Get Ready to Fight Kaijus, There’s a Pacific Rim Board Game

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It’s time to Cancel the Apocalypse, there’s a Pacific Rim Board Game on the horizon.

Time to hone your body and mind, and fight a bunch of people with sticks so you can see who you’re drift compatible with, because River Horse Games is going to be developing a line of Pacific Rim board and roleplaying games.

If you somehow managed to avoid this movie, you have done yourself a tremendous disservice. Pacific Rim was Guillermo del Toro’s love letter to mecha anime, and it focused on an embattled world, beset by giant monsters, called Kaiju (so they’re called Kaiju and they ARE Kaiju) who are held at bay by the pilots of Jaegers. These are multi-story giant robots that each have their own specialized forms of attack and can be managed only by the neural attunement of their pilots. Two are needed, in order to share the mental load. But mostly the movie is about giant robots punching equally giant monsters while Idris Elba shouts and scowls and gives the most incredible speeches.

And then also Charlie Day and Burn Gorman team up with Ron Perlman to link their minds to one of the Kaiju.

Look. Just go watch the movie if you haven’t, then you’ll understand why the fact that this movie is getting its own board and roleplaying games is amazing. But not only that, it’s being developed by River Horse Studios, who have no small amount of experience producing licensed products. They’re the ones responsible for the My Little Pony – Tails of Equestria Roleplaying Game and they have created the Labyrinth board game, and Terminator Genisys the miniatures game. Now, I can’t say as I’ve tried either of the board games, but their work on Tails of Equestria is solid. It does exactly what it sets out to do–and if they can deliver on the Pacific Rim as well as they did tales of friendship and magic then these games should be amazing.

Look I just want a game that lets me do this. That’s it. That’s all this game has to be and it’s golden.

You can read the full press release here, but it looks like the movie studios are making a big licensing push for the movie–mostly to help get people hyped for Pacific Rim Uprising, due out in 2018–but hey, whatever gets me a giant robot fighting roleplaying game is okay by me, I guess. Stay tuned for more news as it develops.

Pacific Rim and I…we’re drift compatible.

  • Krizzab

    meh, monsterpocalypse for the win. Most unbalanced and fun game ever.

    • Gregory Heyes

      Did that game go anywhere after the first wave of Season 2?

      • Krizzab

        no, it was a pity the season 2 was pretty balanced.

  • Alienerd the unbannable

    “Meanwhile, Tri-Force will produce 1:1 scale prop replicas”. 1:1 scale Jaegers confirmed. Cherno Alpha looming over my little home village please.

    • Evil Otto

      It’ll have fully working parts. That’s the good news. The bad news is you’ll have to mind sync with someone else to operate it, so they’re gonna know all about your filthy internet surfing. You should be ashamed, by the way.

      Also it costs 950 billion dollars.

      • Alienerd the unbannable

        “Neural handshake complete”
        “Uuuh you go on bell of lost souls? Disgusting”

  • Evil Otto

    This thing had better have awesome miniatures of the kaiju and jaegers or the apocalypse is back on. Cause I wanna fist fight a 200 foot tall glowing lizard ape in the streets of Hong Kong.

  • dinodoc

    I have a need to know what scale the minis are … for reasons.