Geekery: First Inhumans Trailer is Ok, I Guess

The first look at Attilan’s small screen debut is about what I expected it to be.

ABC dropped the first full trailer yesterday and pretty rough…

Despite touting it was filmed on IMAX, it looks cheap and small. Iwan Rheon’s accent is just weird. The acting is super flat. On top off that there’s a lot to sell here to audiences that are unfamiliar with the comics: where exactly this fits in the MCU, what/where is this place, why should they care about these characters, and Queen Medusa’s hair (that wig is horrible). They manage to do very little of that. Maybe they’ll get into it more in another trailer, but they don’t have a lot of marketing time.

There are ways to handle weird comics. Legion made a lot of small sets and way out subject matter. It’s a great series. The Netflix series manage to get just the right scale for their characters. This… not so much.

Lockjaw is adorable. So, there’s that.

Inhumans premiers in select theaters September 1st – The 8 episode season will start airing on ABC September 29th


  • Agent of Change

    Boy howdy is that a tv show and it looks it….. I honestly think calling it “ok, I guess” is probably far more effusively positive and charitable than I am feeling towards it right now.

  • Kritarion

    Give it a season, then only allude to it until the time is right for a Kamala Khan / Lockjaw Teamup show.

  • Ironchestnut

    So I think I watched this almost immediately after it was released and if I’m being 100% honest I am really underwhelmed. Visually it looks & feels terrible and I am not expecting it to be as amazing as I would have hope. That being said the writing might make up for it so I will keep my final opinion until I have seen the first episode in its entirety.

  • EnTyme

    So whose idea was it to cast Ramsay Bolton as one of the heroes?

    • Yeah…. he’s going to have a hard time distancing himself from that character.

    • euansmith

      That’s Magnus. He’s only a hero in his own head. What I found distracting is that he is doing an accent.

    • Pete Croucher

      The people who saw Misfits?

  • euansmith

    So no big-head Karnak and no beastman Gorgon; but I’ll cut them some slack for including Lockjaw.

    • Tshiva keln

      I like it in world war hulk when he actually shouts at hulk and still gets pasted.

      • euansmith


        • Tshiva keln

          That’s why no one will play 40k with him. I think that’s the real reason he gets so upset. Bit of a catch 22; poor fella.

  • Red_Five_Standing_By

    Looks awful.

    Then again, ABC makes terrible commercials.

  • Bigwebb

    That show looks really good with the content. They have the costumes right. The actors they picked look the parts. Of course they took some liberty with the characters to make them fit TV but marvel has done that throughout all of there movies and shows. Shows looks good to me cant wait.

  • dave long island

    Where’s the guy with the tuning fork on his forehead?? Or was it a little field goal post? … lol

  • JdM

    As a fan of the comics…. this looks awesome.

  • Timotheus

    Wish BoLS would be that objectively critical when it comes to all the GW products…

  • Tshiva keln

    I’ll be interested to see how this is tied into agents of shield as that has been heavily about Inhumans for a while now.

  • cudgel

    It looks alright, worth a season to see where it goes.

    We nerds sure are getting spoiled by choice.

  • Xar

    Someone needs to feed that whiny little punk to the dogs.

  • Drpx

    Have superpowers.
    Use guns.