Bolt Action: New British Airborne Division


This set is huge – it includes the full airborne starter army, a horsa glider, and more!

I’m a WW2 fanatic and this Horsa glider in 28mm is GORGEOUS!

British Airborne Division – $190.00

Packed with everything you need to take on the might of Germany this awesome set works particularly well alongside Pegasus Bridge or the Ham & Jam collectors set! You also get the Exclusive Dennis On model with this deal, win the war with true British grit!

  • The entire British Airborne Starter Army
  • British Airborne HQ
  • Tetrarch Light Tank
  • British Airborne Jeep & Trailer
  • British Airborne Drop Canisters
  • Never Surrender British Para Dennis on
  • Horsa Glider




409911103 British Airborne Jeep & Trailer with Horsa Glider


409911102 British Airborne Landing Platoon with Horsa Glider


~MUST have the Horsa… resistance failing…

  • Severius_Tolluck

    The glider is neat

    • euansmith

      I rather like the little Tetrach Tank.