Company of Iron Announced by Privateer Press

There’s an all new skirmish game set in the Iron Kingdoms headed your way. Here’s the details!

Looking for a fast skirmish game set in the Iron Kingdoms? Like 15 minutes fast?  this should be right up your alley.

via Privateer Press

Bellevue, WA — Privateer Press has announced its upcoming game set in the world of WARMACHINE and HORDES: Company of Iron.

Company of Iron is a squad-based skirmish game that reinvents WARMACHINE and HORDES battles as smaller confrontations between fewer warriors and their character leaders. Average games are played with 10–15 miniatures, and Company of Iron is compatible with the majority of the existing miniatures in the WARMACHINE and HORDES product lines. The rules for Company of Iron have been streamlined and do not include warcasters or warlocks but can include light warjacks and light warbeasts.

The Company of Iron box set is designed for two players and will contain two 20-point armies, including a unit of Cygnar Stormblades and a unit of Minion Farrow Brigands. Additionally, two all-new character solos will be included to lead their respective units: Lieutenant Gwen Keller and Agata, Queen of Carnage. These new models can be used in both Company of Iron and in WARMACHINE and HORDES. All components needed to play the game are in the box set, including rules, tokens, and two types of cards that allow players to choose specialties for their squad leaders as well as battle plans that can provide powerful effects and advantages in combat.

Company of Iron uses the core rules of WARMACHINE and HORDES but has been tailored for the scale of the game and the absence of warcasters and warlocks. Emphasizing its fast-paced skirmish scale and the focus on small squads and solos, gameplay revolves around players taking turns activating one model at a time as opposed to the alternating activation in WARMACHINE and HORDES, in which players activate their entire army during a single turn.

“We have designed Company of Iron as an ideal entry point for new players who want to play in the world of WARMACHINE and HORDES,” said Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson. “But it’s also a product the existing WARMACHINE and HORDES community has been requesting for years, and it scratches that itch for players craving a fast-paced tactical experience that can be played with a shorter time commitment.”

Company of Iron will arrive in stores in October 2017 with an MSRP of $74.99. Players can get their first look at it at the Privateer Press booth exhibiting at the upcoming Origins Game Fair next week.

Ultra fast paced skirmish with a dozen or so models is the new trend for 2017. There is now a thriving eco-system of them from Frostgrave, to Shadow War Armageddon, to Age of Sigmar Skirmish and more.  It’s good to see Privateer getting into the genre. Note that as we’ve seen with the Iron Kingdoms  RPG, this came is also based on the core Warmachine/Hordes rules structure. That will mean an easy of transfer for players in between the various game systems Privateer offers.


~ More on this one soon.


  • Dan Brugman

    This is one of those rare times I think PP is behind the 8ball. There are to many skirmish games already. It’ll be a hard market to break into for anyone outside their existing customers.

    • Matthew Pomeroy

      It might also push the folks who are fence sitting about the game due to loving the setting but not the rules over towards them. I am not a fan of the current warmahordes gameplay, but love the setting and models. This will definately work for me!

      • ZeeLobby

        Right there with yah. I like WMH game play as is, but it gets tiring always having to play around a single figure. Was really hoping they’d release a non-caster version.

        • marxlives

          I think it started development because of the success of the Company of Iron league. That there is a desire to do small or even large games that are warcaster absent. Which is fine, not every battle has a warcaster. And campaigning those battles would be awesome.

          • ZeeLobby

            Yeah. I just wish they had more support for like creating your own warcaster. It’s one of the things I dislike most about WMH, is the lack of customization, and the use of “named” characters. I avoided it heavily in both WHFB and 40K. While I appreciate the streamlining and quality of the WMH rules, I’d love to have that aspect back.

          • UnpluggedBeta

            I’m with you; I assume they don’t do it because of balance. For this reason, I heavily convert a lot of the warcasters and solos I buy; the rules are the same, but at least it’s my guy, random warcaster #1335 instead of, say, the leader of the entire faction.

      • Yeah but we need MOAR Gators!!! The Agata is one of the characters from Widower’s Wood I think…

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah. With the punch daggers! Sweet sweet punch daggers.

      • chris harrison

        I am a big fan of the rules and the setting, but I quit because WarmaHordes night turned into a “TFG” convention. I’m not opposed to people being into competitive play, but not to the point where they treat every game as if playing against a casual gamer is a waste of their time.

    • zeno666

      So you think that they shouldn’t even bother trying?

    • Jay Barton

      But company of iron is not new… It’s been a thing for a while now. This is just a box with models and printed rules.

  • Xodis

    I would be willing to give this a shot. My Ret army needs some playtime and I dont really enjoy the normal WM/H format.

  • neshta

    PP is really killing it! TWO female characters on the cover!

    • ZeeLobby

      It is refreshing.

    • euansmith

      Yeah, but they are discussing how they feel about Sebastian Nemo, so it unfortunately fails the Bechdel Test 😉

      One on the things I like about Warmahordes is the inclusion of female minis.

