40K: The Emperor is Dead, The Imperium has Fallen Part 2

Gathering Storm may have revealed who the REAL rulers of the Imperium and Guilliman are…

Yesterday in Part One of this theory we recapped the events of Gathering Storm and discussed the possibility the a secret coup took place on Terra. It seems that Roboute Guilliman, not the Emperor, now rules mankind from Holy Terra. For the second time the Avenging Son is accused of building his own empire.

The first time went unremembered

Whether he killed the Emperor to take his place or simply is keeping the comatose Master of Mankind around as a puppet is up for debate. What is clear is that a new power controls the might, and fate of the Imperium. No matter what was said during his conversations with the Emperor, Guilliman is now the one giving orders. But is it Guilliman’s will that now guides the Imperium, or someone else’s? In fact, a closer look at the evidence seems to revel a dark fact: It is Guilliman who is the real puppet.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Take a good look at the picture above. This is Guilliman being enthroned once more as Lord of Ultramar. Gathered here are those you would expect. Ultramarines in plenty of course. Celestine the Living Saint, symbol of the Divine Emperor. Greyfax, a representative of the Inquisition. Then there are two more surprising figures, both literally cloaked in shadow. Archmagos Belisarius Cawl and the Aeldari Yvraine. They stand on the left, the sinister side of the Throne, in opposition to the strong Imperial presence at Guilliman’s right. Both are there due to their role in bringing Guilliman back to life. And either, or both, have the power to control him secretly. It is also interesting to note that of the four heroes mentioned, three: Celstine, Greyfax and Yvraine are positioned in front of Guilliman and his throne. Cawl on the other hand stands in the shadows behind the throne, looming over Guilliman. This is where the adviser, the power behind the throne, the manipulator  would stand. You can see similarities in other art, such as this sketch of Grima Wormtongue and Theoden:

So let us look at the man behind the Throne, Cawl.


Who is Archmagos Belisarius Cawl

More machine now, than man 

Archmahos Cawl emerges from the Gathering Storm as one  of the most important people in the Imperium. Not only is he responsible for bringing back Guilliman, but he is also in charge of the entire Primaris Marines project. He is the mastermind behind not just their birth and augmentation but their equipment and war machines. In doing this he has found, or created, technology that surpasses that found at the height of the Golden Age and the Great Crusade. Technology, such as the new grav tanks that has an almost xenos feel. But who is Cawl, and what drives him?

Cawl was created for Gathering Storm and so we know next to nothing about him. What little we do know is highly suspicious. His claims that he undertook his work work at the behest of Guilliman are supported by no one. Not even Guilliman himself talks about it. Certainly none of his successors, including Ultramarines Chpater Master Marnneus Calgar had any notion of who Cawl is or of his pactIn addition we know that on at least one occasion outside forces controlled his actions and modified his memory. It is unknown how often this happened.

Just like everyone on Westworld! 

All of this should make us very suspicious of Cawl and his actions. In addition it needs to be remembered that Cawl is a member of the Mechnicum and thus, strictly speaking, not an Imperial. Even if he believes in mankind, it doesn’t mean he is loyal to the Emperor. There are sects within the Cult Mechanics that do not recognize the Divinity of the Emperor. We don’t really know where Cawl’s beliefs lie. Then there is also the possibility of Necron taint through the Void Dragon, which may or may not be the Omnissiah. He did show remarkable willingness to work with a Necron lord, who even noted how similar the two being were.

Master of Puppets

Thus there are a couple of reason that Cawl could want to stage a coup and place someone under his control in charge of the Imerpium. It is clear that his actions have given the Adeptus Mechanicus unprecedented control over the Space Marines. This is something that has never happened before. The addition of Primaris Marines to the existing chapters has even in effect placed their agents of  Mars in all chapters, not just the newly raised ones. With the power granted to Cawl, Mars is in ascendance. But did this power come out of gratitude or control?

