The emperor’s beard #227: Ride eternal!

“A lot of those cans survived the apocalypse, for unknown reasons.”

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The emperor’s beard

  • euansmith

    I guess that, in a post apocalyptic wasteland, you will eventually run out of spray paint, and will have to improvise.

    • Dennis J. Pechavar

      This comment is funnier than the comic. 😛

      • AEZ

        No it’s not.. However both the comment and the comic are better than the movie 😀

        • euansmith

          No they’re not; though the comment, the comic and movie are better than catching you’re ‘nads in a zipper – especially someone else’s zipper.

  • polyquaternium7

    hahahaha XD

  • petrow84


  • MechBattler

    As they’re a bunch of VERY creative gearheads, it’s entirely possible they figured out how to make chrome paint and pressurize the aerosol cans themselves. Which would explain why there’s so much of the stuff.

    Need evidence? Prisoners figure out how to make their own tattoo kits out of junk all the time.