      • Grasshopper

        I must give them credit – PP seems like a company that thinks about how to open up their market. At least how to represent female characters. I wonder why GW doesn’t copy this approach? Now that they are “reinventing” themselves, they really, really should think about how to make it more appealing for female gamers. Heck, they even had a big group picture of happy looking young men and women on their front page for some time. What happened with that, GW? Increase your market share, goddamit!

    • miniwar monger

      Yeah !! And one of them has brown skin and dreads !

      Somehow i feel the blond blue eyed chick is supposed to be the hero of good….

    • CloakingDonkey

      fascinating. I didn’t even notice.

  • Damon Sherman

    I’m so ready to rock Dr Nick with his steelheads in this format. Though, i wouldn’t argue if PP decided to give us another cool Steelhead solo…. 🙂

  • georgelabour

    A tactical skirmish game of squad based combat set in the Iron Kingdoms? And you need less than a dozen models to play?

    Wassn’t that supposed to have been Warmachine’s original selling point compared to ‘army games’ that required ‘to many models’?

    • ZeeLobby

      Uh. Yes? I mean companies change over 15+ years. Game scales always go up you unless you have a continuous increase in player base, otherwise there’s no growth. Glad to see their now offering a more introductory level of entry.

    • Gregory Heyes

      I remember a time of 15pt games, when it was a ‘caster, 2-3 ‘jacks, a couple of squads of infantry…ah, those were th days…

      • georgelabour

        I remember a lot of guys arguing over who could do what and when as they struggled to get first turn kills on each other. =^.^=

        Which was one of the reasons I stuck with other games despite rabidly devouring every RPG thing they’d done up until that point.

  • ForgottenLore

    Sounds intriguing, but…

    “Company of Iron is a squad-based skirmish game”

    That is what Warmahordes is. Squad based means it is based on squads of figures instead of individual models

    “taking turns activating one model at a time as opposed to the
    alternating activation in WARMACHINE and HORDES, in which players
    activate their entire army during a single turn.”

    Activating one model at a time IS and alternating activation system, players alternate activating figures. Activating your entire army during a single turn is an “I go, You go” system as one player does all their stuff and then the other player does there.

    Nevertheless, I look forward to testing this. One of the big things that has kept me out of Warmahordes is the importance of warcasters and the focus on ‘jacks. A game that focuses on the infantry and removes the “checkmate” nature of play may appeal greatly.

    • ZeeLobby

      Lol. Yeah. Their misunderstanding of AA is curious. And I think they were just emphasizing no casters. I’m not sure how much of a skirmish game WMH is as well. Pretty easy to put down 40+ models in some factions. I’ve always considered 10-15 to be skirmish (from a tabletop standpoint, clearly a real skirmish battle would involved hundreds of troops).

      • ForgottenLore

        Yeah, WH itself has grown since its inception, I was more drawing attention to the fact that this ISN’T squad based

        • ZeeLobby

          Yeah. True that. Unless you buy models in squads or there’s some kind of coherency. Which you could do with single model AA. Still probably the wrong term though.

        • euansmith

          Indeed, I presume they mean “squad level” rather than “squad based”; like 40k being a Company Level, Squad Based game.

          Fingers crossed that this will be fun. I’ve long liked some of the Warmahordes’ models, but have been put off by the gameplay.

  • Drpx

    So, its a skirmish game based off a skirmish game. But lacking what made the first version unique.

    • ZeeLobby

      I’m fine with that. I don’t find the original all that fun to play, but like the models, their dedication to balance and the background (in which characters never get “assassinated”), so I’m pretty excited.

      • Drpx

        I could care less about the casters/locks going away, tbh, but playing WMH without jacks and beasts feels wrong.

        • ZeeLobby

          Light beasts and Jack’s are in tho. If it’s successful I could see them expanding.

    • ChubToad

      Exactly my concern. Wasn’t WMH already a skirmish game? In any case, if they have the same cheap plastic models than the faction boxes and I’ll never buy this product.

      • Drpx

        Yeah, say what you will about GW but they do mean it when they say they’re about quality models.

        • ZeeLobby

          They def have the process and materials down. If they could just realize that less is more sometimes when it comes to aesthetics.

  • miniwar monger

    Go plastic or go home Privateer !!!

    • V10_Rob

      Only if it’s REAL plastic.

  • zeno666


  • Matt Razincka

    15 minutes? I think you may be misreading “Average games are played with 10–15 miniatures”.

  • CloakingDonkey

    Now if only their models weren’t made of crappy PVC and didn’t cost a fortune in Europe, I’d actually consider this.

  • Jay Mort

    Now that there are 300% more STORMBLADE ONLY FEMALE named characters than practically every person who reads this site can point to female Warmachine players in their LGS…

    Can we now stop acting like we have to grovel and beg the wymonz just to play our games?