Guilliman was only able to return to life through the strange suit of armor built for him by Cawl. What if that armor, not only keeps him alive, but also controls him? A suit of armor that Guilliman can never take off and that only Cawl can keep working alone would give Cawl some measure of control over the Primiarch. But given the technology Cawl has at his command it is not impossible to think that he could have a more direct form of control, through implants and cybernetics, over the Avenging Son? Cawl, through the armor he built, has a method of controlling, in effect, the Imperium.

A Red Herring

Cawl, like communism, is a red herring. Though he has the power to control the Imperium, and is an instrument in the grand coup, he is not the puppet master. The name alone is a give away. Cawl is named after the historical Byzantine general Belisarius. Though Belisarius was a brilliant commander, retaking much of the lost Western Empire, Emperor Justinian always feared he was plotting coups and constantly relieved him of command. In the end Belisarius, helped to bring the empire into a new golden age and was always proven to be loyal. So too has Cawl appeared at a dark hour to help reunify a splintered empire. Most likely he even thinks that is what he is doing. But Cawl is not in command of his own actions. Cawl, with his fuzzy memory and unknown background, is just another pawn in a great and deep game.

The Dark Ways of the Xenos


Throughout the story of Guilliman’s return the inscrutable Eldar pop up again and again and again. Their continued presence in the story is highly suspicious. In particular the figures of Sylandri Veilwalker and Yvraine.

Is it possible they are controlling Guilliman and through him the Imperium?  

In fact on looking at it this seems completely possible.

Veilwalker is the first to show up in our story aiding (controlling) the  Archmagos Cawl around whom much revolves. Though her first appearance seems to be her aiding him in finding out about the Pylons that can hold back the warp, it also revels much more.

 “She had come to him in his forge on Mars, where he had labored so long at his sacred task. She had compelled him to venture forth, to take his precious cargo to its long-intended destination. The time is now, she had whispered, and he had been unable to resit. How strange that, until now, he had forgotten that meeting.”

If only we had people to remember things for us

Vielwalker can both control Cawl and manipulate his memories. Cawl thinks that he has spent 10,000 years building a suit of armor and a new army for Guilliman. But has he? His own memory can’t remember the actual conversation that set him on his work. Did Guilliman or did the Eldar order his work? In fact Cawl’s memory is repeatably shown to be faulty.

“His [Cawl] and Veilwalker’s interests were at best in temporary alignment, but even a fleeting alliance had the potentail to alter the Imperium’s course. He’d seen it happen so many times – even if he could no longer recall the details, or even the names of those involved. Too many broken fragments of yesterday, scattered liked a mosiac. “

Or consider Trazyn’s words to Cawl: ” You of all people should understand that memory is a fickle thing.”

The Eldar meanwhile seem very invested in Cawl waking Guilliman up. Vielwalker, and the other Elder take direct action along the way to make sure that Cawl and his armor reach Guilliman. In fact they take a direct hand it that, while leaving Cadia, and it’s pylons, supposedly their goal to protect, to their own devices.

Moreover the resurrection of Guilliman can’t even be done by the armor alone. It takes both the armor and the intervention of Yvraine and the Eldar god of death to bring him back. That fact is something neither Cawl nor Guilliman could have known 10,000 year ago. Why would Guilliman ask Cawl to make such a suit of armor? And why would Cawl think his armor finished when it by itself would not work? And why is it suddenly finished now? Why did it take 10,000 years and finish only at this particular time?

A Twisted Plan Reveled

The Gods are laughing at you 

However all of this does make sense if this is part of a large Eldar plot. What if, the Eldar, through the rebirth ceremony and the suit, built of technology they gave Cawl, are controlling Guilliman and through him the Imperium? This would make sense of the Eldar presence. It would also go far to explain the interest in Cawl and his importance. Guilliman himself never seems to recall asking Cawl to undertake this great work. But it would all make sense if the Eldar, foreseeing these events, manipulated Cawl into bringing Guilliman back as their puppet. If this is the case it also makes pretty much everything Guiliman says suspect. And in fact Guilliman even brings up this very possibility in conversation with Yvraine.

