AoS: Hammerhand & Khul Get Points

The Two Heroes from The Age of Sigmar Starter sets finally get points and rules tweaks for matched play games!

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Vandus Hammerhand – 280 Points

Vandus Hammerhand is a sworn enemy of the Dark Gods. As Lord-Celestant of the hammers of Sigmar his warriors fight as one, energised by his purpose and might. Vandus was the first to tame a celestial Dracoth, and the first to harness the beast’s ability to breathe bolts of magical force. Respected by all, and trusted implicitly by Sigmar himself, he is haunted constantly by visions of his mortal tribe’s death – these visions spur him to astonishing acts of vengeance against Chaos in the Mortal Realms.

Download Vandus Hammerhand’s Profile HERE



Korghos Khul – 200 Points

Korghos Khul commands no mere army, but a legion of bloodthirsty murderers. United under his banner, the Goretide have slaughtered indiscriminately – helped in no small measure by the presence of Bloodsecrators, who drag their master’s icon to every corner of the Mortal Realms, there to rip open the fabric of reality and allow the red-hot wrath of Khorne himself to send the followers of the Blood God into apoplectic battle-rage.

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Finally getting points for Matched Play for these two heroes has been a long time coming. Now players can start adding them into their games for the appropriate points values. It might seem like a little thing but both of these kits were basically be used as “stunt doubles” in there respective armies. Vandus Hammerhand also has the distinction of being the only named Character in the Stormcast Eternals. I’m hesitant to count the Celestant-Prime as a “named” character because it seems more like a title. The identity of the Celestant-Prime is a mystery; we know more about his hammer after-all!

Points wise Vandus Hammerhand is a tad more expensive on the tabletop than a generic Lord-Celestant on a Dracoth, but his ability is also a bit more useful. Same with Korghos Khul who is very effective at getting a surprise pile-in move on enemy characters. Both of these character bring a little something extra to the table are are now worth considering for Match Play.


What do you think of these two heroes? Are they worth the points to add them to your list or are you happy with the “generic” versions of them?

  • Angry Panda

    Korghus Khul is a beast; he’s gonna tear apart hero and monster alike. 200 points is an investment however…

  • Drew

    While the identity of the Celestant-Prime is technically a mystery, it is very, VERY strongly implied that he is Karl Franz, AKA Sigmar’s avatar from the World-that-Was.

    • Where exactly? Because it certainly wasn’t in the novellas/novels he featured in.

      Doesn’t really make much sense either, considering Sigmar is sitting around in Karl Franz’s body.

      • Drew

        I haven’t read most of the novels; in one of the Realmsgate Wars fluff/gaming books (I can’t remember which- I think maybe the one after Quest for Ghal Maraz), it describes the Celestant Prime as having been waiting, as the chosen of Sigmar, a great champion and leader of men who fought to the last against Chaos, but who was incomplete without the Hammer of Sigmar (which KF had previously wielded). I think it even specifically references that he hailed from the World-that-Was.

        The impression I got was that Karl Franz’s body was destroyed along with the rest of the W-t-W, but that Sigmar’s divine essence continued on, only to reforge KF later into the Celestant Prime.

        • It states he was a king of men and defender of humans, sure, but Karl was Emperor, and Elector Count, not King. If anything, it would fit King Louen Leoncoeur more than Karl Franz – he actually died defending Altdorf against Chaos while Karl Franz was possessed by Sigmar himself and surrendered his body.
          The books also state somewhere that the Celestant Prime wielded Ghal Maraz for the first time after it was reclaimed.

          They also say that the CP was from the “Age of Myth” I believe, which doesn’t begin until after Sigmar is resurrected by Dracothion.

          In Scion of the Storm by C.L. Werner, from Hammers of Sigmar, the CP is presented as the point of view protagonist and various references to his previous life are made. They are distorted by Tzeentch, of course, but there are bits that simply won’t fit with Karl Franz

        • batweb

          Wasn’t Valten the chosen of Sigmar and wielder of Ghal Maraz?