GW: New Releases June 24th “First Looks”

Blood Bowl is getting a new batch of Made-to-Order Minis – Get them while they are hot!

via Games Workshop

Blood Bowl Treeman

Vampire Counts Blood Bowl Team

Wood Elf Blood Bowl Team

Halfling Blood Bowl Team

Ogre Blood Bowl Team

Athelorn Avengers

Greenfield Grasshuggers


Talk about some blasts from the past!

  • AEZ

    I was planning to start blood bowl when new wood elves got released… How are the chances of that happening anytime soon now?

    I don’t like these models enough to buy the,m, I sooner try to convert harlequins, much more dynamic poses.. But more fitting for Wardancers than line men…

  • euansmith

    Blimey, that old Treeman was one ugly lump of metal even back in the days of yore.

  • CloakingDonkey

    Models from the early 90s? In finecast? For full price? What a time to be alive!

    • William Wilson

      They’re metal

  • karloss01

    Just leaving it out there; Space Hulk is in the pre-order section on the UK site. Don’t know if anyone else is seeing it and it’s at £75.

  • dave long island

    Hideous minis… Most hideous products GW has put out since the ‘Deathworld Forest’ boxed set. Yes, I know I’m saying something that can’t be taken back… lol

  • Alienerd the unbannable

    Nailing wooden armour onto the treeman… that’s gnarly. Like if I bolted some spare shoulder blades onto my shoulders or some bits of muscle from someone’s legs onto my shins.