“‘Cawl may have fashioned the armour that I wear, but it was not he alone who ensured my resurrection was it?’ Yvraine smiled demurely. ‘His technology would have healed your physical wounds, Roboute, but you and I know that the worst damage had been done to your soul. So no Primarch: it is by the grace of Ynnead that you stand once more amongst the living’… ‘I could press you for greater insights into the powers that brought me back, and assurances against any taint in their nature,’ said Guilliman, noting how the Ynnari stiffened their postures at this. ‘But I suspect that our newfound understanding is of more value to my father’s realm than my own satisfaction.'”

So here we have presented the possibility that his rebirth was tainted. And really, what makes more sense, that a ton of events just happened to line up with a rare Imperial-Eldar alliance to bring back Guilliman. And once that is accomplished the Eldar, known for their straightforwardness, just depart after getting him to Terra, with no deeper plan?

Wheels within wheels

Or does it seem more reasonable that the Elder hatched a scheme to take over Mankind. For years they have tried to do just this, at least since the Emperor encroached on the Webway and earned their ire. Veilwalker implanted the idea to make a suit of armor into Cawl’s mind. The Eldar then brought him to Guilliman along with the those capable of aiding in the Resurrection. They then used either the suit or the ritual or both, to take control of Guilliman. With Guilliman under their control they went on to insure, through direct and indirect means, that he made it to Terra and the Golden Throne. Once there they had him stage a coup, either by killing the Emperor, or simply taking control of the Imperium. It’s even possible that Cawl’s work was finished long ago and that his masters waited till now, when the Imperium was at the brink and the return of a Primarch would be welcomed rather than questioned, to use it. Whether or not the Emperor is alive, or even if he thinks he is in control, is now irrelevant, it is Guilliman who gives the orders. The Emperor may not even realize that Guilliman is under xenos control. And now with a xenos controlled Guilliman leading the Imperium and the Eldar controlling Guilliman the worst has come to pass. The Imperium has fallen. And the Eldar now rule mankind.

So there you have it, what Horus and the Forces of Chaos failed to do, the Eldar and Guilliman have achieved. Let us know what you think, down in the comments.  



  • David Leimbach

    This article is written from the perspective of the old Imerium full of fear and doubt and deeply superstitious/religious. It ignores the certain possibility that we’ve entered a new age of the noble bright Imperium. Gone is that old musky lose/lose grim dark scenario. Now we have honorable heroes that win unwinable fights and never die! Yay! Gone are the muddled factions where all who engage in war have no hope. We’ve entered a new age of good and evil, black and white. Where the good triumph over evil and we all shout hooray merrily at the end of the battle.

  • Shaun

    This article is Heresy!

  • YetAnotherFacelessMan

    But what of Cypher? The Eldar wanted Guilliman to deliver him to the throneroom, and Guilliman said he would, but he later reneged, suspecting Cypher of some plot against the Imperium. Was Cypher getting to the throne room part of their plan, and that’s why they asked Guilliman to deliver him? Was Cypher getting to Terra, but getting arrested and later escaping part of their plan?

    • Chris Martens

      Cypher is really the reborn Emporer of Mankind!

    • David Leimbach

      Cypher was going to free the perpetual emperor (by killing him) and Guilliman gave him the big “nope”.

  • The_Illusionist

    I’m really looking forward to the part of the plot where another Primarch returns, sees what Guilliman and his Eldar allies have wrought, and proceed to beat the crap out of them.

    My money is on the Lion being the one to do it. He’s already seen Guilliman trying to build an Imperium for his own, saw right through his brother’s rhetoric, and did not like it one little bit. It was an interesting rivalry that I would very much like to see explored again, in the shadow of the Dark Imperium with so much more at stake.

