40K Now has Strength 30 Weapons

Forge World and the 8th Edition rules have allowed weapons and units simple impossible in previous editions!

As we all know, Forge World is racing to get all their model’s rules out.  They are doing it in a series of 4 books:

The first two of these: Astartes and Chaos are out and flying through the internet and mail to gamers across the planet. The Astra Militarum and Xenos won’t be far behind.

What 8th Rules Allows

One of the early things that opened gamer’s eyeballs when 8th was being teased was the discarding of the 1-10 scale for many stats.  The updated STRENGTH vs TOUGHNESS chart only deals in statistical comparisons. thing like equal, greater than, lesser than, double or more, half or less.

Now most of the “normal part” of the game lives in the 3-6 side of things like S4 bolters, T3 Eldar, T5 Plaguemarines, and the occasional  – OMG S10 Vindicator Cannon.

But the new system is elegant in that is allows for scaling up on the high end of things.  We got a hint of this when folks notices little things like the S:14 shots from the T’au Stormsurge’s primary gun.

Welcome to Forge World

But then titans got involved.  You just knew they were going to be REALLY REALLY SCARY didn’t you?

Now we’re not going to ruin the book for you, but here’s just a teensy taste of what is possible under the 8th rules – using the Chaos titans as examples.

The Warhound

Remember this is the little titan. 35 wounds, T9, and a Sv3+, in addition to a void shield invulnerable save to keep away the big stuff.  It’s fast – 24″ fast and has all the special rules you need to stomp your way to victory. Infernal God Engine means there are no cheap tricks to lock it down or keep it from blazing away. If you Advance, you’re hitting 36″ a turn, and if the bad guys eventually bring you down, make a beeline for the center of their army and hope you take them with you in blaze of atomic fury.

On the weapons side of things the dual turbo-laser destructor should keep Land Raider drivers up at night. The Inferno gun is going to thin out hordes fast and the Titan Stride special rules can also make large groups of models trying to swamp a Warhound in the Fight Phase a dicey proposition.

Onto the BIG guys….

Here’s a quick tease at the Reaver titan – remember it’s the medium titan. I don’t envy anyone who has to face off against one. 60 wounds with T10 and Void Shields is going to be a grind.

About that Strength 30…

Finally, you’ve been waiting for it. You will have to buy the books to see exactly what kind of utter lunacy a Warlord titan is – but here’s a taste of it’s weapons options…

I have nothing to add – those stats speak for themselves. All hail the Belicosa – KING of weapons!

Go buy these right away to prepare yourselves:


Index: Forces of the Adeptus Astartes

– The Battle Armour section includes 10 datasheets for using your tank miniatures;
– The Heavy Armour section includes 6 datasheets for using your heavy, super-heavy and assault tank miniatures;
– The Dreadnoughts section includes 7 datasheets for using your Dreadnought miniatures;
– The Strike Craft section includes 10 datasheets for using your flyer miniatures;
– The Battlefield Support includes 9 datasheets for using your artillery, drop pods and stronghold miniatures;
– 6 datasheets for using your War Machines of the Grey Knights, The Inquisition & Adepta Sororitas miniatures;
– 26 datasheets for using your Imperial Armour Character miniatures.

Index: Forces of the Astra Militarum

– 59 datasheets for using your Astra Militarum miniatures;
– 16 datasheets for using your Death Korps of Krieg miniatures;
– 11 datasheets for using your Elysians miniatures;
– 14 datasheets for using your Renegades & Heretics miniatures;
– 7 datasheets for using your Imperial Knights/Knight Questoris miniatures;
– 3 datasheets for using your Titans.

Index: Xenos

– 18 datasheets for using your Eldar/Aeldari miniatures;
– 2 datasheets for using your Dark Eldar/Drukhari miniatures;
– 23 datasheets for using your T’au Empire miniatures;
– 11 datasheets for using your Necron miniatures;
– 19 datasheets for using your Ork miniatures;
– 8 datasheets for using your Tyranids miniatures.

