FW: More Imperial Armour Index Teasers

Warhammer Digital has two more teaser Datasheets for all you Forge World fans out there – come take a look!

If you pop over to Warhammer Digital you can download a free extract from their store for the upcoming Imperial Armour Index: Xenos & Astra Militarum. Hidden in those previews are two more datasheets to take a look at.

via Warhammer Digital

Tyranid Dimachaeron

The Dimachaeron appears to have evolved for a single purpose, to slaughter those identified among their prey as leaders in the midst of battle, spreading terror and dismay among the ranks of all who resist the Hive Mind’s advance. Bristling with blade-arms studded with sickle-like claws, it can slice a fully armoured Space Marine in two and, able to leap a Leman Russ battle tank without breaking stride, when stalking its prey the Dimachaeron dispenses with the slow, stealthy approach of the Lictor and instead relies on sheer brutality and animalistic rage, leaving a gore-soaked trail of carnage behind it.

The Dimarchaeron is a strange one. It’s a Toughness 6 Monster with 14 wounds. It hits like a freight-train in close combat and it’s specialty appears to be munching on Infantry. Not counting vertical distances when it moves means it should be able to jump up walls or hills no problem. I’m curious to see how that interacts with the “Ruins” special rules because those specifically state that MONSTER models must end their move on the bottom floor. Maybe the Dimachaeron cab essentially bypass walls and get to the other side without penalty.

Imperial Navy Marauder Destroyer

The Marauder Destroyer variant was developed during the second war for Armageddon after heavy losses among Imperial Navy forces. Ork air power quickly came to dominate the skies across Armageddon, and forced the few remaining Marauders to be refitted to operate at night, flying at extremely low level where they could evade detection. Their new heavier weapon payload makes them ideal tank hunters, capable of destroying even super-heavy vehicles in a single attack run.


The Marauder Destroyer is no joke! This flying fortress brings the pain in all sorts of ways. First off, T 7 with 20 wounds and a +3 save will take this flyer on more than a single bombing run. Couple that with the -1 to hit due to “Hard to Hit” and it’s going to cause folks more headaches. On top of all that dakka, those Heavy bombs can generate up to 12 mortal wounds in one go – OUCH! It also doesn’t take any penalties for moving and firing it’s heavy weapons. Doing some rough “back of the napkin” math this then can generate about a million* shots a turn.

*Actually, it’s 30 shots + heavy bombs + up to 8 hellstrike missiles in one turn.


What do you think of these two new teasers from Warhammer Digital?

  • Tanithilis

    Regarding the Dimachaeron, that has to be a typo on the grasping talons, right? Double the strength AFTER you’ve rolled to wound? Does that have any impact on the game whatsoever? I suppose there might be some modifiers to to-wound rolls out there, but generally speaking, when does a 6 to wound NOT successfully wound?

    If it is a typo, I’m concerned as to the level of accuracy within these books.

    • orionburn

      Yeah…that’s got to be wrong. It’s got to mean to-hit rolls of 6+ doubles the strength. What the hell good does doubling strength do after you’ve already wounded it?

      There were critiques of proof reading mistakes with the main rule book so somebody’s slacking in their job!

      • Alienerd the unbannable

        There were typos on the other ones which they showed off last time as well. Come on FW, you are quickly checking over 6 datasheets before sending them to the warhammer community folks. Get it together.

    • Desmond Burke

      It works just like any other ‘on a 6’ roll. So while most times it may not matter for doubling the strength, but the D6 wounds is nice.

      I do see your point though ­čÖé

      • Literally never matters, 6’s always wound, so a 6 is a wound whether or not the S doubles

  • Foxdonut

    Funny how the Marauder cant even kill a rhino with its bombing run. Just Imagine the crew freaking out as 5300lbs of ordnance scratches their custom paint job. Then they remember that they can just repair it themselves.

    • Chris Hilliard

      Funny how the two Tactical Squads and the Chaplain also took wounds from a single attack. This is a multi-unit bombing run, not a precision strike on a single target. That’s what the 22 shots plus 8 missiles are for!

      • Foxdonut

        You cant bomb multiple units, read it again.

        • Chris Hilliard

          Weird layout on that. Its formatted like the multi-target attacks, and specifies single target in an awkward way. I guess its still effective on Sentinels and other walkers, but that’s not nearly as fun.

  • davepak


    Feels like this was an old edit, or someone got lazy and did not review the Dimachaeron.

    X2 Str?
    What is the point of x2 str AFTER you have already wounded something – my guess is that in an older revision maybe that is how you got mortal wounds.

    What the heck is that? Sounds like a rule written before they defined FLY. Should just have fly.

    in looking at a lot of the FW stuff – it feels ….rough.
    Like it needs another review and editing. Not just typos either – just missing design consideration.

    FW – please consider some open review of rules before sending books to the printers. This is the new GW, and rules matter – you guys make great models – you do – but the bar has been raised a bit, and I think sharing a bit of ‘beta’ rules might be a good idea. thank you.

    • Brendon Erker

      Or, hear me out now, they didn’t want it to have FLY. Because that would mean it could charge planes and retreat from a melee and charge back in on the same turn. Maybe they decided it shouldn’t have “FLY-Lite” and gave it Leap? Sounds reasonable to me.

      The 2x STR thing I would call a typo for sure though.

  • Sad that the Marauder Destroyer’s bombing run is one use only, but copious amounts of dakka and potentially reusable hellstrike missiles are definitely things I’m happy to see on one of my all-time favorite 40k models!

    • Cheyennevan

      Maybe the hellstrikes aren’t one use only anymore, cost appears to have doubled from 10 to 20pts per missile. Upto 12D6 mortal wounds on a horde squad should be fun. Like the Marauder Destroyer enough to have two of them plus a Bomber.

  • Nico J├╝rgensen

    Second Nid and still no necron…. cmon

    • Randy Randalman

      All of them will be available in a few days anyway so it doesn’t matter what gets leaked now.

  • Rafa┼é Pytlak

    We want Badab War 2 ed/2.0 in one book. The Emprah demands it!

  • eMtoN

    I think FW saved GW with the Horus Heresy line. The rules were solid and the story writing was fantastic.

    However I get the feeling that these half-assed unit sheets are possibly the result of a complete lack of desire to rework the HH rules into 8th. Maybe it’s like a passive aggressive way of flipping the bird to the mother company?

    I don’t know. Either way, I would like to see a bit more effort. I’m afraid that these books, given the examples shown, are DOA.

  • Foxdonut

    Uhg krieg lost alot. And twin heavy stubbers lost twin. And quad heavy stubbers are now twin. Glad i didnt buy 9 heavy weapon teams with heavy stubbers

    Krieg even lost earthshaker artillery carriages’! They have to ally with guard for them and have worsr crew. And krieg engineers cant take the hades anymore!

    On the plus side hooray using lasguns in melee?! Also quadguns.
    Must be based on the assault brigade.

    • Hazamelistan

      …and Medusa Artillery Carriage (I’ve two) and Crassus and Gorgon and Macharius. This must be a very very very bad joke or some just took a nap.
      They Engineers are Elite now and switched places with Grenadiers. So I guess the “count as” Veterans. Anyway This can’t be anything else than a Draft or something like that. Half of my DKoK-Army is pretty much useless at the moment. Guess I have to play by “House rules” from now on…