    • petrow84

      Though I long to see a showdown between the Lion and Guilliman, I guess the Eldar have the intelligence about the Fallen to keep Johnson at bay (provided the whole Fallen story happened, as the Dark Angels want us to believe).

    • Gunther Clone C

      Or Russ comes back.

    • Rafał Pytlak

      I’d rather have Russ or Khan. Lion smells of heresy to me…

    • 6Cobra

      Well, if he “did not like it” he sure had a funny way of showing it. You know, becoming its lord protector and all? Until he was fired at Guilliman’s urging. If he has beef with Guilliman, I’d bet thats the reason why.

  • petrow84

    Would be fun if there would be 2 conflicting powers beyond the whole awakening (The Dragon and the Eldar), and they would be manipulated by an unknown 3rd power.
    My money is on CREEEEED!

  • gunsrlove

    And yet none of this is taken into account (or mentions) the Dark Imperium novel, which happens 112 years after GS, or the fact that Gorrillaman himself said ‘i dont trust them”. Or the details included in his meeting with Big E, who is mentioned to be very much alive, perhaps even stronger with his mind powers, but having lost his human sensibilities,(which horrifies G-man). And there is plenty of stuff about Cawl and so on. So the situation is mostly fine for the moment. Well, I mean “fine”. Curious to see more Eldar stuff, what with the resurrection and all.

    Or maybe Guilliman is Alpharius? Who knows. Possibly. Yvraine is Alpharius? OR maybe the Emperor is actually Alpharius!?!?!?

    Or maybe 40k storytelling is in fact very straight forward 95% of the time, especially considering that the huge “mysteries” from the past have just been retconned in later editions. Remember that wacky, drug-fueled Hydra/Inquisition stuff from the 90s? Yeah…

  • TenDM

    Like every conspiracy theory I find myself asking, what’s the point? You’re connecting a lot of random dots while ignoring others, so the Imperium can be controlled by the Eldar who can’t implement any of these supposed plans without ending the game.

    (For the record, even though I’m countering the point I really do like these sorts of articles. They’re a lot of fun.)

  • Scout Charger

    Considering the Involvement of the Harlequins it might in fact alla be part of Cegorach’ s masterpiece. The laughing God might in fact be the puppet master behind this. Preparing the stage for Slanesh’s last dance and the rebirth of his race and pantheon.
    Or, also quite likely, the fifth Chaos God has spun this tale to make his beloved ultrasmurfs ever more awesomerer and make also Space Marines into pretty blue boyscouts.
    Personally I’m hoping for the former but expecting the latter.

  • kevinharoun


  • StingrayP226

    I doubt this because that means GW’s precious Space Marines and most of Ultrmarines are being manipulated. I doubt GW would let their poor babies do anything but be awesome.

    Second I more suspect Yvraine realized that the Imperium while a pain in the Eldar’s rear is the better option over Chaos. A better led/stronger Imperium is a much better “meat shield” or “target” for Chaos than a weaker one. If the Imperium falls to Chaos then the Eldar will be in much more trouble than before.

    Also with the Deamon Primarchs appearing its good to have a loyal Primarch for them to focus on.

  • Love these conspiracy theories. Personally I cant wait to see another loyalist Primarch arrive and the ensuing conflict that arises after Guilliman’s self proclamation as Master in Chief of Mankind. Imagine Russ of the Lion not taking well to him holding so much power or their take on the new Primaris Marines.

    • Kharn121

      I’m thinking the Lion is coming next, why do a new Cypher sculpt for the triumvirate not to mention the events on The Rock from the coming of Magnus.

  • Jm Lentali

    Actually some of it makes sense. A fallen Primarch secretly under the influence of the Xenos after fighting Chaos. The exact reflection of the Horus Heresy, and the circle is now complete.
    Even if these suspicions are wrong and Guilliman is a true loyalist, some in the Imperium might think he is tainted anyway (or do they already ?) and start a new civil war.

  • Dave Satterthwaite

    Seriously guys, THE ELDAR?

