying a couple of starter boxes? Good source for cheap rulebooks. Need more Poxwalkers for slain enemies. And one blightdrone isn’t enough! Plus you can probably use the Chaos Index…

    • shmabadu

      Would be a great opportunity to celebrate the 7th month by releasing a Nurgle codex!

  • DrLove42

    They have said the Primaris in the box are monopose, but a more traditional multipart posable box will be released soon

    • Spacefrisian

      A good converter wont let GW and monopose stop him/her.

  • Fraser1191

    I just want them to release chapter tactics

    • GnomesForge

      They just did. Angels of Death codex just came out.

  • Rafał Pytlak

    Mortarion confirmed, on second to last picture, we see him flying down od Roboute 😀

    • Well. GW already made an official announcement under the title of “Angel of Decay” I believe.

      • Brian Griffith

        Yeah, only the real dorks are still saying “What if that’s not Mortarion?” Now that we’ve seen pieces of the model.

        • Rafał Pytlak

          Sure, we knew he’s “coming” but here we can see his new design

          • Brian Griffith

            Oh, I didn’t mean to imply you were one of those dorks. Just saw a few reacting to the “Angel of Decay” video that way.

          • Rafał Pytlak

            Out of curiosity: who did they think the Angel of Decay be if not Morty? Typhus ( we havent seen him pimpified in the 8th) or just somebody new?

          • Brian Griffith

            A new guy presumably. And yes GW has previously pulled a few new guys out of their posteriors, but the pattern established with Thousand Sons and Magnus makes this one a no-brainer.

            You’ll note that the artwork also has the new Nurgle Beasts (which I believe I’ve heard will have a new trademark-friendly name).

          • Rafał Pytlak

            Yeah, the beast looks likea mix of a bul land a tyranid drenched in nurgle-sauce. A little bit AOS-marish for my taste, but it may just be the artwork. Nice to see that Papa has some new playthings…

  • Spacefrisian

    But where is Calgar in all this, iam almost starting to mis him.

    • Brian Griffith

      Sitting on a throne on Macragge, sulking.

    • Aura1

      He’s in the mountains, like Rocky IV, getting toughened up to take on the Primaris, who are like Draco, being all big, mean and (possibly) Russian.

  • GnomesForge

    Help me out here… What happened to simple AoS Warscrolls and easy to pick up rules? Wasn’t this supposed to be the streamlined edition? The rule book is bigger than ever and is now $70 CAD and there are more books in the starter set. The entire codex set is $150. That’s $220 for everything, plus faction books later. How exactly has this stopped the problem of big rules, big books and carrying tomes around?

    • Brian Griffith

      There are only twelve pages of core rules.

      • Dylan Pettersson

        $150 for every factions rules seems pretty good to me if you really need all of them. I don’t know why you’d need to carry them all around at once unless you want to play a narrative game with every army or something

      • GnomesForge

        So are these downloadable? It’s still seems like way more than the easy to pick up streamlined game that I envisioned. I mean 7th edition had lots of 2-8 page summaries too so just seems like so much work for little payoff.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      1) The vast majority of the rule book is fluff and deals with the 3 different styles of play. Very little of it is actual rules, rules.

      2) I would not buy all of the Indexes. These are stopgap products meant to tide everyone over until each faction is given its own Codex. Buy what you will play for the next 6 or so months.

      3) There is an app coming but GW said it will not be ready for a few months.

      4) All you need is the core rulebook and the Index for your army. This is massively simpler than 7th.

  • Alexis Muscat

    I would like to point out that yes there is Morty in one of these pics but in the same pic there’s also new Beasts(1)and Greater Daemons(2) of Nurgle showing their heads . http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8288b073f4824fbeb7af4b44038e4348e9c2ca64c49ab6817d894f9c27043a67.png

    • Red_Five_Standing_By


      I still do not understand why people are claiming Morty is in the picture.

      • Aura1

        Because there’s a giant character the same size as Guilliman, flying at Guilliman, carrying a massive scythe and holding out a pistol which is the combo Mortarion used. I think that’s mostly where the guesswork comes from.

  • The one question I have: what, in detail, does the “fly” rule/keyword do?

    Specifically I’m curious to see if it replicates the old function of a thrust move or similar.

    • Red_Five_Standing_By

      Normally when you fall back out of a combat, you are unable to shoot. Fly allows a unit that is falling back to shoot.

      It does not sound meaningful until you use it. It is really good.

      • Anthony Keen

        units with the fly keyword can also assault flyers.

      • That implies that you have survived at least one round of combat first, which is not a typical outcome for my army.

        Oh well. Maybe 9th Ed.

  • Manowaffle

    I was kinda hoping they’d reduce the amount of re-rolls and d6 stats, but I’ll stay on the hype train for now.

  • alberto alderighi

    7th ed dead and so is the personalization of your HQ sigh whole reason why i started CSM, i hope they plan to re introduces relic again. Also made rules for give free troops for 4 legion but left BL and CS with no termy and possessed tropp choice, im sad.

    Sad also for the whole new lascannon meta incoming…

  • Koen Cambré

    I’ve been looking at my GKs and so many things don’t make any sense anymore for their points, but they just copy/pasted it from the previous book it seems.

    I really don’t get why GK terminators are still paying extra points for their weapons… Purifiers still have their old cost, but lost their spell master 2 AND lost their 2 attacks each. They are identical to strike squads now, except they cost 26ppm instead of 19… All that for the privilege of getting a second weapon.

    It’s the only downer on the whole new edition so far, as the rules in general appear quite good, but some things are just not balanced/costed appropriately at all, even within the same codex.