Geekery: ‘Swedish Dicks’ Starring Keanu Reeves

And Peter Stormare! And Vivian Bang! Come check out the trailer!

Americans are used to seeing Stormare play evil, menacing characters – he played Satan in Constantine, one of the major plot arch villains in Black List, a Nihilist in the Big Lebowski, and most recently Czernobog in American Gods. None of that is what Ingmar is…

The series was created by Strormare and Glenn Lund, as the Viking BrothersThe official synopsis:

Starring Peter Stormare and actor/comedian Johan Glans with special recurring guest star Keanu Reeves, SWEDISH DICKS is a half-hour single camera comedy about an aging ex-stuntman (Stormare) stuck in the past, and an overly optimistic Swedish DJ (Glans) stuck in the digital world. Together they get unstuck by forming the private detective firm ‘Swedish Dicks’ – solving some of the strangest and wildest cases L.A. has ever seen. The 10-episode first season features an array of guest stars, including Traci Lords, Margaret Cho, Anthony LaPaglia and Eric Roberts.

The first 10 episodes of Swedish Dicks air on PopTV starting August 2nd.

I’m a Stormare and Reeves fan, so I’m in.


  • Severius_Tolluck

    Amazing, but I do not wish to subscribe to yet another streaming service. Hopefully it will eventually make it to other services or media.

    • euansmith

      I’m sure you will be able to tune in from a couch or put it in a locker. 😉

  • euansmith