    There is no ‘THE ELDAR’. There’s no unified coalition, no shadowy cabal running the show.

    The Ynnari are most definitely not a long term planning organisation, having erupted into being just recently.

    The only thing you could say with even a shred of credibility would be that Cegorach, through his harlequins (specifically Veilwalker) is the mastermind behind this pretty far flung conspiracy.

    But ‘THE ELDAR’?

    No dude, just no.

  • Fergie0044

    a fun thought exercise. Although won’t it be fun if it was all some Cegorach plot, but only a very minor part? Like he needed G-man alive at a particular time and in a particular spot and the whole ‘save the imperium’ thing was just a side effect.

    “Haha, now with the Ultramarines in the correct position we have saved the oracle of sifuilsegb from falling in to the hands of chaos, our 10,000 years of planning is a success.”
    “So what next my lord, what path should we guide the humans down?”
    “Oh I no longer care about them now, besides I can’t be bothered to keep the big blue one as a pet.”

  • Belechem

    What if the Emperor has secretly taken over Guillimans body?

    • Shatterclaw

      That idea came to me as well.

      The father Dieing, traped by the Golden Throne needs a nee vassal, it is the Emperor that had Crawl do his work

  • Gonfrask

    I think that Cawl is in fact Arkahn Land, his body was never recovered when he disapeared in Mars, in Dark Imperium both are polimaths, also, Cawl gives the Imperium a grav-Land Raider (that look familiar…)

    • It could be a cool twist, but it’d also mean Land would have to make a 180 on his stance on obvious augmetics. He also never felt interested in politics or power grabs and even argued against calling it simply “Land Raider”.

      Cawl, by contrast, badgers Guilliman with requests to be named Fabricator General and get Mars handed to him on a silver platter. He also wants to make Primaris on Traitor Geneseed basis, and even bring back the Lost Legions that way. After what Land experienced in the Webway, I can’t see that happening.

      • euansmith

        I guess that being overlooked for promotion for 10,000 years could change one’s priorities. 😉

        • I don’t believe so, not with Land. He *met* the Emperor and talked to him. He was privy to his vision. He honored the Omnissiah with restraint instead of overindulgence.
          Land knew his role in things. Yes, he would look to restore lost technology of course.

          But he’s no specialist on genetic manipulation. The Emperor interviewed him as a second opinion on whether or not Angron’s nails could be removed, but that’s as close to the Primarch project as he got.

          He thought the Exiles of Mars were becoming complacent and didn’t like Fabricator General Kane much, but Cawl is far too petty and power hungry, too absorbed in his heretek business to align with what Land stood for.

          I won’t rule it out entirely. After all, we’ve seen stuff like this before. The brightest yet may fall. It’d be down to how it is told to make it believeable, and if it ever happens, I pray that it’ll be revealed in a Black Library novel rather than a studio release.

      • Gonfrask

        Well, all this is theorical (and nothing practical XD), but it is said that there were evidences of an attack on Arkhan Land´s expedition, maybe Arkhan was wounded (and seriously) so he needed augmetics althought he refussed its use.
        Also, I could talk (badly, as you can read) about that Arkahn doesn´t like how the Mechanicum works nowdays (he wasn´t very friend of Kane and was more practical than mystic) so could think he is the best man now

      • Rafał Pytlak

        The Lost Legions as in II and XIX or make new (just loyal and untainted) Iron Warriors, World Eaters and so on?

        • Cawl wants to create both, Guilliman wants neither to happen. He dislikes Cawl but sees him as a necessary evil still, but tries to keep him in check until he has to deal with him eventually.

          • Rafał Pytlak

            I must admitt that I want to see the faces of traitor legions seeing “new”versions of them on a battlefield. “Lucious, are you seeing this? Those purple-and-gold guys were fighting against? Don’t they look familiar? Or those white-blue World Eaters? What the Malal?”. ^_^

          • Darth Bumbles

            I’d love for some Primaris Marines to turn out to be loyal to their Primarch and not Bob and the Imperium.
            Probably AL, IW or WB because all the others basically fell because of stuff that happened, like being present at a Slaneshii orgy or getting the super sniffles.

