BoLS STREAMING NOW: 40k Desolation of Baal, X-Wing

Come play with the BoLS team! – A Blood Angels company fights for survival on their homeworld, plus battles in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

We are going over this last week’s Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition 3 part mini-campaign. Follow Blood Angels Captain Olivander who faces a battle for survival upon his birthworld – the blighted radioactive waste of Baal. Come see a 30 year old 40K army fight for the Emperor all week!

The Desolation of Baal

Desolation of Baal – Part 1: Sandy Vengeance (watch LIVE NOW)

Captain Olivander of the Blood Angels 3rd Battle Company is en route to a distant energy processing plant on Baal, to investigate anomalous sensorium readings. As his armored column pushes past the dunes and catches sight of his objective, and ancient industrial interchange – the sands are lit up by hostile fire.  Lord Dhrakaar has arrived on Baal and has not forgotten his defeat at Olivander’s hands onboard the Sin of Damnation. Vengeance will be his – but Olivander has some tricks up his sleeve.



After the 40K game, join us for some starfighter action on a tabletop Far, Far Away…


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