Index: Forces of Chaos

– The Daemon Bound section includes 6 datasheets for using your daemon engine miniatures;
– The Hellforged section includes 18 datasheets for using your tank, artillery and drop pod miniatures;
– The Eyrine Cults section includes 7 datasheets for using your flyer miniatures;
– The Lords of Ruin section includes 5 datasheets for using your Chaos Lord miniatures;
– The Children of the Warp section includes 12 datasheets for using your daemon miniatures;
– 7 datasheets for using your Traitor Questoris miniatures;
– 3 datasheets for using your Chaos Titans miniatures.


~Be careful out there commanders – it’s a scary dangerous galaxy.

  • Kritarion

    False Emperor goes *poof*

    • euansmith

      Heretic! He fall down, go boom!

  • generic eric

    Are there any rules for imperial knights in the GW index?

    • Astmeister

      Yes. For all the Forgeworld Knights. Acheron etc. pp.

    • Koonitz

      Imperium 2 has the GW Imperial Knights. Forge World Index: Astra Militarum has the Forge World Knights.

    • Ravingbantha

      The non Space Marine Imperial Index has rules for the GW knights, the chaos index has the rules for renegade knights.

  • Angel Grinder

    The actual body for the Chaos Warhound has been off the FW site for a while – anyone heard rumbles about it having a makeover?

    • Chris Marler

      I heard that the mold for it broke

  • euansmith
  • Deathwing

    Strength 30 just means no matter what they put out its guaranteed to wound on the lowest possible roll you need to wound. the bigger thing to see is damage 12 with the possibility of up to 6 extra mortal wounds on top of that.

    • Geko747

      Not unless its shooting at another titan, T16 needs S32 to roll 2+

      • Severius_Tolluck

        Suppose but so far even a reaver falls at 10, I would imagine the warlord may be about that, but I would suspect it will fall under t14 or t15?

      • Which you can get on a Warlord. But with the cc-weapon, you also can gain S32.

        • Deathwing

          I am ok with warlords needing 3s to wound other warlords lol

    • James__P

      Indeed. And there’s also the Macro weapon rule to consider:

      “A model armed with a Macro weapon may not fire it if it has moved previously in the turn, unless the firing unit also has the TITANIC keyword. No Macro weapon may be used to make Overwatch attacks.

      “When used against units with the TITANIC or BUILDING keyword, the damage inflicted by a Macro weapon is doubled (this doubling takes place after any randomised damage has been rolled for).”

  • Severius_Tolluck

    wow potential of 72 wounds a turn against another titan will surely do some damage. Not including other weapon systems!

    • Geko747

      If you roll a bunch of 6’s you can rack it up to 108 a turn…

  • Rotten Deadite

    Damn. Still no indications of 30k Mechanicum stats. Might get some for characters, but looks like there’s no hope for Thallax and similar.

    • Brian Griffith

      They were always getting saved for Fires of Cyraxus.

    • Graham Bartram

      Fires of Cyraxus will most likely be the first proper (non index) FW book for 8th. I hope it’s not too long a wait, it’s been long enough already.

  • Wesley Favro

    No Destroyer Tank Hunters 🙁

    • Carey_Mahoney

      Is that true? If so, then that’s nigh-criminal…

  • Defenestratus

    Really interested to see the absolute ruination of titans the phantom pulsar is going to be. I used to be able to make reavers disappear in a single round of shooting with my phantoms’ pair of pulsars.

  • zeno666

    Why didn’t they just update the stats in the app?
    Oh yeah…

  • A.P.

    did i miss where the “Macro” part come in?

    • MechBattler

      Probably similar to the old Primary Weapon. Maybe it gives re-rolls on 1’s or something.

  • MechBattler

    So now the warlord be like …

  • Carey_Mahoney

    If there were Ewoks in 40k, those Titans would be no match for them.