  • The author still needs to read Dark Imperium by Guy Haley. All this tinfoil hattery would have been nice a month ago, not when so many answers were already presented.

  • nurglitch

    Read Guy Haley’s Dark Imperium.

  • TheWanderingJewels
  • Joel Fowler

    Nobody notes that Yvraine died a a very specific moment, just in time to be ressurrected to start the Ynnarri? Me thinks some one is manipulating everything (CREEEEEEED?)

  • georgelabour

    Obviously written before the author read Dark Imperium. But still a fun read even if a good chunk of it has now been answered.

  • MightyOrang

    you’re drinking your own bathwater if you think Bobby G would betray the emperor

  • Chuck

    First, I think your premise is purposefully controversial to spur debate. Which is fine. Here’s my debate.

    I think Veilwalker (but not the Eldar as a whole) definitely steered these events, but I doubt she has planned it for 10,000 years. More likely she saw coming events and immediately started spinning plates to get things going the right way.

    Guilliman’s armor was probably sitting idle because Guilliman was in stasis. But Veilwalker no doubt knew that Cawl had a bunch of stuff (Primaris marines, new tanks, new dreadnoughts) waiting in the wings to launch. But you know how effectively-immortal engineers are – they’re like perfectionist painters. They just keep fiddling with the details, never considering any project truly “done.” So Cawl was sitting on all kinds of awesome toys until, y’know, “they were done.” Or something like that.

    The other Eldar… sorry, Aeldari… are clueless! Yvraine, for instance, has zero inkling that her destiny has anything to do with Ynnead or Guilliman until it goes down on Commorragh. Eldrad always seems to be walking the line between “I see everything!” and “WTF is going on?!?”

    Veilwalker definitely manipulated Cawl, but seemingly her real focus was Cawl learning about the pylons. Veilwalker also works over Eldrad, possibly Cypher, and helps fight Magnus. She does all of this to get Roboute resurrected and ferry him to Terra. Then she vanishes.

    I think her goal in this is pretty clear – she’s a Harlequin, after all. Her goal is to stick a thumb in the eye of Chaos in the most hilarious and/or ironic way possible. And what better way to screw with Chaos than to turn their greatest triumph in 10,000 years into the moment that the Emperor’s Son awakens and takes the fight right to them? Pretty good joke.

  • Hamish Beer

    Interesting that Guilliman is frequently said to never be able to take his new armour off, yet in the Dark Imperium novel he walks around in robes and is then ‘armoured’ by attendees before going to war? A few continuity issues to be resolved?

    • Evil Otto

      Well, the book takes place 100 years later. He might have recovered from… umm… death by then.

  • MechBattler

    Cawl runs Guilliman on Windows XP. As long as he has all the cables in the right slots he runs okay. He lags from time to time when the little hourglass is spinning though. Cawl’s worst fear is that Guilliman might Blue Screen at an inopportune moment which would be indicated by Guilliman getting stuck repeating the same thing over and over, sparks flying from his joints, and his head spinning around like Regan.

  • Sebastian Marrero

    Sure, you’ve got plenty of evidence that a Coup may have been staged under the influence of Eldar but you forget one possible detail: Guileman could be a plant/swap with Alpharius. You know they fought, one died, supposedly. One small face surgery, 10,000 years of time for details to be forgotten and you can’t easily know the difference between the primarchs.

  • Trey

    The Emperor in many book and fluff has seen far in to the future, “eye of terror” shows this very well. It is equally possible that the plots of the Eldar and the Mars are just more moves he made long ago.

  • SilentPony

    This is all nonsense. You notice that picture also has dark angels in it?
    It was obviously written to show the Triumphant models off, not give secret information.

  • LordKrungharr


  • Rafał Pytlak

    …or it’s all just poor/subpar writing full of coincidences to promote and sell new stuff? Don’t overuse your poor little head too much, lad.

  • John Alistair

    Big Papa Smurf is loyal to the Emperor and the Imperium. If it were any other primarch then maybe, but not him. I reckon he went into the throne room, saw the Emperor’s skeleton sat atop the Golden Throne and thought to himself “ah… bugger” and spent the day figuring out what to do next.
    We know the Emperor’s consciousness is in the warp and not in his body any more, but he’s anchored to reality by the throne keeping his psychic self attached to it.

    I hope the Lion turns up soon – he’s the most likely to.

    I say “we know” but when do we ever know anything for sure about 40k? For all I know the Emperor could thoroughly enjoy being a skeleton and does in fact have lively conversations with his Custodes guards.

  • Urban Bungledorph

    But what is the motive? At the start of the Heresy the Eldar wanted humanity to destroy itself. So maybe they farsaw this chaos incursion and decided to reinforce humanity in order to achieve their original goal. They knew chaos would roll over humanity, but through intervention they wanted the two forces to destroy eachother.

    • davepak

      that was then, this is now….or, 40,000 years from now….

  • Rayna M. McCowan

    Too direct for the Eldar, the Eldar would never show their hands so blatantly. They through their Farseers, Laughing God, and Black Library knew the best course of action was an Imperium of Man with a living leader. There was no way to resurrect the Emperor, the Lion was a proven lunatic likely to murder the Imperium, the others lost to the Warp or Eye of Terror, Guilliman was a proven leader repeatedly with a level head. Indirectly they have taken control of the Imperium’s fate, but it is one that helps the Eldar survive, to this end it is one that helps the Imperium survive as well, for now, as if the Imperium falls then Chaos will consume the Galaxy and the Eldar will be not but Slaanesh’s playthings. Direct control is foolish and short sighted, the Eldar merely nudged the table just right to get things to play in their favor, as usual.

  • marxlives

    This article was great. It was like an Alex Jones take on 8th ed fluff.

  • Heinz Fiction

    Of course the Eldar are behind everything. They can see the future after all.

  • Spit-Burn

    The Blue Meanie is due a fall soon in any case – it never EVER goes to plan. Bonus points if it’s Lorgar or Alpharius and they’re the good guys this time…

  • Jennifer Lynn Larsen

    I’ve just started learning the lore, and I already have SO MANY conspiracy theories. I can’t wait to read everything and learn more. *shuffles off to read the Harlequins and Gathering Storm II*

    • Jennifer Lynn Larsen

      Also, I mean… Is the Eldar being in control the worst thing? Or… THE BEST THING EVER. *flounces*

  • Ryan Miller

    I could care less about all this. I just want to know if Medusa is engulfed in a warpstorm and if the Iron Hands get some uniqueness in 40k! It isn’t easy being vanilla with sprinkles…

    At least I have 30k if the Xth doesn’t get anything in 40k.

  • Richard Villeneuve

    I will leave this here. Not need of lot of explaination when it is written in the book. http://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/40604b857e5f51951445309ddef20a6e18795302bb64d6037418a91c47bb0643.jpg

  • davepak

    All unfold along the path of the Deceiver’s plan….

  • kobalt60

    Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams

  • Gary Lane

    The Imperium would be far better off with the more advanced and intelligent Eldar running it!

  • BlueRingedCephalopodofChaos

    Ferrus comes back. Heads will roll. So to speak.

  • BlueRingedCephalopodofChaos

    Looking forward to the moment Guilliman turns around and says “I am Alpharius.”

  • Jonathon Runge

    Still waiting for the Forge of Mars series( Priests of Mars, Lords of Mars, and Gods of Mars) to have a wider impact. There are some galaxy shaking and spoiler heavy events happen at the very end. You would think that someone who used C’Tan shards as power sources would have some kind of impact.